Giving Thanks for Everyday Moments
Thursday November 28, 2019

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Thanksgiving 2019 is full of reasons to be grateful. It is my hope that you too, upon reflection and as you sit down in whatever fashion you celebrate Thanksgiving or are simply going about your Thursday as the holiday season begins to unfold, are filled with reasons to be joy-filled. Even if, and especially if, the year has not gone according to plan, I hope that you are celebrating the gift of today, and subsequently the gift of tomorrow to revel in the opportunity to curate reasons to celebrate and savor.

Today I find myself at my parents’ home in Wallowa County. It will be a small gathering, but there will be much for which to give thanks. The snow began to fall on Monday and continued to fall through yesterday. I am told as well, my home in Bend has received much winter moisture, so I am excited to return home and truly begin the winter season. But I am in no rush.

We’ve already had many wonderful meals in the days leading up to today’s feast, as well as moments to sit down, sip tea and simply catch up. I think I may love the days that surround the actual holiday dates on the calendar even more as it is the gathering, the informality and the reduced expectation that provide moments to remember.

As I type, is it Wednesday. I have just completed my dessert contribution, my mom is making music in the kitchen with the swish and swirl of the whisk dancing inside the mixing bowl whilst hemming and hawing about where a particular ingredient or utensil is to be found. The holiday music from classic Christmas playlists is filling the house and Norman contemplates sleeping a bit more in my parents well-worn leather armchair after stepping outside in the gently falling snow to snoop around a bit and breathe in the cool air. My elder four-legged baby, Oscar, is my mother’s shadow in the kitchen and has tasked himself with keeping the floor nice and clean. These are the moments I love and will and do remember and return home for each time I have the moment to do so.

Wishing you a day that brings you much to savor literally and figuratively. Thank you for choosing to stop by TSLL during this holiday season and Happy Thanksgiving.

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10 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for Everyday Moments

  1. You are so right about the days that surround the holiday! I just said to my son (age 28) a few minutes ago how lovely it is to be under the same roof just hanging out. And during Thanksgiving I am not too far from you, visiting my brother and family in Grants Pass. I keep thinking one of these years I will get to Bend and invite you for a cup of tea!

  2. You are lucky you still have your parents. You are many decades younger than I am and in the last few decades I have lost mine and miss them this time of year. Enjoy! Sharon

  3. Happy(belated) Thanksgiving, Shannon, to you and your family! Thank you for the lovely, wonderful, and edifying TSLL portfolio. Here’s to the season!

  4. Dear Shannon, Just wanted you (and your Mom) to know that your Maple Scones
    were a huge hit at our house this Thanksgiving! I made them ahead and baked
    them Thanksgiving morning and they were divine. Gratefully, Claudia

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