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Personal online wardrobe styling services available no matter where your closet is located.

*Endless Options

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Style Background:

Every day on The Simply Luxurious Life blog I demonstrate how to dress stylishly on an everyday budget. I understand the frustrations of women of all ages – teenagers to women who have retired from their first career and our beginning their second dream lifestyle – because I work with them in the classroom, spend time with them in my personal life, communicate with them regularly on the blog, and have struggled myself until finally I found my signature style.

I’ve attended New York Fashion Week, interviewed designers and authors who have written about fashion, style and capsule wardrobes, and continue to stay abreast of the trends each season, enabling me to discern what is worth spending hard earned money on and what is not. I’ve learned through trial and error and a lot of wasted money that quality is better than quantity, and thus, living and dressing luxuriously is possible if you narrow down what you need, respect and appreciate the body that you have, become a savvy shopper and live every day conscious of your spending habits.

Styling Services:

a la Carte – $50/outfit


  • Top, bottom (or dress), shoes, jewelry/accessories/scarf and handbag
  • 1 edit
  • visual outfit composite (as seen below)
  • links to all items to buy at your leisure

Custom Capsule Wardrobe -$400


  • 10 outfits
  • 10-15 basic items (tops, bottoms, dresses)
  • Additional accessories (coats, jewelry, handbag, shoes, special occasion dresses, camisoles, scarves)
  • 2 edits for each outfit
  • visual outfit composite for each outfit
  • links to items to buy at your leisure
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*Not sure what a Capsule Wardrobe is?  

Click here to read my post “Why Not . . . Build a Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget?” which explains what, why and how to create a capsule wardrobe.

*View an example of my very own capsule wardrobe here in “Why Not . . .Create Your Own Style Commandments?” 

*Before you begin adding new items to your wardrobe, are you wanting to organize your closet and see what you have that you can include in your capsule wardrobe? Read a step by step guide on how to organize your closet here .

*What to be your own stylist? Visit TSLL SHOP page where I’ve gathered high and low priced items to make up your essential items capsule wardrobe (fall & spring) and timeless accessories, shoes and outerwear.

*Sign-up for TSLL Season Shopping Newsletter that is sent twice a year (September 1st & March 1st). Full of hand-picked items to help you navigate which season’s trends to splurge and save on. View a sample here. (Subscribe here)

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How to Hire Me As Your Stylist:

~TSLL Styling Service is currently on hiatus until further notice (as of 3/26/2016). In the meantime, TSLL Shop has been updated with specific essential items for spring and fall updated each season. Be sure to shop and sign up for the season shopping guide which is released each year on September 1st and April 1st.

Due to high-demand and balancing my writing, teaching and travel schedule, I will be accepting a limited number of clients for the month of August & September each year to style Fall Capsule Wardrobes (or spring for my South Hemisphere readers). Currently, clients can begin emailing me on Saturday June 20th to secure their spot. Only 12 spots will be available for 2015. In order to secure your spot, a 50% deposit will be due.

When TSLL Styling Services resume, the dates for when the window to reserve your styling session will open will be announced in the spring via TSLL weekly newsletter, so be sure to sign-up in order to be the first to know.

When the date is announced . . .

  1. Email me at, tell me about the outfit(s) or wardrobe (fall or spring) your are seeking. You will then be given the first available spot. Due to limited availability, spots will be reserved based on first-emailed, first-reserved with a waiting list in case of cancellations.
  2. Upon TSLL receiving your request, you will receive a personal email from Shannon Ables confirming availability.
  3. Once a date has been confirmed, a deposit of 50% of the total cost is due (an invoice from Paypal will be sent to you). The remainder will be paid when the styling session is complete. (If deposit is not made within a week of securing a spot, your spot will be made available to other clients on the waiting list.)
  4. Create and complete a Client Profile (see below) prior to scheduled styling session start date (email to the above address).

Create a Client Profile:

~Gather the following information to help create an accurate client profile:

  1. 2 full body photos (front & profile)
  2. approximate budget (keeping in mind client will be purchasing items at their leisure)
  3. measurements (bust, height, waist, inseam, hip)
  4. sizes (shoe, top, jeans, skirt, dresses)
  5. describe your lifestyle (hobbies, work responsibilities, leisure time activities, etc)
  6. for what occasion will the outfit(s) be worn
  7. describe the climate you live and/or work
  8. preferences (shoe height, neckline, hemline, earrings, belts, jewelry, etc)
  9. skin tone
  10. style icons you look to for inspiration
  11. any other information you think may be helpful

~Once we begin the styling session:

    • Allow two days for each outfit
    • 1 week for 1st draft of entire (10 outfit) capsule wardrobe

~Click here for a printable version of the Client Profile list.

What the Client Will Receive Upon Completed Styling Session:

  • A wardrobe/outfit that will help you look your best, the ability to purchase when you are able and the opportunity to be the confident woman you’ve always been.
  • Visual composites of each outfit
  • Links to each item (with their size available at the time of our session)
  • 1-2 edits on each outfit depending on the service ordered
  • Answers to any follow-up questions concerning the outfit/wardrobe
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When you’re ready to begin, email me at


Custom illustration created exclusively for TSLL by Inslee by Design

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“The capsule wardrobe service was excellent. Shannon has the innate ability to understand the customer’s needs. She gave me so many great ideas and created a beautiful set of clothes for and outfits for me to wear all season long. I love her style and she really listened to my particular needs. She has taught me so much about fashion and simplicity. Seeing my new wardrobe has made me see clothes differently. I don’t need a lot of clothes in my closet just a few good quality clothes that I love! I love the way that Shannon mixed and matched my outfits and added the perfect accessories. Who knew what a great pair of earrings and a cashmere sweater could do! Thanks Shannon! I will be contacting you for my Spring wardrobe!” –Lynette (California)

“Shannon is a fantastic communicator. She gave detailed suggestions on how to style the outfits and answered every question I had. She worked with me easily on editing the accessories of my outfit – presenting me with options that were still of good quality, but slightly less expensive. The outfit she styled for me will be flattering to my figure and coloring, as well as stylish. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience. I look forward to having her style another outfit for me in the future.” –Emma (Tennessee)

“I loved how Shannon really understood my style, listened to my lifestyle needs, and got me out of my box a little. It felt like shopping with a good friend, pointing out things they know you’d love as well as things they know you wouldn’t normally consider for yourself but end up loving. It’s always great to get online shopping help, and her help is top notch. She is a quality person and shows in everything she does.” –Rose (Australia)

“TSLL styling services are highly recommended. Even though Shannon and I have never met, she was able to put together a finely-tuned, coordinated collection that feels highly personalized. Many of the items she chose are just what I would have selected, if I’d had the time and the industry knowledge. She also suggested pieces I wouldn’t have considered on my own, but which turned out to be fantastic. I’ve already purchased several items, and look forward to more shopping. Shannon is positive, professional, and responsive–a pleasure to work with. The whole thing was an extremely enjoyable experience.” -Deborah (United States)