Dammann Frères Thé, petit plaisir #337
Monday August 15, 2022

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French thé has been an everyday staple in my life since I happened upon Palais de Thés during a trip in 2013. Ever since, I have been exploring, tasting and savoring wonderful thés from France; however, I just recently learned of Dammann Frères this past spring.

Founded in 1692, it was Louis XIV who granted Sir Damame the exclusive privilege to sell tea in France, and it was in 1925 that the brothers Pierre & Robert Dammann begin managing the company. The first flavored thés begin being made in 1962, and when the Ily group become the majority shareholder, it was at this time in 2007 that the company began selling their thés online.

Yes, shipped around the world, you can order Dammann Frères thés wherever you call home, and the shipping is quite reasonable.

Above are two of the three bags I purchased upon arriving home from Paris to see if indeed they shipped and for how much. I was pleasantly surprised, and look forward to keeping a bag or two of their loose tea on hand in my kitchen at all times.

It was upon arriving at our Paris Perfect vacation rental that I learned of Dammann Frères as in the gift basket they give us, a box of tea sachets full of Gôut Russe black tea were included. I immediately gave it a try, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Their presentation of bags, boxes and tins in black are similar to Mariage Frères, a wonderful French Thé company as well, so initially, from afar, that is the tea I thought was in the gift basket. Needless to say, I was tickled to be able to try something new, and upon enjoying the flavor, wanted to share and recommend with TSLL readers and podcast listeners.

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A gift basket received during our stay in Paris which introduced me to Damming Frères Thés (yes, some of the truffles have already been eaten, and maybe a few of the macarons as well ?).

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Dammann Frères Thés were the Petit Plaisir of episode #337 of The Simple Sophisticate podcast, 11 Everyday French Details I Incorporate in My Routine

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9 thoughts on “Dammann Frères Thé, petit plaisir #337

  1. I have a small selectin of cherished French teas, gifts from a dear friend, a fellow Francophile. My husband enjoys them with me sometimes, when I choose to share, because I portion my tea collection carefully. (Insert humorous smile here, he likes a nice cup with his Moon Pie.) I will certainly go to check out their online shop now, I am sleepless in Pennsylvania, the perfect time to shop.

  2. Happy French week Lucy! I love that your husband enjoys tea with you. I’ll have to try that moon pie combo 🙂

  3. Merci’ Sweet8283, I have just sat to do paperwork with yet another French tea, Fauchon, it is a black tea with orange peel bits. A lovely mid-morning at the desk tea. Originally my friend gifted it to me because the container was so special. Our French week is sure to be full of wonderful ideas and inspiration!

  4. We have so many varietes of tea chez nous, and we prefer to drink tea when it’s colder, but I would like to try these teas too because they sound so tasty and look so nice… And to pair it with a macaron or a truffle… Yum!

  5. Oh I also loved these teas! They are the teas served in the well-stocked United Polaris Lounge at SFO. I enjoy a mint tea myself and their Menthe Poivree is delightful.

  6. As a regular tea drinker, it’s always nice to be introduced to new teas to try for my daily afternoon tea/meditation break. Thanks for introducing me to yet another one to try!

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