While in New York City – Day Three
Monday September 10, 2012

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My final full day in New York City allowed me to catch my breath, but in a different vein, the city also took my breath away in a very good way.

It’s a funny thing how lessons take time to be learned. How you have to give yourself time to digest everything, really understand what you’re feeling and why, before ascertaining what it is you are gaining from experiences.  That is very much what I have been sorting out while here in Manhattan during New York Fashion Week.

You see, I am aware that The Simply Luxurious Life isn’t strictly a fashion blog. The Simply Luxurious Life is what you have come to know it to be – a lifestyle blog, and the aspect of fashion is a part of the grander puzzle of living a most fulfilling, stylish, lovely and delicious life. While fashion is a passion of mine, I have come to realize it is a large component of how we present ourselves to the world. I don’t believe fashion is who I am, or who you are, but it is the introduction of who we are to the people we meet in work and in life.

Knowing how to dress well, knowing how to navigate the trends, knowing what is worth your hard earned money and what will be available to you in the stores and why, is information that I want to arm you with so that you can make the best decisions for your life and present your best and most true selves to the world. We will always need to get dressed in the morning, so why not take pride in our appearance and dress well? It doesn’t require a mogul’s checking account balance to attain. With knowledge and a good eye, a quality wardrobe is possible for everyone. I truly believe that.

So with my first New York Fashion Week behind me, I am coming away more informed about the business that makes this grand circus necessary to our economy and lives, fascinating to those who’ve never been here and constantly changing right along with technology itself.

If you’ll trust me, I will continue to share what I believe it takes to build a quality wardrobe for your life. It may take time to build, but it will happen. Because I do believe our sartorial choices can play a significant role in feeling confident and being our best selves as we go about living our lives each and every day.

On another note, in between my aha moments, I enjoyed a rather luxurious day Monday as the sun was shining, not a cloud was in sight and I was fortunate to meet with two lovely ladies to bookend my day. Have a look at my third day in New York City.

~After beginning my day with a blowout at The Dry Bar at Le Parker Meridien, I had nearly an hour to do as I pleased before meeting with my literary agent, so I strolled through Central Park and found my way to a restful bench near the Bow Bridge. While built in 1862, it was officially named after the late first lady in 1994.  The track that encircles the 106 acre body of water is just over a mile and a half in length and was a favorite jogging route of Jackie O, as well as Bill Clinton and other well-known folks. After situating myself on one of the benches, I savored the view and a buttery croissant for a late breakfast. ~

~With the afternoon spent writing and updating the blog, I was excited to end the day meeting up with the Editor-in-Chief of JENESEQUA magazine – Melissa Middleton – at the Pearl Oyster Bar in the West Village. If you favor seafood – fresh seafood – you will love this quaint, cozy restaurant on quiet Cornelius Street situated just off of Bleeker. The lobster roll and spaghetti fries came highly recommended, so I heeded the advice. Paired with a glass of rose, I was not disappointed. With a homemade roll, paper-thin crispy fries and market fresh lobster that melted in my mouth, my appetite was perfectly satiated. ~
~So, after many rides in taxis these past three days, I take my final taxi ride to JFK to be whisked back into my regular routine in Oregon. I have been inspired, I have been moved, my eyes have been opened, and I can’t wait to return. Thank you to the city of New York and for all of those fellow bloggers, inspiring business women and designers who made this experience what it was – amazing and unforgettable.~
Images: (1)  Simply Luxurious (2) Simply Luxurious

2 thoughts on “While in New York City – Day Three

  1. Dear Shannon,

    Maybe some lessons indeed take time to be learned, but you are doing a wonderful job writing about fashion as a part of a lifestyle. What is special about your blog is that you have a real talent for navigating through all the existing trends and an ability to find the most important and interesting things. A lot of bloggers write about trends, but your way of covering fashion is so in tune with the rest of the topics at The Simply Luxurious Life that it’s a pleasure to read.
    Good luck to you:)

  2. Shannon,

    A great post. I am so glad that you enjoyed and savored every moment in the wondrous city! Thank you for your post daily, I so love your blog. As I have said before, you are my first read every morning. Keep up the great work.

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