15: 7 Components to Building Your Signature Style (a top episode from Season 1)
Monday June 22, 2020

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Building our signature style takes time. As well, it evolves. While some components – the best color tone for our skin, hair and eye color – may remain the same, the fit, the lengths, the necklines, as well as styles we discover and wish to welcome into our wardrobe will change.

Over the years, as you can see above, my dress length has gone from just above the knee to midi length being now my favorite go-to. While I do love wearing dresses, you are just as likely to see me in denim jeans and a button-up shirt, or a camisole and blazer with either heels or flats. Having options is wonderful, and cultivating our closets to offer these options takes time.

Thankfully, as we learn more about ourselves, the lifestyle we enjoy living (something that changes as well as the chapters of our lives continue to unfold) the decision-making becomes easier. All of this is to say, that while we may be shopping less often as what we have in our wardrobe is made well and lasts for many years, we also know when we come across something that will fit perfectly for our way of living and can snatch it up (if it is in our budget at the moment) without giving it much thought. The clarity of time and knowledge about ourselves is exceptionally helpful which is one component that will be discussed in today’s episode.

Today’s podcast episode is a top episode from Season One of The Simple Sophisticate which shares in detail the seven components to building your own signature style. My first book dives into this far more and my second book focuses with great detail on cultivating effortless style, so be sure to check those out if this topic piques your interest.

View the original Show Notes for episode 2015 here.

As promised, below are the linen dresses Ralph Lauren currently has available.


Images: (1) Danielle Fichera resort collection 2019; (2) & (3) DVF.

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9 thoughts on “15: 7 Components to Building Your Signature Style (a top episode from Season 1)

  1. Nothing wrong with any of those looks, gorgeous girl! ? And thanks for the refresher, it’s always good to go back and remind oneself of one’s own personal style building blocks. (SUCH good stuff in your archives…) XOXO

  2. Greetings, Shannon! You are very close to the ages of my two grown daughters, so I identify with you as a young woman who grew up in their eras.

    A question I have is about color and the idea that some colors enhance a person’s face while others can have a negative effect. Have you ever addressed the color science of seasonal palettes?

  3. Hi Shannon.

    If you take your blue and white summer shirt dress and put a different belt on it, it will give you a completely different feel.

    Your the best…. thank you for everything you give all of us who follow you…

  4. I love the high- Low tip. I mean Sharon Stone was in the news for weeks when she wore a plain gap tee-shirt to the 1996 Oscars and then again with a Vera Wang skirt. https://www.bustle.com/articles/65581-7-iconic-oscar-outfits-that-broke-the-rules-on-the-red-carpet

    I pair my Ann Taylor pencil skirts with character/movie t-shirts all the time. Today I’m in a striped Ann Taylor skirt with my Jurassic Park skirt and the color that connects them is red. It’s fun and appropriate for work all at the same time. If i needed to go to a meeting a black blazer or sport coat my Jessica Simpson patent wedges and I’m ready.

    Loving the podcasts and the books!

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