The Fundamental Skills to Live a Life of True Contentment: podcast bundle #5
Monday December 20, 2021

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As 2021 wraps up, and as I was producing the most recent episode which went live today – episode #319: How to Trust, How to Be Trustworthy and How Understanding Both Will Transform Your Entire Life – the culmination of a bundle of episodes focused on strengthening how we engage with the world while holding our space in the world with integrity and sincerity concluded.

The Simple Sophisticate episodes has always been inspired by books that cross my path, books that speak to something I am trying to figure out on my own and haven’t found the answer until reading through the pages and something speaks to me and I cannot wait to share. The past two and a half years have found me exploring specifically the areas of strengthening the skills to build healthy relationships, specifically romantic, but all other loving relationships as well, in equal measure to standing confidently and honestly in my own shoes without apology, but also without expectation.

Each of us is on our own journey when it comes to filling the gaps of skills we are lacking to live each day with true contentment. We may have one skills solidly engrained in our day to day engagement, while others need attention. Only you, each TSLL reader, will know where the gaps reside; however, when you take the time to honestly examine what throws you off the course of feeling truly contentment, then you will know in which area you need to improve, and thus which skills you need to add to or strengthen.

The fifth podcast bundle shares all of the episodes that share skills we each can learn, strengthen and apply to our lives to live a life of contentment every single day. In so doing, the trust in ourselves is steady, our decisions are made clearly and from a place of grounded security and all variety of relationships, especially romantic, can begin from a place of awareness so that we don’t waste time engaging our heart where it should not go.

Before I share with you the eight episodes that are included in bundle #5, below are the previous four bundles that were share this past summer.

Below you will find each of the eight episodes shared chronologically from 2019 to 2021. As I shared in episode #319, as one year ends and a new year begins, each of us may know in what arena of our lives we would like to improve. It is my hope that you find the episode that speaks to that arena and you discover how applying the skills shared can usher in a way of living that supports the life you wish to live. May 2022 be a year full of contentment each and every day.

9 Ways to Think Like a Monk, as taught by Jay Shetty

(not a podcast episode, but a post to read for skills to help discover the best path forward to finding true contentment in both your career and relationships)

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