The First Giveaway! Filt Net Totes
Sunday August 13, 2023

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Heading to the market or the grocery store?

Grab one of Filt’s hand-made net totes, and easily carry what you need, shop sustainably and bring a bit of France with you wherever you go. ☺️🇫🇷❤️

I welcomed my first Filt net shopping tote a couple years ago into my food shopping ritual, and one of the things I most love about these well-made items is that they don’t take up much space when they aren’t being used. Admittedly, sometimes this makes it easier for them to be lost, but once a routine is set in place – empty the tote when in the kitchen and immediately toss it into its designated spot in the boot & basket room to be taken to the car for the next shopping trip – they become a favorite of mine to grab when I go to the farmers’ market or the grocery store.

Available in an array of colors, Filt offers a mini size, two different medium sizes (shorter handle – see in the stripe tote in the image above) as well as a tote with a long handle (seen above in all colors except the stripe), and a large tote.

You can order directly from Filt, located in Normandy, France, where all of their totes and products are made (and have been since 1860), or from a variety of business that source the brand (example: French Dry Goods), including Amazon.

OR, you can enter the first giveaway of TSLL’s French Week and perhaps be one of the two lucky winners to win your very own for free! And you get to select the color you would like as well. 🙂

What is being given away?

TWO lucky TSLL readers and TOP Tier Members will win a Medium Net shopping tote with a long handle. Choose the color you prefer, and simply enter before Saturday August 19th.


  • Visit Filt’s website – here is the direct link
  • Choose the color of net tote you prefer.
  • Return back to this post, and leave a comment with your selection.
  • You may only enter once.
  • Enter by Saturday August 19th at noon (Pacific time)
  • Stop by Sunday August 20th to see if you are the winner.
    • If you are the winner, you must reach out to me by Monday August 21st to claim your prize.
  • That’s it!
  • Bonne chance!

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176 thoughts on “The First Giveaway! Filt Net Totes

  1. This is my first French Week and so excited for what is to come! I like the Rose Layette color.

  2. Looking forward to French Week! Love the blue jean/ecru bag! Beautiful—and so useful!

  3. Hooray, it’s French week! I love Filt bags and I keep two in my purse for the times when I am not prepared with my regular reusable bags. They hold so much. I would love to add bleu blanc rouge to my collection. Bon chance everyone!

  4. Ooh La, La, French Week calls for a bleu, blanc, rouge French net shopping bag. My fingers are crossed for more environmentally friendly, pretty shopping.

  5. Happy French week! It always falls on or near my birthday, so it feels like a wonderful gift each year. The colors are so fun for these bags! I especially liked the bleu matis!

  6. What a nice give-away. I saw several of these bags at the grocery store this afternoon. I like the Blue Joyau color.

  7. Red White and Blue – the tricolour! Has to be. So quintessentially French! Bonne Journee et bonne chance tout le monde!

  8. I love the aquablue bag. I am definitely looking forward to this week. Thank you for your hard work putting these fun weeks together for us to enjoy.

  9. Hi Shannon. Back in the fold and looking forward to French week. Love the orange azteque colour

  10. So excited to be part of this lovely event! This is my first French week and I already adore it! My favourite bag colour is Aquablue. Thank you Shannon for this opporunity!

  11. Chere Shannon,

    Une excellente idee. J‘aimerais le filet dans la couleur „gris pluie“

    Merci beaucoup!

    Very much looking forward to the French week!

  12. Shannon this is my first French week with the SLL community and I am sooo excited! Thank you for this. There are so many great colors but since it is French week I would choose the Bleu Blanc Rouge.

  13. Bonjour Shannon ,
    So many lovely colours to choose from 🙂
    I would like the Noir poignee ecru one if I am lucky enough to win .
    Merci x

  14. French week helps soften the back to school transition! The bleu jean/ecru stripe looks fun!

  15. Salut, Shannon!

    I’m so excited for French Week– it’s probably my favorite week of the year on the blog! And thank you so much for doing these lovely giveaways. It’s extraordinarily generous and kind of you.

    If I’m fortunate enough to win, I’d love un beau filet en “Byzantine!” Quel beau couleur 💜


  16. I love French week! These bags are amazing and hold so much stuff. It would be wonderful to add the ecru biologique to my collection.

  17. Bonjour, Shannon! Oh, I do love a good net bag and these are both functional and sustainable but still chic. I prefer a good neutral so, given the opportunity, I’d select mastic. Thank you for this lovely give-away.

  18. J’adorerais le sac couleur Forêt ! Il aurait fière allure accroché dans ma cuisine ou sur mon épaule au marché ! Merci

  19. Looking forward to a lovely new French week! And it doesn’t get much more French than a string bag. So many colours to enjoy, and how much nicer do they sound in French 😊 My choice would be Bleu matisse. Merci Shannon!

