Shop Diane Lane’s Wardrobe from Paris Can Wait
Friday June 10, 2022

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~Post Updated 6/10/22

Paris Can Wait is a feast for the eyes not only due to its geographic location set in the South of France and the exiqsuite teasing of the taste buds, but the sartorial selections as well. After sharing my review of Eleanor Coppola’s film starring Diane Lane yesterday (the Petit Plaisir of this week’s episode of the podcast #160), many asked a question I too had dancing around in my mind: Where can I find her wardrobe? From the stunning French red dress she chooses to wear to dinner on the first night of their 48 hours excursion, (I am still trying to figure out who designed it – I promise I will share if I find out), to the simple sophisticated linen taupe pants and white linen top finished with espadrilles, Lane’s wardrobe is so refined and understated, it sings as though not to compete with the other magnificent sites to see, but all the while becoming quite the star of the show.

Effortless, classic, the underlining premise of building a wardrobe of quality over quantity which enables the woman wearing the clothing to shine.

While I have looked all over the web for the exact label of linen pants without finding the precise pair, I have found many that are similar at a variety of price points. I have also found espadrilles and white linen shirts for you to peruse as well (see all these items at the end of the post). I do hope you find something you love.

And now, even more linen inspiration. Enjoy!

~You can shop each item three different ways: hover over the image in the collage, click the link or scroll through the shopping windows.

Linen Pants

~Banana Republic Castello Linen Pant (available in regular, plus and petite)~

~Joslin off-white Sophia linen wide-leg pants~

~James Perse Army Green linen straight-leg pants~

~Riverside Linen wide-leg pant, light blue~

~Brunello Cucinelli cream linen-blend wide-leg pant~

~Jacquemus Beige Sauge Linen straight-leg pants~

~The Row White Dandy silk and linen blend canvas wide-leg pant~

~Chloé white pleated linen wide-leg pants~

~Brunello Cucinelli white pleated linen-blend twill wide-leg pants~

~Reformation Sylvie Long Linen pant (more colors)~

~Reformation Poppy Linen Pant (more colors)~


White Linen Shirt

The White Company White Classic Linen Shirt (one I have and love!)

~The White Company Relaxed Linen Shirt (more colors)~

~Boden White Linen Shirt~

~Another Tomorrow Over-sized Linen Shirt~

~Barbour Marine Linen Button-Front Shirt~

~120% Lino Collared Linen Shirt~

~Lora Piana White Fabienne Solaire Linen Shirt~


Leather Carry-All Tote

Having the opportunity to update this post four years later I can now share the actual brand of tote Diane Lane’s character slung over her shoulder throughout the entire film. It was from Tods. A luxury item, and one that if you have the opportunity to welcome it into your wardrobe, you will have it for the rest of your life. I have shopped the current collection from Tods to share with you the similar style, as well as other brands with a similar design.

~The tote most similar to the one Lane carried in the film – Tods Timeless Shopping Bag in Leather, grey (more colors)~

~Tods Tote Bag, brown~

~Tods Whipstitch-details tote, brown~

~Coccinelle large Myrtha leather tote bag (more colors)~

~Ree Projects Ann Medium Leather Tote~

~Ree Projects Helene Leather Hobo Bag~

~Madewell Zip-Top Transport Tote (more colors)~

~Cuyana Classic Structure Leather Tote (more colors)!




Many readers asked about the camera that Diane regularly used to snap images that many of us would have done with our phones, and while many of us will continue to capture such moments with our phones, if you are curious, I have found the brand, and it is a high-quality, luxury camera, and trusted brand worth exploring.

The brand is German and it is Leica. I have not been able to find the gold shade that was seen in the film, but be sure to explore their entire website as they have many designs. And most of them are compact and capable of capturing high-pixelated images.

Hopefully, you’ve found one item that speaks to your style and reminds you of traveling about in France, from the Mediterranean through Provence and all the way back up north to Paris. (And may you find yourself in France soon!)

Thank you for stopping by and bonne journée.

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17 thoughts on “Shop Diane Lane’s Wardrobe from Paris Can Wait

  1. I loved everything about this movie :). It’s such a feast for the senses. Her wardrobe is lovely and subtle. Thanks for doing the legwork of finding similar items!

  2. I agree with Stephanie. Thanks for the legwork, Shannon! It was a treat to watch that movie for style inspiration, as well as the dining scenes, and of course, the scenery.

    Thank you for being so in tune and resourceful for your readers and subscribers!

    A great way to start the weekend.

  3. This is exactly the look I love and one that doesn’t flatter my shape. The pants, yes. I’ve had a pair of off white, wide leg linen pants for years. It’s the shirt I wish I could wear! Ah well.

    1. Have you tried a boat-neck top with 3/4 sleeves?
      Thank you for stopping by. Diane Lane definitely looks great in everything she wears, but again, she is working with a stylist. 🙂

    1. Kristie,

      Great question and isn’t the robe stunning and timeless? Love it as well. I haven’t found where to find that one exactly or the designer; however, I do know you can shop for similar styles of long kimonos at One Hundred Stars (UK company, but they do ship internationally). I have ordered one and while they are delicate, they are beautiful and if taken care of can last for a while.

    1. Nope, the white one is linen, but I can understand the inquiry. To be in the south of France in June/July (which is when this film is set – and the lavender is on bloom) is to live in linen. It is scrumptious on the skin. Oodles of it everyone, on men and women – shirts, pants, scarves, everything. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Isn’t Diane Lane’s wardrobe fantastic throughout?! Take care

  4. Do you happen to know designer was for the navy skirt and navy leather jacket that Diane wore, loved that outfit as well!

    1. Lori,

      A great question. I unfortunately do not. I have a feeling the midi-length skirt is made of linen and the leather jacket will be something to keep an eye out for as it will be a unique find. Be sure to explore consignment sites as well as you may find something similar and at a great price for the quality. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. The white v neck top worn by the female character Martine. The white top with the cross detailing is beautiful. Any leads on this top?

  6. Just discovered this lovely movie. Would you happen to know where you can purchase the red dress Diane Lane wears to dinner the first night, or one with a similar style?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for stopping by María. I completely relate to your appreciation of the red dress. I have not found something similar, but when I do, I will be sure to include it on this post with an update and respond to your comment. Make sure you set your comment notifications so that you will be alerted. 😌 Thank you again for stopping by. 💛

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