9 Non-Traditional Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Wednesday February 13, 2019

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And while there are many traditional ways to celebrate La Saint Valentin, there are also many ways to get in our own way negating the potential to have an awesome day of appreciation and sincere love being felt and expressed.

Part of the reason Valentine’s Day is loathed by some is that either they have had their expectations dashed in the past, focus intently on only one way that it can be enjoyed or errantly believe it is a day only for those in a romantic relationship.

I will attest from my own experience, it is the individual, ourselves, and our approach to the day that will make all the difference. Having had some horrific Valentine’s Days when I have been in relationships, as well as some memorable ones, I have also had equally awesome Valentine’s Days on my own. And it has been the ones enjoyed on my own that have revealed to me what a gift Valentine’s Day can be each year no matter what my relationship status.

It all begins with letting go of what we think, or what society purports, Valentine’s Day should be.

So today I would like to share nine non-traditional ways to celebrate and most enjoy, Valentine’s Day to hopefully spark a few ideas to help you design a most enjoyable day of love and affection for the life you are living.

1.Deliver Thank Yous or “thinking of you” Cards

When we welcome and appreciate the love that is currently in our lives in all of its forms — from neighbors who strengthen our community, friends who are there in good and bad times, work acquaintances or partners whose work we respect and who respect ours — we are practicing mindfulness.

By writing a note, it need not be a Valentine, we show appreciation for people who may not always know we are thankful for being in our lives in small or large ways.

2. Extend the Love to Yourself

Without expecting others to give, when we give to ourselves, we are practicing self-care. Perhaps it is something as simple as treating yourself to something you would not normally, or maybe it is scheduling a favorite spa appointment to indulge in relaxation that would calm your being and lift your spirits.

3. Celebrated Valentine’s Day Every Day of the Year

Two years ago I wrote a post full of ideas to celebrate this annual love holiday year-round. Have a look here.

4. Treat Yourself to Luxurious Lingerie

Discover more than a few reasons why we should be buying lingerie for ourselves first and foremost in this post.

5. Host or Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

In Seattle, such an event is available for guests to enjoy an interactive comedy, murder mystery night as well as enjoy dinner. Or perhaps you want to host a murder mystery dinner.

6. Bring your Favorite Restaurant Meal Home

Restaurants are often booked well in advance for Valentine’s Day or the closest Saturday that falls near February 14th, and since the majority of the time, it will fall on a weeknight, order from your favorite sit-down restaurant, pick it up and pair with a delicious bottle of your favorite wine.

7. Let Go And Celebrate Just Because

The argument each year will undoubtedly arise, Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday. In fact, there is much truth to this as there is great revenue to be made by certain businesses during this time of year; however, I would argue that celebrating love is a worthwhile investment. So why not celebrate what you love about your life? Show appreciation in your own way for all that is going well, all that could be worse and all that has potential to be grand?

8. Watch a Film that Celebrates Where You Are on Your Journey with Romance

If you are single and celebrating – watch A Five Star Life.

If you are coupled and celebrating — watch Leap Year

If you are happy with your life and open to love — watch Home Again (scroll to the bottom of the post or skip to the end of the episode for my review)

If you are celebrating a love that is a memory, but a beautiful memory you wish to celebrate — watch Last Love (scroll to the bottom fo the post or skip to the end episode for my review)

9. Begin the Day with Something Lovely

Perhaps your day will begin with breakfast in bed, perhaps it will involve time with your love, perhaps it will begin with a special breakfast you don’t often treat yourself to, perhaps it will involve a stop at your favorite patisserie or boulangerie meet a friend for a lovely toast to the beautiful day to come over a hot cuppa and something warm to nibble on. Whatever your “lovely” inclusion is, may it be of your choice and savor, savor, savor.

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to tomorrow. I will be waking up to read a Valentine’s Day card or two that I have been waiting to read until the day of love arrives (okay, too cheesy?), and continue through my day appreciating all that is going well. Of course, a delicious meal will be enjoyed, and then I will remind myself to welcome each day the love that is being genuinely presented to me. Because after all, Valentine’s Day, a reminder to express and show love, need not be reserved for one day of the year.


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17 thoughts on “9 Non-Traditional Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Lovely ideas! With regard to the cards, I always thought it was fun how Julia child sent out Valentine’s cards instead of Christmas cards.

    Tomorrow friends and I are looking forward to going urban sketching together and drawing a few of the beautiful Valentine’s Day themed shop windows.

  2. Wonderful ideas. There are many Valentine’s “haters” out there, but I’ve never seen the harm in taking a day to show your loved ones how much you care. My husband and I always avoid the restaurant scene and instead cook a nice steak at home with a lovely bottle of wine and grand marnier soufflés for dessert. He gives me a new luxurious candle every year, which I always look forward to! By the way, I just discovered your blog and podcast, and I am absolutely loving it!!

  3. My roommate & I once had a Valentine’s Day party. All participants were single. As each one left, they were handed a foil-wrapped date (“Date”) to put under their pillow that night.

  4. These are good ideas. We think alike, yesterday I sent Thinking of you notes and cards to elderly friends and tomorrow I will take homemade Valentine cookies and a bouquet of daffodils to three friends. I will come home for my tea.

  5. Lovely ideas Shannon. I have never been a red roses /chocolate person . I agree that showing love and appreciation should be demonstrated over the 365 days not just on the 14th. We never go out on the 14th as I prefer to prepare a delicious meal with my husband’s involvement with the menu ( there’s always a chocolate dessert and pink champagne) and he takes care of the wines and the washing up. We enjoyed a brisk walk in the cold air to start the day and when we returned he presented me with a beautiful bouquet with flowers from our garden Lots of Camellias and greenery. I phoned my brother and one of our sons who is single. It was a fabulous day with lovely food ,love and attention . Hope you had a lovely day too. xx

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