An Appetizer to Celebrate
Sunday November 20, 2016

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The beginning of a very simply luxurious Thanksgiving has begun here on the blog, and of course it begins with an appetizer. But most importantly it is paired with the wine of choice making its way to more and more tables for celebratory occasions and even more to everyday occasions.

The front page of the “Off Duty” section in The Wall Street Journal this weekend discussed the merits of the sparkling wine. Not only champagne, but Prosecco, Cava, and rosé Champagne. Prosecco and Cava, more affordable and very often just as delicious as their more steeply priced cousin, have been my go-to as of lately, and my palate has not missed a note of quality.  Coined as the everyday luxury wine, sparkling wine is certainly the wine of choice for more occasions than you might expect, and with its new moniker, it is absolutely deserving of being included in this simply luxurious menu.

Case in point, the appetizer that I have chosen for this year’s simply luxurious Thanksgiving is paired with a bottle of Cava. From Spain, this particular sparkling wine is from Barcelona, but for only $13, I picked up the bottle seen here and it is bubbly, fruity and paired beautifully with the fig preserves and French brie.

But don’t hesitate to pair it with other items on the menu as well, must we forget the turkey. The rosé Champagne would work lovely with the main entrée.

For this year’s appetizer, I kept it simple, but delicious. Capable of being pulled together in minutes, simply find (or make) a fig preserve spread, decadent French brie or three cream cheese at your local fromage market and oat crackers. Pour the champagne and let the holiday celebrations begin.

Never think any celebration is too small. Yes, it is the time of year when people you haven’t seen in quite sometime come together, all the more reason to bring out the sparkling goodness, but perhaps even on an average Wednesday work night to celebrate the completion of a successful day at work. I’ll toast to that any day.

Click here for the next item on the menu, the dessert! And it’s not your typical Thanksgiving dessert, but perhaps simpler and even more delicious.  Safe travels and happy holidays!



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16 thoughts on “An Appetizer to Celebrate

  1. Oh my goodness, Shannon, this looks delightful AND delicious! And I am running by our local wine shop tomorrow for a bottle of Cava, thank you for the tip!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. Now this is exactly the kind of appetizer I like to pull together, whether for a family get together, holiday gathering, or even our recent book club dinner. Or like you said, Shannon, for a little mid week toast just because! …p.s. Those are my ever favorite crackers and I’ll drink a glass of the bubbly any ol time!
    Warm Thanksgiving wishes to you!

  3. Another excellent sparking wine that combines high quality with a relatively low price point is crémant de Limoux or blanquette de Limoux. Limoux is a town in the south of France near the Abbey of St. Hilaire, where Dom Pérignon first made sparkling wine before he was sent to Champagne. There’s a choice of dry (brut), sweet and rosé.

      1. I can second Taste of France’s suggestion about the Blanquette or Crémant de Limoux, very delicious and reasonably priced. I live near where it is produced and there are lots of different producers here. White or rosé, brut or demi-sec, ancestrale or otherwise – there is a bubble to suit all tastes.

  4. Although I won’t be bringing this to our Thanksgiving celebration, it will definitely be on the Christmas Eve cocktail party menu! I had planned on brie with raspberry preserves, but fig sounds wonderful. Lovely suggestion! Are the oat crackers difficult to find?

    1. A great appetizer for any occasion indeed. The crackers (or something similar) should be easy to find. These were shelved next to the cheese section in the more gourmet grocery here in Bend (Market of Choice and Newport Market had them as well).

  5. Nice pairing suggestions & I love Cava. I do think you meant to say ‘palate’ & not ‘palette’ however.

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