Why Not . . . Invest in Signature Stationery?
Wednesday February 15, 2012

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Recently, comedian and actress Ali Wentworth was the spotlight of an article found in Town & Country’s February 2012 issue titled “The Wisdom of Muffie” in which she speaks about a handful of lessons she attributes to her mother.  And one that caught my attention at that particular moment was that she continues to have her own personalized stationery which was revealed in an anecdote involving former President Richard Nixon.

With her new memoir titled Ali in Wonderland, I began to contemplate the power of something so simple as signature stationery regardless of whether you are dining with former heads of states, and this is what I came up with.

Says Much More Than a Gift

As an invited guest, a hostess gift is usually expected, but there is something quite genuine and heartfelt about receiving a mailed letter (which reveals forethought and thoughtfulness) after the event has passed. Sending a note of thanks isn’t seen as often these days, and usually is very well received.

Anytime is Okay

Always having personalized stationery at the ready is perfect for those moments when someone pops into your mind just because.  Why not take a few minutes and jot down a sweet note.  A very simple luxury to give someone else is an unexpected thoughtful note that expresses what they mean to you.

A Necessary Accessory

Just like the watch you wear everyday or the earrings you can’t go out the door with, personalized stationery reveals a great deal about your taste and personality, so choose wisely.  Whether it is very traditional white folded notecards with your initials engraved on the top or postcards you pick up randomly, choose something that speaks to you, because it will certainly speak to the recipient.

People Want to Feel Appreciated

The power of note far surpasses that of a gift because you are revealing a bit of yourself, but more importantly, you are telling someone else that what they did, or how they behaved was appreciated.  Ultimately, as humans, we want to feel needed and that our lives matter, so lift someone’s spirit this week and take the time to say thank you, I was thinking of you, or simply hello, I don’t know where I would be without you. You’d be surprised at how much this may lift their mood no matter what type of day they are having.

Aside from mailing personalized notes, shopping for just the perfect set is almost as fun. Take the time to peruse websites, stationery stores or design your own, and remember to make a note of where you purchased it so that you can return when you run out.

{Tips and resources for stationery and how to write the perfect thank you note:}

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*My favorite place to buy stationery in Portland, Oregon and now online – Obliation: Papers & Press

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7 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Invest in Signature Stationery?

  1. It’s the one thing I miss so much since living in Spain; decent stationery shops. There’s nothing here. I know you can buy from many places on-line, but I so love walking though a shop and touching, feeling and smelling the paper 😉 One thing I am looking forward to about returning to the UK later this year 😉

  2. Paper is a traditional 1 year anniversary gift. My husband and I had a ball shopping for our personalized stationary during the weekend of our first anniversary. We use it often and people always say the love it.

  3. I just found your blog and love it. Would you share the artist name and contact info who designed your logo. I have a cavalier king charles spaniel and would love some custom stationery. Thank you so much for sharing her information.
    Jennifer wilhite grissom

    1. Jennifer, Great question. For all the information you requested, click on About in the menu bar and scroll down to Illustrator. You will find all contact info there. If you have any other questions, let me know!

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