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Oct 19, 2016

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As someone who likes routine, I have implemented many different ones into my personal life (grocery shopping on Sundays, balancing the budget on the first day of the month, etc.), teaching practices (certain days of the week, certain activities will occur like clockwork) and here on TSLL blog (the weekly schedule of posts is located here under FAQ).

While I do enjoy spontaneity and unexpected jaunts and journeys, I find that having a routine allows more of these memorable moments to occur, ironic as that may sound. And so, it was with this in mind that I wanted to create a destination here on TSLL blog where you would know exactly where to find what you were looking for to not only save yourself time and have a more enjoyable experience, but to open up the opportunity of exploring something you may not have expected but that all of a sudden captured your eye.

The layout of the homepage of the new TSLL is organized so that you can easily locate the post, the topic and the information you are seeking no matter when you might have the time to visit.

Here is everything you will need to know to navigate the homepage:

~The most recent podcast and link to the show notes will be seen just below the largest image at the top of the homepage (the most recent post). Simply click on the linked title next to “Current Episode”, and you will be immediately directed to the full post with the show notes.

~The top image, just below the header, will be the most recent post that has gone live (unless it is a podcast).

~The two images side by beside below the podcast will be the 2nd and 3rd most recent posts.

~Permanent Homes of Categories on the Homepage. I am so excited about this addition to the blog’s design:

  • For the most recent Style Inspiration post, you will always find it just below the 2nd and 3rd most recent.
  • Just below Style Inspiration’s permanent home is the most recent This & That so you can always be in-the-know of what is going on, what’s new and available or premiering throughout the current week.
  • Next, you will see a row of three posts. All of these will always be the three most recent Lifestyle posts as you look for inspiration and ideas throughout the week.
  • Moving on down, two large posts will be placed side by side: on the left, the most recent Petite Post (just like this one), and on the right, for my travelers and lovers of Bend, Oregon, the most recent Bend, Sweet Bend post.
  • The “Weekly Finds” that used to be in the right-hand column has moved to just below the permanent Petite Post and Bend, Sweet Bend spots. You will find a scroll of finds from books, clothing, shoes, decor and kitchen items updated weekly. Simply click and shop.
  • And the final two permanent category locations are just below the “Weekly Finds”: the most recent French-Inspired post (on the left) and the most recent Recipe (on the right).

Below these permanent locations, the most recent posts (4th through 10th) will be shown, so you can be sure to stay caught up and remain in the known.

The last visual you will see just above the French blue footer is a scroll of the most recent Instagram images. By the end of the week, you will be able to click on any of the images and be taken to IG to view the comments and read each post’s text.

Another helpful aspect is the clickability of the blog. On each post on the homepage, you can either click on the title and go directly to the post or click on the category title and be taken to that category’s page to view all of the content published on that topic.

Two last details to point out:

  • Signing up for either the daily emails which send you a preview of the most recent post or the weekly newsletter (which arrives each Friday and includes all of the posts and episodes from the week, as well as an extra dose of inspiration) is available in the upper left-hand corner of the blog. Simply click on “Sign up for TSLL Newsletters” and choose the newsletter you would like to sign up for. As there are four available, currently, you have to sign up for each individually. However, we are working to simplify this process.
  • The Simply Luxurious Life Accoutrements: Just below the permanent Style Inspiration post, you will see on the right-hand side a scrolling window with the three items designed exclusively with TSLL illustrations: TSLL Notepads, TSLL Planner Pages and the Capsule Menu Weekly Planner notepads.

Most importantly, enjoy stopping by. It is my hope that you will be inspired to live your very own simply luxurious life each and every day and have confidence in knowing you have a destination that will always offer endless inspiration anytime you wish to drop in.


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