Season 5 Schedule of The Simple Sophisticate podcast
Sunday August 26, 2018

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Next Monday, on September 3rd, the fifth season of The Simple Sophisticate podcast will begin.

The first four seasons have covered topics on living your best life, whether that was about self-care, lifestyle, health, decor, travel, relationships, or anything that involves living the simply luxurious life, bien sûr! With now 223 episodes complete, of which there were 22 interviews with guests from the around the United States and France. And of course, each episode concluded with a Petit Plaisir – anything that is a simple pleasure to satiate your sophisticated taste. I look forward to continuing into the fifth season with the same approach – more inspiration for cultivating true contentment, more ideas for building the skills that will enable you to be your best self and reach your fullest potential, all the while sharing insights into discovering how to elevate the everyday each day. As well, more guests, and at the end of each episode –  a Petit Plaisir!

Regarding potential guests in the fifth season, if there is an author, a musician, an artist, an entrepreneur or simply an inspiring person you feel The Simple Sophisticate should be introduced to or you want to hear on the podcast, email me and I will do all that I can to invite them onto the show. 

And now to Season 5! 

As I mentioned in episode #221 and #222, the new season will offer 30 episodes (in previous seasons, 52 episodes were aired).  The reason for the shift in amount of episodes . . .

  • I want to ensure I continue to bring you a quality episode each time I press record.
  • In May and August, multiple episodes will potentially air during the annual British and French Weeks that will occur each year. Check out the recent French Week round-up of posts and podcast episodes here
  • As you will see below, two months – April and July – will not air new episodes. The reason for this is in April, due to my teaching of AP courses – this is crunch time and I need to give more time to grading and ensuring my students are prepared for the exam in May. In July, the reason for the podcast holiday is I will be producing the new season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen vodcast which will premiere each season in September (and hopefully traveling to capture some footage for the videos). 
  • Each Monday, as listeners and readers have become accustomed, there will ALWAYS be a post to offer inspiration to kick off the new week. So even if a new episode doesn’t air on that particular Monday, there will ALWAYS be a new post, so be sure to stop by the blog (just as there is today – be sure to stop by the blog for a new post). 

Season 5 Schedule

Below you will find the week-by-week schedule of when new episodes will air. You will see podcast Mondays are circled in blue. You can print this schedule out by clicking here or by clicking on the image below.

Print save the pdf of the 2018/19 schedule

The TOP 10 Episodes from Season 4 based on # of downloads:

  1. #196 – Top 10 Style & Beauty Tips Learned from the French
  2. #188 – 18 Secrets & Lessons from the French Culture to Begin 2018
  3. #189 – Jamie Cat Callan’s Parisian Charm School: Love, Life & Savoring It All
  4. #193 – 7 Ways to Become Who You Were Truly Meant to Be
  5. #190 – To Get & Stay Fit: Keep It Simple
  6. #191 – Ask Shannon: Paris Travel Attire, Savvy Investment Shopping, Simple Weekday Dinner Ideas & Totes
  7. #186 – How to Let Go of Self-Imposed Limitations
  8. #184 – 16 Ways to Simplify and Make the Holiday Season Pleasurable
  9. #208 – How to Create an All-Around Healthy Life
  10. #182 – David Lebovitz Talks About Making Paris His Home

~Find all of the podcast episodes here (on the blog), iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Podbean or Youtube. And if you enjoy tuning in and listening to The Simple Sophisticate, I would appreciate your time to share a review on whichever platform you listen. By sharing what you specifically enjoy about the podcast, new and potential listeners will discover exactly what they will find when they tune in. For everyone who has already shared, I want to thank you, as well, as I try to regularly share one review each week upon receiving them as a small way of expressing my appreciation. 

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit today’s Monday Motivational post (as promised, even though there isn’t a new episode of the podcast, there is a new post to help start the week well!). Until then, I’ll see you in Season 5!

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14 thoughts on “Season 5 Schedule of The Simple Sophisticate podcast

  1. Hi Shannon,

    I can’t wait for season 5 and also your vodcasting series!

    I personally prefer your podcast episodes when it’s just you, especially talking about health, fashion and French-inspired topics. After listening to the schedule update, I just wanted to provide this feedback as 1) I may not be the only one! and 2) I suspect it can be logistically challenging to organise so many guests. 🙂

    Thank you again for a wonderful season 4 – looking forward to many more xx

        1. Joy, I appreciate this feedback. Thank you very much. I will take each of these comments into consideration as I continue to build the episode topic list for Season 5. Thank you again.

  2. Shannon, you asked if we had any suggestions for interviews for the next series of podcasts , so just to share , here are a couple to start off with !

    Have you come across Sadia Badiel ?
    Her blog is called Pick up Limes , and she also has a you tube channel.
    I think she is based in Holland.
    She is a qualified dietician and nutritionalist , but has lots of other really interesting topics on her channel and blogs as well , Lifestyle choices, and philosophy of life, as well as delicious recipes ( mostly vegan and vegetarian )
    I really enjoy her work.
    She is such a positive advocate for living simple and well.

    I know that you have come across Justine Leconte , I think I started following her because you mentioned her on the blog.
    She is based in Germany, but is French , she is a fashion and jewellery designer , and has really informative and interesting you tube videos on all sorts of fashion advice, eg , how to look for quality items when buying clothes, shoes, handbags etc, you to ensure that companies are ethical in the ways they treat their workforce and source their materials .
    Her latest you tube video takes us through the planning and execution of the videoing of her latest jewellery collection, I found it fascinating to ‘see behind the scenes ‘ , and all the preparation and thought which went into the planning before the actual shoot , which made it so successful.
    Another inspirational young woman.

    If you have time, check out their sites, I think you all have a similar approach to living simply and well , with a great outlook on life .
    Although I haven’t heard either of them being interviewed, they are both great communicators through their blogs and you tube channels .

    Happy researching ?


  3. I agree with Tess on this one. I adore your podcast, but find myself sometimes skipping over the interviews in favor of the episodes where it is just you. I think you have so much to bring to the table that the special guests are not needed!

  4. Hi Shannon,

    Thank you for a wonderful inspiring podcast.
    I also agree with Tess and Karen.

    Looking forward to season 5 and many more!!

    Thank you so much.

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