A Valentine’s Day Reminder
Thursday February 14, 2013

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There can be a mixture of angst, excitement, pressure, expectation, hope as well as dread on this consumer holiday Valentine’s Day. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not, all of these feelings have the potential to be felt. Much like New Year’s Eve, I find Valentine’s Day to be an unnecessary, but well-intentioned holiday. After all, why wouldn’t we want to fill the world with more love and celebration?

No matter where Valentine’s Day finds you, why not choose to spend some time today doing something you enjoy, something you love, something that causes you to lose all track of time? Perhaps that will involve spending time with a loved one, a good friend or treating yourself to some time at your favorite cafe for a latte. Maybe you’d prefer nothing more than an hour to stop into your favorite boutique or spare time to dive into a favorite book? Or possibly your preference is to give attention and love to people or pets who would adore a bit of your time? No matter what you choose, do something you love, celebrate the goodness that already exists in your life, and you’re more likely to attract more of it in the days to come.

Most importantly, I hope you have a wonderful “Love” day however you choose to spend it, and may the following 364 days be just as splendid. How will I be spending my Valentine’s Day you may be wondering? Perhaps watching a scintillating new episode of Scandal, reading Marilyn Yalom’s How the French Invented Love which is sitting on my bedstand waiting to be read or taking my spaniels on an extra walk. Regardless, it will be spent exactly as I please, as should your Valentine’s Day. Au revoir!

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line…” -Lucille Ball


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One thought on “A Valentine’s Day Reminder

  1. What a stunning dress.
    I used Valentine’s Day to put a few more romantic touches to my day that on other days might feel a bit ‘cheesy’. I made a special dinner ending with a mango mousse molded in a heart shape tin, and all the best silver and glass. I read a beautiful poem to my man, and instead of heading back to my desk to do abit more work, we sat on the couch together chatting.
    There is always lots of love in our house, but sometimes you need the ‘permission’ of a special date on the calender to make an extra special effort.

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