Bienvenue à la 8ème Annuelle Semaine de Française de TSLL!
Sunday August 13, 2023

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Just saying and hearing the word, and especially anytime when I hear the language, I melt a little. I feel a bit more comforted. I know that is not the case for everyone, but I have a feeling it is a similar feeling I share with you, fellow TSLL Francophiles, who are stopping by today and for the kick-off this year’s 8th Annual French Week on the blog.

Back in 2016 the first full week of all things French kicked off here on TSLL blog and every year since, it is not only a favorite, if not the favorite of readers, but a week I wholeheartedly enjoy pulling together as we all celebrate the culture that speaks to each of us for reasons that are as unique as we are, but the common thread is France.

As I was perusing back through past years’ French Weeks, I was reminded that during our first week no giveaways were included, and it was in the second year that this annual ritual began with two giveaways included – linen sheets and the just released new book by Sharon Santoni. As many readers know, giveaways continue to be a part of TSLL French Week, and below are just a few of the brands that have been shared with lucky, randomly chosen readers over the past previous seven French Weeks:

Brands included in Past Giveaways during TSLL’s French Weeks

  • My French Country Box (formerly named My Stylish French Box) from Sharon Santoni
  • Gien
  • Parachute Linen Sheets
  • Modvin illustrated print of seasonal produce
  • Un Soir de L’Opera candles
  • Kerzon candles
  • Trudon candles
  • Poîlane sourdough round
  • Grande Provençal Heidi Caillard La Pintade Guinea Hens
  • Maison Jean-Vier tablecloth
  • La Rochere
  • My French Country Home magazine
  • E.Dehillerin 
  • de Buyer
  • Chez Pluie brocante find
  • Rebecca Plotnick prints
  • Savon de Marseille Soaps 
  • Le Chameau rain boots
  • Degrenne Salam Teapot
  • Dammann Frères Thé
  • Eric Bompard cashmere

This year five giveaways will be shared with six TOP Tier Members (an exclusive benefit for joining TSLL Community, learn more about these and many other benefits), totally over $500 in value, and one of the five giveaways is open to anyone who is subscribed to the Free Weekly Newsletter (sign up here if you haven’t already) – look for the announcement of this giveaway to only be shared in the email sent out on Thursday evening/Friday morning.

Is this your first TSLL French Week?

You are in for a treat! TSLL’s 8th Annual French Week begins today and runs through next Sunday, August 20th. 

With at two posts being shared each day, be sure to stop by every 12 hours for a new post, and intermixed among these posts will be the five giveaways. The first giveaway has already been posted, and I will link to that at the end of this post. And because it is the first day of French Week, a third post will be shared. Look for it 12 hours later at 4pm Paris time (did you know that TSLL runs on Paris time? Yep! GMT+2 and every day a new post is up and ready to go as the French start their day (or just before) at 4am).

If you are a Francophile, and I have a feeling you are, there are oodles of posts and episodes to explore and all are French-Themed. And be sure to explore past French Weeks as well. Let me show you how!

Enjoy all of the posts at an easy to find location on TSLL blog, reading at your leisure.

~Simply click on “French-Inspired” on the Menu bar just below the header, and then a drop-down menu will appear. Then click “French Weeks“, and it will take you to the page you see below. Catch up on past French Weeks, or check in on the latest post shared during this year’s festivities. 

The official illustration seen at the top of today’s post was created by Sarah Lœcker, the illustrator behind all of the illustrations in my latest book The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment, and last year I shared, when the illustration was first revealed, inspired by my recent trip to Paris in 2022, what each of the details included are and where they were seen and experienced. You can read that detailed post here (scroll half-way down the post).

Traveling to France?

Be sure to check out TSLL’s Travel Guides, organized by regions of the country:

1.First, you will see “Travel Guides” on the menu bar on the blog (blue circle below). Click this to be taken to the designated page for all of TSLL’s travel guides.

2. Then, you will see that my Francophile and Anglophile destinations are front and center. Click on France, the image on the right (blue circle).

3. Then you will be taken to the page that contains all of the regions I have visited over the years. I continue to add to this list, edit and update it with each trip (my most recent being in April 2022). Simply click on the region (or city) and a full page (especially for Paris) will appear, sharing a Google Map as well to help you see where you are in proximity to other recommended locations.

These lists are entirely Free, and I look forward to adding more discoveries and places in the coming years whenever I am fortunate to return.

What to Look Forward to This Week During TSLL’s French Week

  • Five giveaways with the Grand and final Giveaway being announced on Friday August 18th with only a 24-hour window to enter, so do be sure to stop by throughout the week to enter.
  • At least TWO posts every day this week, running through Saturday August 19th, and all of the winners will be announced in the final post on Sunday August 20th. 
  • A new podcast episode (The Simple Sophisticate), French-inspired with French-born jazz vocalist, lead singer of The Hot Sardines, airing Wednesday August 16th.
  • Engagement, ideas and memories shared from all TSLL readers regarding their affection for the French culture in the comments section of each post.
  • Be sure to explore becoming a TOP Tier Member (monthly, quarterly or yearly options available) — ad-free reading AND exclusive ability to enter all of British and French Week’s giveaways, unlimited reading of all TSLL’s content. Yep, even the exclusive content which includes TSLL home and garden tours and Shannon’s Journey posts (what made me smile, Saturday Ponderings and the monthly A Cuppa Moments video chat).
  • And the first giveaway is live now on the blog – be sure to log in if you are a TOP Tier Member, or become one so you can enter.

