Why Not . . . Accessorize Your Work Week?
Wednesday September 12, 2012

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Stylists and fashion gurus have long advised using accessories to complete an outfit. And there’s always a balance. You don’t want to be without any accessories at all (shoes, handbag, watch, etc), but you never want to wear too many pieces of jewelry or extra items as it detracts from the true beauty. After all, accessories are meant to accentuate what is already there.

With that said, choose to view the work week as your foundational wardrobe essentials. We all have a work week in one form or another, and we can either choose to let it take on a life of its own falling prey to its whims, or instead, we can choose to dictate how well-balanced and fulfilling it will be by accessorizing it each week with moments, activities, actions and thoughts that improve the quality no matter what the week at work has in store.

So as September continues to move along, and our lives begin to get back into a regular, busy routine, try to remember to always include a few accessories to look forward to and enjoy each and every week.

Below are a few examples of accessories you might want to consider sprucing up your week with:

1. Attend a fitness class led by your favorite pilates/yoga/cycling instructor

2. Buy ingredients for your favorite meal and schedule a particular day to sit down and enjoy it with your favorite drink of choice and company (alone or with someone)

3. Sip luxurious coffee and/or tea

4. Schedule a pampering treatment – blow-out/manicure/pedicure/massage/etc

5. Go out to dinner in the middle of the week or on Friday to celebrate the end of the work week

6. Pick up your favorite magazine

7. Order a decadent cup of chocolat chaud at your favorite chocolatier/coffee/patisserie.
I just discovered another locale that serves homemade chocolate sauce and whip cream for the most ideal hot chocolate . . . Colville St.  Patisserie in Walla Walla, Washington (it honestly rivals Angelina’s in Paris).

8. Wear more dresses during the day and enjoy it!

9. If you don’t subscribe to a daily newspaper, pick up the newspaper on the day that contains your favorite weekly feature – style/food/science/etc

10. Carve out daily reading time

11. Have brunch with someone whose company you thoroughly enjoy or want to get to know better.

12. Before heading out the door, don’t forget your lips, lashes and concealer

13. DVR your favorite television program and watch it on your own time without interruption.

14. Read your kids a bedtime story.

15. Plan ahead and read your local entertainment/social section and attend an event – book signing/concert/wine tasting/film/happy hour with your significant other, good friend or on your own

16. Make a date to wander through a bookstore or meander through the magazine section

17. Keep a journal, and at the end of the day if you only write what went well and nothing else (even if it’s as small as I washed my hair) write it down. Choose to focus on what is working. The positive thoughts will uplift you and give more chances for increased energy, while the opposing idea depletes you and increases your stress.

18. Step outside and take a walk, play your favorite podcast and give the day’s stresses a break from wandering around in your mind.

19. Meditate, even if only for five minutes.

20. Include a few hugs and kisses in your day for those you love

21. Read a blog/website/articles/magazines/newspaper at some point each day or at least once a week that makes you feel good, that inspires you and that gives you hope and motivation.

22. And always my go-to simple luxury recommendation, enjoy a decadent truffle at the end of the day as reward for eating well and not indulging in dessert.

23. Allow yourself to indulge in dessert once to three times a week, but stick to one serving so that you don’t feel guilty afterwards.

Now, after you’ve tailor made your week to involve productivity but also pampering and indulgences, each week you will hopefully see an improvement in your mood and the quality of living each day. Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Accessorize Your Work Week?

  1. What a wonderful post. This proves that the little luxuries in life don’t cost much, if anything. Most of your tips can be done at home, if the budget is tight, with wonderful and sometimes better results (the mani/pedi and so on). Thank you for reminding us how uncomplicated and accessible beauty in daily life can be.

  2. Genuine question: how did you get so awesome? I love your posts! They’re my weekly delight and I love learning and considering what you write!

  3. I loved this post! I realized the other day how easily I get sucked in to the hustle and bustle of the week and often miss out on things that are simple and that would be great additions to a happy life. Great ideas!

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