The Holiday Gift Guide for Anglophiles: 20 Finds
Thursday November 28, 2019

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Happy Christmas! A holiday salutation more frequently heard in the UK, but just as jolly as Merry Christmas. And since today’s post is in celebration of all things British, it just felt fitting to express.

As TSLL is quickly becoming an Anglophile as well as Francophile destination for lifestyle, food and travel inspiration, I decided to do something different this year when it came to the annual Holiday Shopping Guide.

While each Friday I share shopping, film, travel, book, art and other unique and simply luxurious finds on the This & That post here on the blog, some of which are Francophile and British finds, many of which can absolutely be gifts to give that certain someone that perfect gift, I wanted to curate a Holiday Gift Guide exclusively for both Francophiles and Anglophiles this season.

Today, I am excited to share the first annual TSLL Anglophile Holiday Shopping Guide, and look for TSLL’s Francophile Holiday Shopping Guide to be released later this week (the link will activate when the post is live).

Below you will find 20 items (actually, there are 21, I couldn’t help myself!), the majority of which can be purchased year-round for the Anglophile on your gift-giving list (or maybe to give yourself a gift as well if you are an Anglophile ;)), and all but three are made in Britain. Simply click on the link or the image to learn more about each item, shop the full website or purchase the item shared.

Happy Christmas and Happiest of Holidays everyone! Cheers!

1.A Fortnum & Mason Holiday Hamper

During TSLL’s first annual British Week this past May, the grand finale giveaway was a hamper from F & M, which ended up being one of the favorite giveaways of readers TSLL has ever given over the past 10 years.

With many different baskets to choose from, as well as differing price points and basket styles available, choose the hamper for someone you love no matter where they may live on our lovely globe, and not only do they receive delicious and wonderful British treats, but the iconic F & M hamper as well.

2. Paperwhites (Narcissus Ziva) bulbs

Paperwhites are a quintessential British flower that blooms late winter and early, early spring. Regardless of whether you live in Britain or live in the preferred growing zone here in the states (zones 8-10), these bulbs grow quickly in the right temperatures and are wonderful gifts to add a touch of Mother Nature to the home. Plant a few in a small terracotta pot, let them grow indoors and give as gifts that will offer their beauty well past the holiday season.

3. Union Jack Classic Umbrella

Rain and Britain are hooked at the hip, and this umbrella, somewhat subtly expresses one’s love for Britain while being functional as well.

4. A Aquascutum Trench Coat (understated British style)

One often thinks of Burberry when British trench coats are mentioned, but another luxury British brand to shop for epitomization of a classic wardrobe item is Aquascutum. Available in various styles and lengths, choose khaki or navy and have a forever classic in your wardrobe’s outerwear arsenal.

5. The Great British Baking Show: The Big Book of Amazing Cakes (2019)

Having just wrapped up the latest season of The Great British Baking Show, I am already eager for the next season, but watching their latest Holiday special (two episodes) which brought back favorite bakers into the tent to make amazing concoctions, my appetite was satiated for a bit longer. Released this past October, a new cookbook for the baker on your list.

6. Brown Betty Teapot, the original trademark teapot

The classic and most manufactured British teapot made from Euturia terracotta red clay of Staffordshire has been making this absolute necessity of a kitchen item since 1695. Available in the classic brown, and now navy, pick your size and design and enjoy your tea in classic British style.

7. Richmond Kettle Company tea kettles

But we must first heat up the water! So we will need a tea kettle, and for the Anglophile, having a luxury tea kettle is a wonderful gift to receive. Richmond Kettle Company handcrafts their copper tea kettles and has been doing so for over 100 years. Quality and timeless style for both beauty and function in your kitchen.

8. Jute Tree Skirts by Elements by Erin Gates

A simple, yet art deco touch of tree skirt style from decor blogger Erin Gates. Available now at Wayfair.

9. Hunter Wellie boots

Having one or two pairs of wellies on hand is never a bad idea for rain or snow. They will last for years and keep you dry each and every time you slip them on.