  20. Bonjour! Thank you, Shannon, for such a wonderful week ahead! I love the Rose Sorbert color.

  21. Bonjour Shannon!
    C’est ma deuxième semaine française! J’ai hâte pour tous vos articles cette semaine et de célébrer tous ce qui est français avec tout le monde.
    J’adore l’écru biologique.

  22. Yay! My favorite week of the year! I am loving the bleu ink. Such a lovely color.

  23. Good morning. I would love the blue Jean bag. In Denver we must bring out own bags shopping and this would help me so much!! Thank you Shannon.

  24. I always take my bag w me when I shop. The Bleu Aquablue would work for me. What a lovely start to French Week!

  25. This is my favorite series of the year! I love all the colors, but the bleu blanc rouge would be my choice! Thank you for doing this for all of us!

  26. Yay French Week! You kept us all busy choosing a color from that great variety! I would love the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge bag, as it would always remind me of French Week! Thanks for all of this.

  27. Bonjour and Happy French Week! In honor of the week, bleu blanc rouge would be the color for me. Merçi!

  28. Bonjour La Semaine Française! What a fun first giveaway, a Filet bag in Vert Laitue would be my choice. Thanks you Shannon!xx

  29. Even though I’ve been a top tier member from the beginning, this is my first French week. Love the blue matisse color.

  30. Happy French week! I love the Violet bag. I store all my reusable bags in my car but this would look cute hanging in my mud room.

  31. Shannon, thank you again for organizing a wonderful week for us; this is the perfect way to end my summer before sending the children back to school! I love this style of bag as they are easy to keep clean, don’t take up much space, and look chic hanging on our mudroom wall hooks. I don’t have any from this authentically French brand and would love the “Bleu matisse” couleur. Shannon, what: do you own/are your favorites?

    1. Great question! Mine are the natural color, but thus won’t surprise you, the blue and white stripe design has my keen interest ☺️🇫🇷❤️ And great point about ease of wash ability and their chic appearance draped on a door handle of peg. Great decor detail for both beauty and functionality. ☺️

  32. Happy French week, looking forward to reading your posts this week. I really like the Bleu Joyau!

  33. Wow! What a great choice of colors they offer. Raspberry is my signature color and one of my nicknames is “Razz”.
    Thank you:)

  34. Thank you, Shannon, for offering me a way to raise my sustainability and elegance quotients. I’d prefer a violet Filt bag, and would have multiple uses for it. It’s designed for groceries, but I could also use it for airing out pointe shoes and other athletic footwear, as an extra carry-on bag, and as a beach bag.

  35. Bleu Blanc Rouge it is! To remind me of French Week every time I use it. Thanks Shannon for introducing us to such great brands and products.

  36. Exciting. I think the bleu ink color would be pretty with vegetables inside 🙂
    Many thanks!

  37. Bonjour Shannon and Bonjour French Week!

    I noticed in the comments there are several experiencing their first one and know that they will love it as much as we old-timers do.

    I have a few small net bags for holding veg when at the market instead of those awful plastic ones. However, they hold very little which requires several (this seems to annoy the cashier) and they don’t have handles so this style will be most helpful. So many colors to love, but I think I’m partial to Bleu Jean/Ecru.

    Looking forward to all that is in store for the week ahead.


  38. My favorite time of Summer…French Week! I’m so looking forward to all of your upcoming posts.🇫🇷🥐🍷. I would love the Gold colored shopping bag please.

  39. Good Morning,
    Thank you so much for the chance to win a tote. I love the color Scout. Great for this time of year…for shopping at the Farmer’s Markets.

  40. Bonjour Shannon,
    Thank you for opportunity to receive a bag. If I am lucky enough to win I would like Rose Sorbert please.

    I am really looking forward to French Week.


  41. Thank you Shannon. Your bringing extra fun to my week.
    My favorite color is the blue Jean and ecru.

  42. Hello Shannon. I have been so looking forward to this week. I like the gris lead color please. Thanks so much.

  43. What a gorgeous way to kick off French Week, and Ecru Biologique is such a classic color!

  44. Bonjour Shannon! I love French Week! What a charming gift giveaway. I would love to shop the farmer’s market with my filet bag in Jeanne solarium.

  45. Would be fun to have one as they are so lightweight and hold a lot. Any color would be fine. Would narrow it down to olive green or blue if selecting one. Thanks, Shanno, for the nice giveaway. Glad that Miss Nelle is doing well and back at home.

  46. Happy French week! These bags are so versatile and cute! I would choose the ecru biologique. Looking forward to all the great French content this week, especially since we are finally going on our dream trip to Paris and Normandy in October!

  47. Bonjour French Week! I’m so excited to read, dream, wish and gaze through this traditional week on TSLL! I only recently discovered that the ever-popular Filt bags are made in the city of Caen. I regret not knowing earlier as our family was on holiday just outside of Caen and what a fun outing my daughters and I would have enjoyed visiting the factory. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Next time…. My favorite color of Filt bag is still the Ecru Biologique.
    Thank you for organizing such a great giveaway, Shannon.

