TSLL’s TOP 5 Recipes, 2022
Wednesday December 28, 2022

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Cooking with the seasons, learning something new each year from French cuisine, I genuinely enjoy sharing what I discover each time I step into my kitchen because if my appetite is happy after enjoying a bit of something prepared, I know you too can enjoy it as well and I want you to be able to do so simply and enjoyably.

This year marked the fifth season of TSLL’s cooking show, The Simply Luxurious Kitchen, and half of the TOP recipes came from the season, but two that were shared randomly throughout the year slipped in there and continue to be a hit with readers (note to viewers of the cooking show: all of season 5 will become available on YouTube when the new year begins). Each of the recipes are ones I return to again and again and again, and it is my hope that as you become more comfortable in your own kitchen, you won’t need recipes as much as you begin to feel confident to dance in your kitchen with the seasonal ingredients available and the stocked items you have in your épicerie.

Let’s take a look at the TOP 5 recipes shared here on the blog, and to explore all of the recipes, as well as all of the episodes of the cooking show click here. Also, if you are a TOP Tier Member you have free access to the digital downloadable cookbook for each season of the cooking show (pay only $8 for non-members). Find both versions of all of the cookbooks here on the main cooking show page.

TOP 5 Recipes from 2022

How to Make a Classic French Soufflé au Fromage avec Herbes

~episode #5, season 5, The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show~


Hazelnut Praline Dark Chocolate Truffles

~episode #7, season 5, The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show~


TSLL’s Classic Chocolat Chaud, Parisian Café-inspired


The Oregon Chocolate Chip Cookie (candied hazelnuts included)


French Mac & Cheese and the 5 Mother Sauces in French Cuisine

~episode #6, season #5, The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show~


~Explore all of TSLL’s Recipes here in the Archives.

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thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

Thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

6 thoughts on “TSLL’s TOP 5 Recipes, 2022

  1. So thrilled to see this post! On Christmas Eve we made the soufflé au fromage avec herbs and then, after a bit of time relished the chocolat chaud while listening to the Spotify Christmas playlists! Enjoying a bit of left over chocolat chaud as I am typing this! Readers and dear TSLL kindred spirits, Shannon’s recipes are delectable! Looking forward to attempting the truffles, cookies, and macaroni!

    Positively decadent – thank you, Shannon! Looking forward to this weeks’ posts in ‘the week between the years.’

    May everyone enjoy the remainder of 2022 and experience a happy, healthy, and successful (as you define it) 2023!

    1. Merci Abigail! What a delicious few days you and your family have had and tickled to have been able to share recipes you enjoyed! I so appreciate your sharing and your kind words. Bonne année!

  2. I have also tried the Mac and cheese recipe- it’s delicious thank you Shannon. I cooked it twice actually- the second time using a tip I got from the New Scientist magazine- where you boil the pasta in the milk rarther than using a roux to thicken the sauce. I was suprised to find that it works and it means you don’t get the taste of flour which I preferred. Happy New Year everyone

  3. Absolutely shocked my wife of 48 years when I made the French Mac&Cheese. She was convinced that I’d gone out and bought it from some gourmet cheese shop or restaurant until I showed her that it was cooked in her own casserole dish. The Gruyère makes such a wonderful difference and the topping provides just the perfect crunchy texture. I consider it a great recipe when I can easily follow the steps and come out a hero (not easy to make a 75 year old man heroic). Thanks for your tutelage!

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