Happy New Year! And Looking to 2022 on TSLL
Saturday January 1, 2022

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The toast I made last evening as 2021 wound down happened at about 9pm, and it didn’t involve alcohol (although I have nothing against a coupe of Champagne), but rather a good hot cuppa, a simple chocolate truffle and me in my pajamas relaxing after a day on the coast having walked my and Norman’s legs off. It was blissful and just as I needed.

In fact, it was the moment you see above, sitting atop the dunes watching the King Tide roll in wave after cresting wave after cresting wave where I sat, meditating, pondering, gawking and simply listening to the symphony of the waves that provided a powerful punctuating end and signal to begin fresh that I will savor most of all when it comes to celebrating the start of the new year.

Every ringing in of the New Year unfolds differently, and this year I needed time for quiet contemplation to ground myself for a strong start of clarity into what I am confident will be an amazing new year, not only for TSLL but most importantly, for you, TSLL readers, as I hope what you find here on the blog in 2022 is of great value and inspires you to embrace all the possibility the new year brings into your own life and journey.

As TSLL readers know, I took this past week off as I do each year, staying off social media (in other words, Instagram), and posting only the Year in Review posts instead of the regular new weekly content. The only Friday of the year (yesterday) that the favorite weekly post This & That was not shared has passed, and rest assured, this coming Friday, January 7th, a new and FULL This & That will be shared. ☺️

In the meantime, at the end of today’s post, you will find I have gathered up a few posts and articles you might enjoy as I continue to explore and when they catch my eye, I want to share with you.

But first, what is in store for 2022 on TSLL?

Sooooo much!

I’d like to share a glimpse of what you can expect this coming year here in this post, but if you want to know ALL of the details and even more intimate conversation with me as well as the entire TSLL Community, be sure to explore becoming a TOP Tier Member as in this month’s A Cuppa Moments I share very specific details about the topics listed below and much more. And in each subsequent month’s regular chat you will stay in the know and get behind the scenes of what is upcoming and what has unfolded not only here on the blog but in my life and journey as well and most importantly finds and discoveries only shared with TOP Tier members.

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What to look forward to in 2022 on TSLL:

  • A NEW blog design is coming! Look for the site to debut in mid-January
  • The announcement and reveal of TSLL’s 3rd Book: the title, the release date, the content you will find in the more than 400 pages.
  • Finally returning to France and England and sharing all that I discover and taking you along with me as TOP Tier Members in exclusive video chats.
  • New Podcast artwork. Look for the new artwork in the Podcast square on your Podcast subscriptions page to look different starting the week of January 10th.
  • The much anticipated return of more Style Inspiration and Signature Style posts
  • Enjoy special perks as a TOP Tier Member when you order TSLL’s 3rd Book
  • The reveal of TSLL’s Primary Bathroom in early spring (for TOP Tier Members only), a glimpse at the progress is shared in today’s A Cuppa Moments – psst, the tub is in the room!
  • The ability to save your favorite TSLL posts in your own personal Library (for BASIC and TOP Tier Members only)
  • TSLL’s 3rd Book will be released in March 2022 – the most intimate reveal into my life journey as well as tailored inspiration for you, TSLL readers, to live everyday to its fullest and discover deep, lasting contentment.

A few thoughts as 2022 begins . . .

I want to go deeper here on this blog and most importantly in life. What do I mean?

The week off from social media brought a gift of a wave of fresh air that let me be more fully present in the moment. Not taking my phone with me when I went on a much needed brain massaging cross-country ski even though the optics were GORGEOUS, not stopping to interrupt a conversation or a moment with a loved one because a vignette would look beautiful in a pic, not thinking about what would be ideal to the onlooker, but instead letting myself fully savor and soak up the goodness, the beauty, the connection I was fortunate enough to be present helped me to acknowledge, even though I love capturing beauty, I need to remember to experience fully the beauty I am so fortunate to be amongst.

However, I acknowledge, seeing such images from those I follow is powerfully inspiring, and I know you, TSLL readers, have told me as much about the images I post, so I am determined to find a balance that works because I know that when I am more grounded, when I am more present and engaged with my life, better content, more creative ideas grow and reveal themselves.

All of this is to say, in effort to live more actively in my own life and stop pausing the present to capture and share it in the future, I won’t be relying on social media as much in the new year to spread news about TSLL. I encourage you to do the same and I am confident you will begin to feel an elevation in the quality of your everydays. So where will I share news of new posts, news, releases, etc.?

  • Be sure to sign up for the free daily, weekly or monthly newsletter
  • Visit TSLL blog (The Simply Luxurious Life) every Monday, Wednesday or Friday for the regular postings to keep you inspired, informed and stylish in both your home and wardrobe.
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    • A new episode will be released on Monday January 3rd!
      • episode #320 – full of inspiration to begin the new year well and enjoy a full year of awesome gifts
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Thank you for choosing to stop by today. Most likely as you are reading this I am walking on the crisp, rainy beach in Oregon, watching Norman romp about and then returning to my cottage to listen to Vienna’s New Year’s Concert (and maybe watching it again in the evening when I arrive back at Le Papillon ☺️).

As promised, a few articles you might enjoy. Wishing you a WONDERFUL fresh new start in this new year. Until Monday, bonne journée.

