Britain on My Mind: A Cozy Reading Chair & Room
Wednesday October 17, 2018

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Lately, Britain has been dancing about my mind for a variety of reasons, and it certainly was further heightened with last weekend’s wedding of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank. But I would be reminisce if I didn’t admit the news that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced last Friday of their expecting a child this coming March and April caught my attention as well.  An extension of much congratulations to both the happy couples – what a weekend of celebration!

Of course it was only just last late November that the world learned of the engagement of Meghan and Harry. I can remember vividly during my visit to the Devon countryside last November seeing the news and the frequent Harry and Meghan engagement watch reports. Little did we know what was just around the corner. 

It is quite easy for my mind to slip back to my time in England, relaxing in a cozy living room as the rain smatters against the windows, watching the gentle movement of the Bristol Channel and smelling the ocean air. I must admit, I miss it. Deeply.

Perhaps it is the regular rainstorms I miss as we haven’t had more than a few minutes of rain in Bend for months. Perhaps it is the ocean breezes and lush green grass. Perhaps it is the slower pace in the country or simply just enjoying my own schedule. And while, yes, admittedly, I am romanticizing more than a bit, I’m listening and doing all that I can to curate those similar comforts in my daily life here in Bend. 

The simple routine enjoyed daily was my morning, afternoon and yes, evening tea, as the week-long trip was an intentional week of rest and relaxation. As I have always enjoyed my evening tea wherever I find myself in the world, this fall, I have rearranged my living room furniture to cultivate a reading chair with a more thoughtful view of what I love to see, a designated side table for my tea and reading material, and an ottoman to rest my toes at the end of the day. I may not have a fireplace yet as the salon does above, but I am confident I will again in the future. 

With such attention to details about our home that welcome memories of moments we have savored during our travels and explorations fondly remembered, we are reminded of dreams, we are reminded of what brings us pleasure and how to cultivate everyday joy no matter where we find ourselves. 

Whatever has been on your mind as of late, may you be able to smile and enjoy it again if even in your remembering.

6 thoughts on “Britain on My Mind: A Cozy Reading Chair & Room

  1. What a beautiful room! I’ve been home from my place in Nova Scotia for ten days now and I too deeply miss the ocean- smell, sound, good energy. I get it!

  2. Yes to everything! I adore England and just returned from my first trip ever overseas in September. We were lucky enough to stay in London, hop over to Paris for two nights for just a taste, spend a couple of days in the English countryside in Coniston at the AMAZING and utterly charming Yewdale Inn, and then two nights in Edinburgh.

    Suffice it to say I am more than a little “un-homesick” for these places already. I may have been whining a bit about it on my Instagram feed ( 🙂

    While Paris, to me, was refined relaxation, England – and Coniston specifically – was more like a grandmother’s hug. Our English breakfasts – even vegan – were warm and comforting as were the staff who shared them with us. London was gorgeous and colorful and vibrant and I have to say that Paris came in second for me behind it, but then I have always described myself as an Anglophile first and then a Francophile second.

    I am already dreaming of next opportunities and I have been scouring your blog and listening to your podcast (though I have from the beginning!) even more: listening to episodes I’ve missed and giving old favorites a revisit. It’s been incredibly helpful to satiate me somewhat, but I am having to learn to live with this longing anew now having actually been and not only in my dreams.

    Thank you for all you share with us! I admire your consistent work ethic and appreciate the similar point of view of intentional living as my own. I have one good friend that I can share these ideas with on a regular basis (a neighbor no less!) and imagine that I could also share the long, rambling conversations I have with her with you.

    1. Nicole, Your trop sounds to have exceeded your expectations and welcome beautiful memories. How I know that feeling well. How fortunate are we? ? Thank you for sharing your trip and thank you for exploring the blog and podcast. I am tickled you are enjoying it.

  3. Shannon, I love your wistful prose, but am laughing about missing England’s rain. I grew up in the north west, amid the extremely green farm lands of Cheshire. For a brief moment there I was hankering back to my childhood, strewn across the bed in our 250 year old house while reading all day, hearing the massive oak trees outside swaying under a harsh storm, and only going downstairs for some much needed tea and biscuits. And then I remembered the fact that it rained more days than not, how much I hated living in welly boots plus the fact that everything smelled of wet dog, that I needed the tea because the damp chill had sunk into my bones, and I read so much because there was nothing else to do and I really wanted to be anywhere else but there. But please keep painting scenes with your dreams – that’s the real magic. It isn’t where you are that matters, so much as how you choose to see it. I really enjoy seeing through your eyes. Cheers!

  4. the room is stunning, I love the rug and the cream and pink colour scheme. I grew up in the scottish highlands – a sofa, roaring fire and cuppa was the daily occurence. And I aspire to it as often as I can, even here in South Carolina 🙂

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