238: 20 Ways to Create a Luxurious Everyday Life – The French Way (top episode of Season 1)
Sunday December 16, 2018

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Season 5 of The Simple Sophisticate podcast kicked off earlier this year in September. Just prior to beginning, I shared the schedule of the season (see below) so that listeners would know for sure which Mondays they could tune in to find new and inspiring content.

But I must admit, as today approached, it was odd not to offer listeners something to begin their week (as only two new episodes were scheduled in December), so I have decided for the remaining three Mondays of 2018, to share with you the top downloaded episodes from previous seasons.

Today, one of the top episodes from season #1 is shared – episode #23: The French Way – 20 Ways to Create a Luxurious Everyday. This particular episode was not only one of the top five episodes downloaded on iTunes during our first season, but it has since been viewed 7K+ on YouTube.

You can view the complete list and links mentioned during the episode here, and as an update to the season’s schedule, I will be airing a brand new episode of the podcast on TUESDAY January 1st! After all, it is the beginning of a new year, and I couldn’t wait until the 7th to kick off the new month. So that means, you will have a top episode from the archives airing on Monday December 31st and the next day, Tuesday January 1st – a brand new episode to inspire you as you step into the new year. Wishing you a wonderful penultimate week before we say adieu to 2018.

~View the SHOW NOTES of EPISODE #23 (originally posted in February 2015)

~Listen/Read the Top podcast episode of all-time here The 8 Pillars of A Simply Luxurious Life, episode #1

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #238
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4 thoughts on “238: 20 Ways to Create a Luxurious Everyday Life – The French Way (top episode of Season 1)

  1. Hi Shannon- I am excited about your plan of airing a new episode on January 1st. Enjoy the holidays and may 2019 bring you all the peace and happiness as it is well deserved. Thank you for everything that you do. Your avid listener and reader, Indiana

  2. I just wanted to say how much I love your podcast ! I discovered you as i became an “Empty nester” After decades of taking care of others I am suddenly faced with having to relearn how to enjoy solitude… You’re Podcast has showed me the way to enjoy Ia simply luxurious existence and appreciate the simple things that truly matter in life… I really look forward to a new podcast every week and I am excited to see what the new year holds… I am especially hoping for some fashion and style episodes (please?) happy holidays to you and your’s .

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