~I especially appreciated #4 as well #1 on this list – 7 Essential New Year’s Resolutions for Introverts [Dear, Introvert]

~Yes to this! Opportunity is meant to be seized not watched as it passes us by – Don’t waste the good days [Seth Godin]

~If you are watching And Just Like That, and taking in all the details of each episodes, you will love this podcast – The Writer’s Room

~It is New Year’s after all and even if we haven’t written down any resolutions or revolutions as I like to call them, we all want a brighter year – 6 Ways to Increase the Odds of Success [Pick the Brain]

~Hopefully you too had time to catch your breath this past week, but if not, there are still two more days until a fresh new week begins. I enjoyed this article from The Atlantic to encourage embracing this unique week of the year – In Praise of the Dead Week at the End of the Year

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29 thoughts on “Happy New Year! And Looking to 2022 on TSLL

  1. Happy New Year Shannon to both you and Norman!! I am beyond excited for all that you have in store for us in 2022!! I am also greatly anticipating the release of your book. It sounds like the perfect companion to making this year one of my best years yet!! ?

  2. Happy new year Shannon & all TSLL readers. Looking forward to the new book! I’ve already made room on my bookshelf.

  3. Happy New Year, Shannon! Bonne année! I know you enjoyed your break from social media to enjoy the glorious sights and sounds offline. I bet you are entering 2022 refreshed. Embrace the journey and best wishes for making your big dreams come true! Cheers! (I am celebrating with a Cuppa instead of a glass as well!) ???

  4. Bonne année Shannon ? et merci beaucoup for all the wonderful TSLL content during 2021, it has been very helpful and very much needed xx

  5. Dear Shannon, Happy new Year to you, Norman and to the people you keep close to your heart. Thank you for the precious moments you choose to share with us and for all the inspiration! Ciao 🙂

  6. May 2022 continue to be a beautiful part of your journey dear Shannon. ?☀️?????.
    Thank you for this great post.
    Enjoy the Vienna concert, it is always such a treat.???

  7. Happy New Year Shannon and Norman!? Your welcome to the new year sounds absolutely perfect. And so much adventure awaits! I am so looking forward to all the yummies you have in store for us, and of course, THE BOOK!!! Visiting TSLL on this first morning of the new year is such a joy and the absolute best start of my new year!☺By the way, I just dove into Finding Meaning and Success by Chris Palmer as my first book of the year–WHAT a great read and valuable resource, thank you for the recommendation! ??

  8. Bonne année Shannon and Norman .Your New Year’s welcome in sounds perfect. Excited to see how Tsll unfolds in 2022. You’re so right stopping to take photos of scenery or event post on social media robs you of the real experience. That is something I will be practising in 2022. Best wishes. Kameela xx

  9. Happy New Year to you & sweet Norman! And, thank you for a beautiful post to lead into it. I’m looking forward to your new book & continued inspirational posts and sharing of your thoughts, & discoveries (style, beauty, books, movies, shows). Be happy & well, Shannon.?

  10. Happy New Year !
    May it be filled with blessings and special moments for you, Shannon, and for all of us ????????
    With very best wishes from the UK to everyone
    x Anne x

  11. A very Happy New Year to you

    What a gift your letter was to read. I deleted my Instagram New Years Eve, as I feel this pull to maintain involvement with it and not miss the inspiring posts from your account and others I admire and draw inspiration from. It is difficult to enjoy platform likes instagram as just as an observer and I found myself in the trap of participating which, as you pointed out, was also taking away from being actively present in my moments.
    I reminded myself, that the meaningful ways I can engage with those who inspire, is supporting their craft and their work. Subscribing to their blogs, financially committing to their work, YouTube channels, books, podcasts etc. I am thrilled about what you have for the year to come and I look forward to the journey of a deeper connection to the people who inspire by connecting to their work outside of social media. I discovered you through my podcast searching and I look forward to making more discoveries outside of the social media world.

    Wishing you and everyone who finds themselves in this space, a very warm and wonderful New Year.

  12. I’m so excited to see all the growth and changes here on the blog. I can’t wait to get your 3rd book. I’ve loved seeing you grow over the years, since I’ve been a reader and podcast listener, I think since 2014…
    I hope you have a wonderful 2022 and I look forward to seeing your travel pictures when you go to France and England. I hope to do some travel myself, but here locally in the states.

  13. Happy New Year! Thank you for everything that you do. I look forward to and so appreciate your podcasts, blogs, Cuppa Moments, and all that you share. Here’s to a wonderful 2022!

  14. Happy New Year Shannon! I am so looking forward to your wonderful and inspirational posts in the coming year. I am happily anticipating your third book! I do hope you travel this year. Thank you for introducing me to such lovely magazines as English Home and My French Country Home. It is like taking a mini vacation from my reading chair. I hope 2022 is kind to you and to all your readers.

  15. Happy New Year Shannon, to you and yours! Many thanks for the community you’ve built and inviting us to observe, learn and participate. I hope you know it’s both a leap of faith and a comfort to start a new relationship but the benefits may just be beginning. Best, Meg

  16. Happy New Year! Enjoy the moments life brings and savor them. We can take a million photos but it will never be the same as being in that moment. Looking forward to your new book this year and the fun updates to come.

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