14 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day: Single or Coupled
Tuesday February 14, 2012

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Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday, but if nothing else, it is something to be thankful for simply because it celebrates what we all could use more of in our lives – love.

So whether you are single or coupled, be reminded that any of these suggestions could be practiced any day of the year because after all, the lives we design for ourselves should be celebrated, reveled in and thoroughly enjoyed.

1. Dinner at home by a cozy fire – cliché? Maybe, but there is something about tuning out the rest of the world, turning off the television and focusing solely on the moment in the middle of week. Rare, therefore, special.

2. Deliver a simple card and your recipient’s favorite candy to their door as a surprise.  It’s simple, and it’s always nice to brighten someone’s day.

3. Coupled or Single – Treat yourself to Italian or French lingerie. If you’ve never felt it against your skin, you will be amazed at the difference. Absolutely luxuriously soft, so why not make it an annual tradition, and after a few years, you’ll have an impressive lingerie drawer.

4. High and Low – Pair an exquisite bottle of red wine with hamburgers from your favorite take-out place.  Casual, yet special at the same time.

5. Pamper yourself. Whether it’s stopping at your favorite coffee house on your way to work, renting your favorite movie, dropping by your favorite boutique, splurging on a pedicure or purchasing a bundle of flowers and arranging them for your desk at home – treat yourself and allow yourself to feel special . . . because you are.

6. Coupled or Single – take a bath. Grab a glass of wine, add some lovely lavender bubbles, perhaps a candle or two and just melt.

7. Say it with a hand-written note on beautiful stationary. One of my favorite shops to find exactly what I need to express my feelings and appreciation – Obliation: Papers & Press.

8. Croissants in bed.

9. Make your dog’s day – take them for a lovely long walk. Experiences after all, are so much better than physical gifts.

10. Send a loved one a book that reminds you of them when you read it.

11. A glass of hot tea before bed served in your favorite and most decadent tea cup, paired with a decadent truffle. My favorite truffles can now be shipped!

12. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to revel in the feelings of your love for life.

13. Dress well and look your best.  You never know who is secretly admiring you.

14. Realize that love is something that in order to receive you must give, and it doesn’t always arrive when you would like it to.

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Simply Luxurious Life.

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8 thoughts on “14 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day: Single or Coupled

  1. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU WITH LOVE. Beautiful post as always!!! It’s cloudy, and little misty, and chillllly in Charleston, S.C. today. Great morning for Hot chocolate-fire in the fireplace-music playing throughout house. Oh and a few candels lit as well. xoxo

  2. This is the first time I’m commenting on your blog but admittedly, you’ve been a huge source of inspiration for months. I read your blog every morning before I leave for work. It starts my day off on the right foot and always gives me a strong sense of self. Your writing has this wonderfully calming effect. Its like this massive How To Guide for women. Is it odd that you give me confidence and yet we’ve never met? I suppose it is but either way, you’ve made an impact on my daily life.

    On any note, I just wanted to (finally) say thank you, and also wish you a happy valentines day. May you spend it spreading love to all those in need of it.


  3. Two weeks ago I found your blog and today I have finally finishing reading every single blog post you have ever posted. It has been an absolutle pleasure reading all your post as your blog is my absolute favourite to read every day. Thank you for all your inspirational posts, I have enjoyed them immensley and look forward to all your future posts. Every month I do an inspirational post on my blog so I hope that I can get you to feature in one of them (will get in touch with you soon reguarding that).

    Thank you again & have a beautiful week =)

    Mia xoxo

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