  48. So excited for my very first French Week! I love the gris lead color. Good luck everyone.

  49. My favorite week of the year! 🇫🇷 Love Filt for shopping bags and though I love all the colors they offer now, all black is my favorite.

  50. Looking forward to enjoying all things French with Shannon on French Week. I would love the market bag in Bleu Matisse.. xx

  51. One of my favorite colors is Violet (which is the color I chose). These bags are so European and chic. I am thrilled to see another French week, Shannon!

  52. Thank you, Shannon. So many colors. Blue blanc rouge would be my choice. After all, it’s French Week! 😊

  53. I love French week and look forward to it every year. I like the blue jean and ecru combination. Thank you for the opportunity, Shannon.

  54. Shannon, I’m so excited about celebrating another annual French Week with you! The Filt shopping bag is so quintessential French. I would love using the Scout colored bag in my quest to be more sustainable. Merci!

  55. Bonjour Shannon,
    Merci pour ton blog, J’adore complètement! J’aime beaucoup le Rouge.
    Bonne weekend,

  56. And the joy of French Week begins. Should I be the lucky winner, I would love the blue Matisse.

    Merci beaucoup!

  57. Cute giveaway! Given this is coming straight from France I would pick the Bleu blanc rouge.

  58. Going to France in Oct. and would love to travel with this bag. What a delightful give-away. I’m excited for this week. I like the Blue Joyau color.

  59. What a great bag for days out wherever that may be. I love the Bleu Matisse color. Best wishes for a lovely week!!

  60. Thank you, Shannon, for wonderful content! It was fun browsing available colors for this bag – my favorite is:
    Bleu Matisse.

  61. This is so fun! I’m amazed at the variety of colors. My favorite is the bleu/ecru stripe!

  62. Merci Shannon! I love this bag, so hard to pick a color, but love the aquablue! Thanks for hosting French Week, so much fun!

  63. Love this super useful giveaway! If selected I would choose the bleu jean color. Thanks for all your hard work in gathering these marvelous prizes!

  64. Ooo la la! I’d love the tricolor one blue, white and red pictured in your post. Thanks, Shannon!

  65. Yey, yey, it’s French Week once again! 🙂

    Super delighted to be able to participate (as I missed the British Week due to a pesky health issue, now resolved, thank goodness).

    This is such a charming little bag – and a charming gift to start the week. Thank you, Shannon!

    My favourite colour would be Jaune Solarium.

    Good luck, everyone! 🙂

  66. The vert laitue would be so cute filled with fresh fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market!!

  67. Bonjour! I am so excited for this year’s French week. I love the rose layette color. Thank you!

  68. What a great first giveaway Shannon, thank you!
    There are so many colours to choose from! I think I’d pick “bleu ink” if I were to be so lucky.

  69. The blue jean/ecru bag looks so classy. So much nicer than my current plastic reusable grocery bags.

  70. Bonjour, Shannon, et je vous remercie for organizing this annual French week! I’m so excited to be joining for the first time! There are so many lovely colors of Filt bags to choose from (bleu matisse, pergola, mastic, bleu blanc rouge…), but I’d like to start my collection with the classic ecru biologique. Merci beaucoup, et bonne chance á tous!

  71. Hello Shannon,
    These bags are so nice! I would love a violet one as it would remind me of the spring produce at my local farmers’ market! Thank you for your amazing content! I can’t begin to tell you how much I look forward to each and every post!

  72. Love the long handle. A definite improvement! Net shopping bag with large handle — Matisse Blue, of course!

  73. What a useful and practical give away – and certainly in honor of your Annual French celebration my choice must be a bleu blanc et rouge!

  74. Great gift and much appreciated as grocery stores are beginning to charge for plastic bags
    Thank you

  75. What a great bag for my weekly shopping trips to the farmers’ market! I had one similar to this that I bought in France the last time we were there (YEARS ago) & it was the handiest thing ever — it rolled up like a cobweb to take up no room at all, but held a ton of produce & goodies. It disappeared somewhere along the line & this would be a perfect replacement. In Rose Sorbet, s’il vous plaît.

  76. Bonjour Shannon, I have been so looking forward to French week! The Bleu Matisse would be so lovely, thank you!

  77. I love the gris lead color! I used to have similar small bags for produce, and I’m realizing I misplaced them in a move! This would be a great treat to take shopping.

  78. I’ve had a busy week myself – but love French week! Blue jean/ecru color is my favorite.

  79. Love these!!! I would pick Rouge or Noir! I am sad to say due to struggles with my account, I am joining into French Week late this week. I still wanted to comment and thank you for such a beautiful gift for the giveaway… do such an amazing job. I am making a pledge to myself with the run of my subscription for this year (Sept-Aug 2024) that I am going to make engaging here a priority for myself. Thank you for all that you do! ~Laura

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