A Day of Thanksgiving
Thursday November 24, 2016

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“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” —Marcel Proust

With each passing year, the holiday that I look forward to most affectionately is Thanksgiving. With the theme of gratitude and looking inward to reflect on all that is going well, I cannot help but appreciate Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation in 1863  following the victorious battle in Gettysburg for the Union in 1863. Indeed, life, the world and our opportunities have grown immensely since the mid-nineteenth century, but the ability to give thanks still holds great power to center us and heighten our contentment for the life we have the opportunity to live each day.

As I contemplate what the day of Thanksgiving asks of us, I cannot help but look around me and throughout my life and see so much to be thankful for. To begin with, I am immensely grateful for you, TSLL readers, for stopping by when you do. Your time, thoughtful conversation and curiosity to live your best life are all something I am humbled and inspired by as I too continue to strive to live my best life and share my journey and my discoveries with you. The journey is truly the joy, and you have joined me for nearly seven years. Thank you very much.

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or simply kicking of the holiday season, I hope you have a wonderful day and perhaps everyday, whether deemed Thanksgiving on the calendar or not, may we take a moment to observe all that we have to be grateful for. I have a feeling so many of us would realize how rich we are indeed.

All my best,

Shannon xo




9 thoughts on “A Day of Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Shannon , have wonderful day , and thank you for your blog , something I enjoy every day , and for the podcast, which is a weekly treat !

  2. Thank you as always Shannon I too look forward to your blog and podcasts which are inspiring and enjoyable every time and which have helped me through a very difficult year. My treat this weekend is time with my daughter who lives some way from me and who is coming to stay. As you so rightly say, it is the people in our lives that are the most important, everything else can be replaced.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Shannon, all the way from Ireland. Each week your podcast keeps me company on my journey home and every morning I can’t wait to see what’s new on your wonderful and inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us and being so generous with your time.

  4. Thank you Shannon! We are all so lucky to have found your blog which enriches our lives with entertaining and thought provoking podcasts. I look forward to them every week, it is much appreciated. Enjoy your day and happy Thanksgiving!

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