Traditional Marseille Soaps, petit plaisir #321
Monday January 17, 2022

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A simple luxury at an inexpensive cost for soft skin.

For quite some time I had in my possession a couple of the traditional green cube soaps from Marseille. They were beautiful, but I wasn’t using them because I didn’t fully appreciate them. Until now.

The traditional Marseille cubes of soap, for decades, going back to the 19th century, were solely green in color as they are made with at least 72% olive oil. While now a variety of colors are available, there are still key tenets to ensure tradition is adhered to and you are receiving the product as it was designed and why it offers the benefits it does – no animal products, artificial fragrances, coloring, or preservatives are ever used.

In fact, this traditional French soap must only contain four ingredients: vegetable oils, water, salt, and soda, and pure Marseille soap is made with organic olive oil from Provence.

For fewer than five Euros, you can welcome into your life – use in the shower, use to clean clothes, to clean the house – the traditional soap that will, if you use it regularly as I do in the shower, last for at least 3-4 months. Your skin will be more nourished and not dry, you won’t have to worry about excess packages to dispose of and it will look beautiful in your bathroom. 🙂

There are more than a few places to purchase Marseille soaps and have them shipped to the states. I purchase mine from Savonnerie de la Licorne, and usually purchase a handful to make the shipping cost worth the trip. | The Simply Luxurious Life

My current cube of soap in my primary bathroom. Tour the completed shower in this past weekend’s Saturday Ponderings . . . (available exclusively to TOP Tier Members)

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5 thoughts on “Traditional Marseille Soaps, petit plaisir #321

  1. Hello Shannon, and good morning from Atlanta, Georgia!

    I love the new look and ease of movement along the redesigned blog. Clearly this took a lot of thought and attention to detail. I’m enjoying it all and happy for you that you are able to do this full time, which is absolutely to my benefit as a reader. 🙂 Thanks for being consistent with your content as we continue to elevate our lives.

    Vive la vie elevee!

    1. I completely agree! Information is readily available, literally at your finger tips! The ease of use makes navigation time saving and productive. I love it!

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