Why Not . . . Simplify Your Life?
Wednesday May 26, 2010

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One of the reasons I came upon the name The Simply Luxurious Life is because I truly believe that less is more, and quality must supersede quantity.   One item of luxury doesn’t need any adornment.  It simply draws attention completely on its own.

With this in mind, why not bring a bit of simplicity into your life?  With the help of Elaine St. James’ international best seller Simplify Your Life, I’ve hand picked a few of my favorites and meshed them together with my own ideas.   These are the first five ideas in a three week series.  So if you like what you see, be sure to stop back by next Wednesday.  I’ll be curious to know what resonates with you, what you are going to try and what would be to0 impossible to attempt.  Here we go!

Keep Only What You Use

If you haven’t used or worn it in a year, toss it.  The hardest part is the initial toss, but from there on out, you most likely won’t realize you removed it from your home.  Whether it’s clothing you have been promising yourself you will wear or gadgets in your kitchen cupboards, they are taking up space for what you really would put to good use. The unburdening of stuff is a de-stressor because when you aren’t looking at clutter, your mind is free to think about ideas and not the perpetual reminder of excess stuff that needs to be picked up.

Do What You Really Want to Do

In June’s issue of Vogue Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net-a-Porter, discusses how she made $76 million on an idea that ten years ago caused people to scoff. Women who want to buy designer clothes, what a concept! (written with sarcasm) Needless to say, today she is standing above an empire she has created based on knowing what women want.  (Click here to read a bit more, but unfortunately, you’ll have to pick up the issue to read Jonathan Becker’s entire article – if nothing else, read it in the grocery checkout line – page 160 – shh, don’t tell.) Needless to say, why not go forward toward your dream job.  Sure people will laugh, but if you put your earplugs in and strive forward, you’ll be the one laughing later because you’ll be spending your entire day doing what you love.

Plant an Herb Garden

Regardless of what four walls you inhabit, you can always bring a bit of the outside in, impress your dinner guests and eat a bit healthier.  There are a handful of ways to bring this idea to life: either a potted herb garden indoors on a window sill, just outside in a window box or create a sanctuary in your traditional garden reserved exclusively for herbs. All that is required – dirt, water and sun.  A few herbs to consider: basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, Italian parsley, mint, and sage. If nothing else, grow basil and a variation of parsley and you will save yourself money, as well as be stocked and ready to go when a delicious meal just needs that extra something. Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil is an easy appetizer or salad.

Get Up an Hour Earlier

Before you completely dismiss this idea, hear me out.  This extra hour in the morning is for you and only you. By giving yourself this extended period, you are setting a calm tone for the beginning of your day.  Even if you choose to workout with your hour, it is still a positive step to begin the day.  However, in order to be motivated to try this, make sure you do something that is a treat. For example, use the extra time to read your favorite blogs, enjoy more snuggle time, or grab a chair and greet the day. Hello sunshine!

Create Your Own Rituals

I end with the idea of creating a ritual because it ties in nicely with the fourth suggestion.  The type of ritual I speak of is something you can look forward to enjoying every day – time to read the newspaper, while sipping your morning dose of caffeine, and a puppy on the lap is even better.  So if you choose to add an extra hour to your morning, why not fill it with a ritual that you will look forward to each day.  Because while the events of your days aren’t always in your control, at least the time you carve out for something good is one thing that will have gone well each day.  Something to think about.
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17 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Simplify Your Life?

  1. I just started to realize 2, 4 and 5. I start my day at 6.30 with a big cup of coffee and my favorite blogs. At 7.30 I go for an hour walk with my dog, after comes a good shower and than I’m ready for the day. (Covered up 4 and 5). Number 2 I try to realize now. I started History studies a few years ago, because I didn’t knew better and thought this would be a good choice to please everyone who was expecting me to do something. Now I figured out what I really want to do. Half a year I spend thinking if I really should give up what I have right now. But what I have? Not much than a secure life. Though I take the risk and start to follow what I want. Tip number 3 I would love to do, but I’m not even sure if they have all the seems her in Brazil. But this is definitely an idea for later and number 1, hm, I try and I do much better already, but there are still some areas which are full of clutter.

    Love this post. It is really inspiring and made me think. Thanks! ^^

    xoxo Sandra

  2. i love it all! – i have my own herb garden and vegitable garden and fruit trees! – i totally have a routine .. and i’m somewhat good and throwing things away (well when i start throwing things away i just throw it ALL away, well give it to GoodWill really, i always think that someone else can use what i can’t .. ) …

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. I like how you combined luxury and simplicity in this post.
    This year I have planted my own herbs that are doing marvelously in my yard. I have even taken a step further and planted a small garden (something I’ve been actually dreading for a long time.) I am very surprised how fun it is to take care of my plants, to pick my own herbs or produce for meals and see my little guys changing day after day. Simple happiness that I was missing before.

  4. All such great ideas love! I just have to say that image of Mariah Carey’s closet is amazing. I did a post on it a while back and smile everytime I see it. The idea of waking up an hour earlier is a good one, but I have to work up the discipline!

  5. I’m struggling with #1 as we speak but the rest of them are great. I really am trying to excercize all the points you mentioned as I feel they really add to one’s happiness with life and self. Nice post.

  6. Hi Shannon. Your blog has been a revelation to me. I have just had my first baby and goodness knows I needed something to refresh me and boost my morale for all things beautiful and simple. This post has inspired me to take up a challenge to simplify my life. I have even written a blog post about my first challenge on my blog in order to document it. Thank you for the much needed inspiration.

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