A Worthwhile Necessity, Disguised as a Luxury

Oct 18, 2016

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Part of living simply luxuriously is being discerning with what we bring into our lives as to not clutter our homes, our minds and our time with anything that will drain our energy or our bank account needlessly or unnecessarily. However, it is errant to assume that we cannot invest in items that will perform phenomenally and last for ages.

One of the features I was excited to improve upon with TSLL’s new blog design was TSLL Shop. You will notice it in the Menu Bar just below the header that is always available to click on no matter where you scroll on the homepage or any page for that matter, which makes it handy to search for whatever may tickle your fancy. The drop-down menu offers 11 different mini “boutiques” if you will for you to peruse based on your interest.

Each of these boutiques will be updated with new items as I find, fall in love with and highly recommend. For example, with each new book shared on the weekly This & That, those books will be placed in TSLL Shop, all Francophile Finds will be placed in the Francophile Finds destination and so on and so forth. You can organize each of these mini shops according to the latest added, most popular, etc. Simply click on the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner of each boutique.

But back to the approach of investing in what on the surface and to outsiders may seem like a luxury, but in reality is actually a worthwhile investment.

I continue to be reminded that while I may not be able to invest in everything I want, when I do, when I save, when I plan, when I investigate what will be worth the purchase, I am rarely disappointed. Whether it is with clothing items or cooking items, quality pays off dividends with the results it engenders (a chic outfit or delicious food), and how long it will last and perform magnificently with each use.

During the holidays last year, I received as a gift from my parents my first piece of copper cookware. My mother, knowing I love to cook and also knowing I prefer to have fewer items so long as they are of top quality did some investigating and learned the story and the reason why Mauviel copper pans are revered by top chefs around the globe.

Coincidentally, it all began in 1830 near Mont-Saint-Michel in a Normandy village called Villedieu-les-Poêles. The French know how to produce quality cookware (no wonder their food tastes delicious!). Well, Villedieu-les-Poêles in French means “the city of copper” and this particular village has an 800 year heritage of copper manufacturing.

It is with this grand ancestry of expertise that the company continues to manufacture products for the home and professional cook and chef. And the quality is superb. My skillet is 10.2″, has a polished copper exterior and a cast iron handle which is something they are known for (and boy, are those handles heavy). Each dish, from fish to eggs to everything in between cooks evenly, quickly and slips out of the skillet beautifully. I continue to carefully wash this skillet after each use as it feels as if I have been given a treasure.

Absolutely, these pans are an investment, but they will absolutely stay and be used in your kitchen for decades. Perhaps you’ll want to purchase one for someone you love and who loves to cook for the holidays or maybe put one item on your own wish list if you are like me and love to cook and cook well. Below are a handful of different styles, sizes and places to purchase.

SHOP Mauviel Cookware:

Even if scrolling through them is a dream, rest assured you will find my favorite skillet from Mauviel in the Kitchen boutique in TSLL Shop whenever you are ready to add it to your kitchen, along with all of the other hand-picked, loved and recommended items. Stop by regularly and see what’s available or stop by when you know exactly what you’re looking for and want to see what’s recommended in the category you’re interested in.


2 thoughts on “A Worthwhile Necessity, Disguised as a Luxury

  1. Ran across a copper all clad 3qt sauce pot at TJ Maxx 2 weeks ago and so badly wanted to purchase it but I really don’t need that size…it sure was beautiful though!

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