How to Love Well, Find Real Love and Be Loving to Yourself and Others: podcast bundle #6
Wednesday February 8, 2023

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you are engrossed or abstaining or anywhere in between on the continuum of the holiday’s existence and celebration, I wanted to pull together a podcast bundle of 14 episodes that thematically take you through the journey of building a healthy, sound, rewarding love life.

And when I write the phrase ‘love life’ that includes loving yourself and understanding that a key ingredient in living a fulfilling life is understanding that a ‘love life’ by modern culture’s definition is far too limited. Whether referring to a loving relationship or living a life on our own, knowing what love is and how to ensure you are being love in your everyday life – interactions, thoughts, choices, etc. – and not always and only seeking it out beyond yourself makes all the difference is cultivating a life of true contentment.

What you will find below are episodes on dating, choosing the best partner as well as being a healthy part of a relationship, savoring being single, how to navigate relationships if you identify as HSP, how to maintain a loving relationship with your partner, why reveling in being in the ‘choosing seat’ is an awesome gift not to be overlooked and even more topics within this theme of love worth building and nurturing.

Two summers ago I began sharing Podcast Bundles focused on one theme that when listened to, shared a depth and breadth of expertise from sources I have found and learned from to deepen my own understanding and application on the particular subject. Love is a powerful concept that when we understand it, embrace it, embody it and live it each day, can wonderfully change all aspects of our daily life. Whether in a committed relationship, dating or single (never married, divorced, or widowed), knowing what real love is, acknowledging it, appreciating it and savoring it has a magical way of elevating everything else in our lives that we experience on a daily basis.

Before I share with you the fourteen episodes that are included in bundle #6, below are the previous five bundles. You can find all of the bundles on the homepage of the Podcast here.  

Below you will find each of the 14 episodes arranged in thematic order of a progression of a relationship. I do hope you enjoy this new podcast bundle, and to listen or read (the detailed Show Notes) simply click on the link with the title of the episode or the corresponding pictures.

episode #74: First Date Cheat Sheet

Choosing a Partner, Part One: Why It’s Difficult & The Essentials for Being Ready

~Notably, not a podcast episode (a blog post), but Part Deux (seen below) is an episode, so be sure to read this post first before diving in to episode #179.

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