Explore TOP Tier Membership with a Guest Pass (one-payment, non-automated) to see if you would like to become an on-going member. Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign-up (look for the box you see below).

I do hope you enjoy this week! Bonne journée! (and thank you for stopping by ☺️)

Click here to enter the File Authentic French Net Tote Giveaway

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37 thoughts on “Bienvenue à la 8ème Annuelle Semaine de Française de TSLL!

  1. Shannon, the amount of work,(and love!), you pour into La Semaine Française each year est tellement merveilleux. Et les belles choses que tu offres chaque année sont toujours fableux. Merci beaucoup pour cette semaine et pour avoir la chance de gagner des cadeaux incroyables! XBisesX

  2. The first thing I did this morning was open up your French Week posting! It is always so inspiring and beautiful, and I really appreciate the opportunity to enjoy this each year. I do believe that I will go back and also enjoy the past French Weeks that you have gifted us all with – and I may have to dig out my beret! Blessings! VG

    1. Victoria,

      Grateful you stopping by! And what a good idea to go back and explore. So much content in the archives; I hope you find much inspiration. I will imagine you doin* so with your chic beret. ☺️🇫🇷❤️

  3. Shannon, many thanks again for all the time and lovely passion you pour into your themed weeks for your readers! I LOVE your travel guides!:)

  4. This is my first French week too, as I signed up for TSLL right after last year’s event ended. Today is my birthday, and I have decided that the gift I give myself this year is cultivating true contentment and beauty in my life. Shannon, you will be my lovely guide. So glad that I have found you!

    1. Jenna, First, Joyeux Anniversaire!!! 🍾🥂 And second, the gift of contentment is priceless, and while it takes time and repeated intentional practice as you learn the skills that I feel fortunate to share with readers here on the blog and a choice to invest, once you have welcomed those skills into your daily life, you will begin to see how life begins to deepen in its quality, in its experiences, connections and opportunities. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out. Grateful you have chosen to be part of TSLL’s International community. While each of our lives will look on the outside different, the grounded nests, the inner calm, and the delight in our Everydays is very similise.

      Thank you for your comment and I do hope you enjoy French Week and have a most wonderful birthday and start to your brand new year! 😌🇫🇷❤️

    2. Happy Birthday to you, Jenna. How fun to have it during French Week. Enjoy!
      Hope that this year brings everything you are hoping for. 💫

  5. How serendipitous that my annual TSLL membership renewed this morning! One of the best decisions I ever made was to become part of this community. I found you back in 2015 when, after visiting France again as an adult, I was searching for info about incorporating French lifestyle into my American life. Of course, I adore French week, but I love all the other 51 weeks of TSLL, TOO!

  6. Happy French Week everyone! I’m looking forward to all the posts, especially this weeks Podcast. I ❤️ The Hot Sardines.

  7. Bonjour Shannon,

    I look forward to these themed weeks all year! Thank for all your hard work curating such wonderful and inspiring posts. It really makes the summer so special.


  8. Happy French Week Shannon, to you and all your readers as we celebrate your curating the articles, podcast and giveaways for us to enjoy. Merci! 🥐🥂

  9. Hello Shannon, your passion for France and her culture is infectous. Like others I too look forward to both your British week in May and your French week in August, they create lovely bookends to this time of the year. Over the years your recommendations on music, books, and films has been greatly appreciated.
    Thank you or should I say Merci

  10. Bonjour Shannon. La semaine française est toujours un petit plaisir pour le tribu de TSLL. Je vous souhaite une semaine de bonheur et la joie. Merçi pour les cadeaux que vous nous offrez. C’est tellement génereuse. Je suis très contente d’être un membre de TSLL pour toute l’année. Bonne chance à tout ke monde.Bisous de la belle France. Kameela🇫🇷😍

  11. Bonjour, Shannon! French Week is here! I’m glad you’re having Elizabeth Bougerol on again from The Hot Sardines. Your past interview with her on your podcast is one of my favorites. I go back and listen to it again from time to time. I love her energy and yours. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Katina,

      Thank you for sharing this with me! I do hope you enjoy this one as well. She was a pleasure to talk with again and catch up with. 🙂 And the music on this new album is superb!

  12. Bonjour Shannon et tout le monde! I’m so excited for another French Week. Merci, Shannon, for all of the work and time you put into this annual experience. We can all tell it is truly a work of love!

  13. Exciting! I’m here, I’m here! A little late, but I am here, can’t you hear my bells ringing? 😉
    I feel better already.

  14. I think I’ve mentioned this to you before, but I found your podcast by searching for ‘Sharon Santoni’ on Spotify! That was nearly four years ago and I’m still a big admirer of your work and engagement with this French and British loving community of kindred spirits. Thanks for bringing a sense of calm, comfort and beauty to my life, Shannon. Merci beaucoup! ❤️

  15. Catching up with French week so far having returned from Italy late last night.
    I love French week and always look forward to your French inspired posts all year, so a week choc full is always a treat.
    You’re always so generous with the fabulous giveaways too, Shannon.
    Off I pop to read the rest of this weeks posts so far 🙂

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