Petit Plaisir, #321: The Mighty Patch (for immediate blemish reduction)
Monday January 17, 2022

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Stress happens, PMS happens, life happens, perimenopause moments happen. Thus, yep, you guessed it, random blemish pop up, often on the most unwanted days.

Thankfully, there is the Mighty Patch.

Recommended to me by my aesthetician whom I visit bi-monthly and sometimes monthly depending upon how my skin is doing, she recommended these inexpensive skincare emergency kit patches, and they work.

The circular patches are clear and when placed on your skin often unnoticeable and definitely not felt so you can sleep without distraction (sometimes I forget I have placed one my skin the night before). They adhere well and don’t move, and sure enough, the reduction is significant if not entire after a good night’s sleep.

You can shop for them online or pick them up at Target or a beauty shop with a wide-selection of products.

The Might Patch, for Hero Cosmetics (the pimple patch for blemish elimination)

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