10.The Really Quite Good British Cookbook

A lovely cookbook I picked up this past October and can highly recommend. Full of beautiful images of dishes from the traditional to the unexpected and each one looks absolutely delicious: Roast Rib of Beef, Lambchetta a la Greque, Risotto of Courgette & Crab, Geranium Leaf Frozen Yoghurt with Berry Ripple, Harissa-Glazed Aubergine with Coconut & Peanuts, Bakewell Pudding, and even GBBO judge Prue Leith shares her Normandy Tart.

11. Britain Tea Towel, London Skyline

A simple, inexpensive gift (made in Britain) for the cook or chef on your list that has a love for London.

12. Fortnum & Mason Teas

Black tea is essential in the Anglophile’s pantry, and receiving Fortnum & Mason teas are quite the treat to receive indeed.

13. That British Tweed Company

Tweed and Britain, they do just seem to go together. That British Tweed Company sources a variety of different brands that sell tweed designs and sells them all in one place. Simple shopping for that very particular person on your list.

14. Rick Steves’ Best of England

Why not begin to plan that next trip to England with Rick Steves’ expertise? Perhaps a pairing gift could be a plane ticket? 😉

15. DeMellier London Luxury Handbags

While certainly a very special gift for the fashion lover on your list, DeMellier’s handbags epitimoze timeless style and are absolutely luxurious.

16. Piglet Linen Pajamas

Linen, unisex and available in long and short styles (more colors as well). there is just something lovely about pajamas and the cosy (spelled to the UK correctness for today’s post ;)) season.

17. Marlborough of England Luxury Travel Bags

More lovely, luxurious tweed from a time-tested British brand.

18. British Correspondence Stationery – Smythson

A simple correspondence set of stationery – Royal Guard or British Postbox for that special person who will love to have them on hand.

19. Halcyon Days Antler Trellis Ivory Tea for Two Box Set (teapot may be bought separately), navy set also available

We must not forget the teacups and saucers!

20. The Downton Abbey Cookbook (September 2019)

Full of 100 recipes AND full color images (some seen below), the official Downton Abbey cookbook was just released this fall in time with the film’s release, and would be a perfect gift for the Downton fan on your list. “The recipes are grouped by occasion, which include breakfast; luncheons and suppers; afternoon tea and garden parties; picnics, shoots and race meets; festivities; upstairs dinner; downstairs dinner; downstairs supper and tea; and the still room”.

21. Wedgwood Lemon & Ginger Teacup & Saucer

I love to purchase single cup and saucer pairings when I come across them either at secondhand or antique shops or during my travels, and if I can find a matching plate as well, all the better. I may not have a full set of matching china, but each of the pieces of my china has a story, and I couldn’t help but share this lovely Wedwood Lemon & Ginger set as it captured my eye immediately. Lovely and bright – perfect for a cold and wintery evening sipping tea and relaxing.

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15 thoughts on “The Holiday Gift Guide for Anglophiles: 20 Finds

  1. Never wrote in before. But you simply must let people know about Persephone Bookstore. On Lambs Conduit London. I leave it to you to read about

  2. As a Brit I was interested to see what made your list. The hamper would always be on my wish list and I love Smythson stationary. A good selection, I think xx

    1. Phew!! So happy to hear!! If there is an item you would include, do let me know. I am always learning and have sooo much to learn about British holiday traditions. 🙂 thank you for stopping by Louise ???

  3. I could only read your article through the link from Instagram stories. When I go to your website’s home page the blog post does not show. This & That does not show either. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Thank you for letting me know Mary. I have alerted my web designer to this issue. I have cleared the cache on the website, so hopefully that will enable it to work. Thank you for your interest to stop by and visit this new annual posting. ?

  4. Some lovely items. I just pulled out the woolen rug I bought in Scotland many years ago. It would be a wonderful gift as well. It is from James Pringle Weavers of Inverness. Very cosy.

      1. Great choice Shannon. I would like to add Bettys tea room in Harrogate over 100 years old and they have a great online shop for baked goods. which would be great for Xmas. Johnstons of Elgin has veen going since 1797 and has exquisite cashmere at different price points but a pair of gorgeous bedsocks is just£45. I love them?

  5. I also had to hunt down the post, but you are spot on with the wellies, the hamper and the Smythson stationery – Merry Christmas from the UK!

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