Why Not . . . Simplify Your Life? Part Trois
Wednesday June 9, 2010

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The third part in the Simplify Your Life series is a bookend to the two previous week’s five suggestions (Part I & Part II).  Doesn’t eliminating all of the excess and the unnecessary clutter allow for more clarity, more freedom, and more time?  I find myself less burdened with those things that I used to keep putting off, but know I needed to do – finding a place for clothes I didn’t wear anymore, wondering where to place those things in an overcrowded garage.  Cleaning out my clothes and my garage has revealed a lovely sight to look at, and I find I don’t miss a thing I have tossed.  Funny how that works.

If you have read the two previous segments, you are aware that by simplifying we are not just talking about editing our lives of material items.  Relationships too need to be cleaned up, our driving, our thinking and our direction.  Have a look at the final five suggestions on how to bring more simplicity, thus more serenity, into your life.

Don’t Answer the Phone

After your professional day has come to an end, let the phone ring.  There is a reason for voicemail.  By controlling when you respond to people’s demands, you are placing boundaries around your time.  You are respecting yourself.  The reality in doing this is that often a handful of the callers will answer their own questions with time. I can recall several instances where I chose not to answer the phone, and low and behold, they either discovered what they were after on their own (given time) or they sought someone else. As we know, sometimes people act before they think things through.

Stop Banging Your Head Against A Wall

Keep in mind there is a difference between hard work which produces amazing results and the advice I’m suggesting.  What I am referring to are those times where we too often continually try something, again and again, hoping for a different result (ala the definition of insanity).  When in reality, we either need to try something different or go a different route.  This could be in reference to relationships, a business situation, a do-it-yourself project, or any endeavor that is causing an immense amount of frustration.  Evaluate your life and see if there is anything that you’ve been continually doing expecting a new and wondrous outcome only to become more and more fraught with anger. You might want to consider abandoning it and channeling your good intentions elsewhere.

Enjoy the Sunset

In other words, appreciate those dazzling wonders that we take for granted every day.  Slow down, take your honey out on the porch and just soak everything in.  Find this time. Slow down. Eliminate the unnecessary, so that you can cherish the unimaginable.

Let Go of Unwanted Duties

There are times when we take on responsibilities – member of the PTA, volunteer at the shelter, go-to person extraordinaire solely because we “think” we should, not because we genuinely want to.  Let go.  Let someone who passionately wants this position have it, so that you can pursue what you do want to throw yourself into. Stop “shoulding” and start following your heart.

Be True To You

Stop pretending to live the life you think you should (there’s that word again), and live the life that calms your soul.  The life that lets you sleep through the night without having your conscious berating you to death.  Instead of trying to let others be comfortable with us, why not be comfortable with yourselves. Other people have their own lives to live, live yours.  That’s hard enough work as it is and so much easier when you are following your own internal compass. Out of curiosity, what would you change in your life right now if you were being true to yourself?  Something to think about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of suggestions to try to create a more simplified life.  I am constantly trying to trim and edit my own life so that I have more room for those things that bring beauty and comfort.

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16 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Simplify Your Life? Part Trois

  1. Hi Missy.
    I see the typo of honey for money.
    Is cute 🙂
    Hmmmm, nest/next topic. another typo nest for next!!
    I must admit that I would love to see photos of your garden, things around your town. and photos of favorite things in your own sweet home.
    These are things that you are proud of and things that you enjoy and that give you pleasure.
    Sincerely, \Finds

  2. oh darling -i LOVE this!!! – i love when people get intune with themseleves, discover who they TRUELY are, and accept it and ROAR with engery!!! .. it’s really the best policy! .. follow what your heart, mind, and soul wants – and you can never go wrong! – ever!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. Hi Again!:)))
    My project or question for today…is transportation…… a really good car would simplify my/our life.
    I think that leasing a car makes sense. Have you ever leased a car and if so how did you like it?
    Have you ever had a favorite car?
    Do you name your cars?
    Have a wonderful day:)

  4. Yes, I truly enjoyed all the three parts of “Why not… simplify your life”. In today’s post I favored the last suggestions, which is actually the one we all already should follow, but in reality just a few do. Until now I was a person who was always concerned about how other people think of me and I always tried to please other people, started by my own family. Now I took a time out to think about, what I want and who I am. I’m still in the process to figure it out, but I am on a good way and I already noticed that I started to listen to my own mind and heart and less to the voices of other people in my head and around me! It feels so much better! ^^

    xoxo Sandra

  5. Finds – Love questions! Okay, here we go. I have never leased a car, I have only bought used cars (or pre-owned cars =) ).
    I’m not a big car as status symbol person. I just want a vehicle that is dependable, good gas mileage and fits my lifestyle. I don’t name my cars anymore, but I did when I was a teenager. My favorite is the one I have now – a little RAV4 – perfect for what I need. Best of luck on your upcoming car shopping trips.

  6. Sandra – thanks for sharing your journey through this. Being true to ourselves is easy to say we’re doing, but in actuality is a conscious choice every day – some days are easier than others. Your family means well, they are simply wanting you to be happy in the way they understand, something not to fault, but in your recognizing that it is not for you, hopefully they will eventually realize you are finding your happiness. Always good to hear from you. =)

  7. Reading this post lifted my spirits today, as I am feeling down in the dumps and a tad bit sad. I’m glad I was able to find inspiration in your words of wisdom. Thank you! 🙂

  8. I am so loving this post – it is so true, everything you pointed out!! We so need to always keep in mind that happiness comes in so many ways and you have to live life on your own terms…


  9. I love love love this post! Everything you write is what I’m aspiring to do lately–just letting go of anything and everything that doesn’t serve my happiness. Thank you for putting so much thoughfulness into this.

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Excellent suggestions…your blog is really changing the way I see things and my life.

    Luxury is a state of mind…I never knew!

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