While in New York City – Day Two
Monday September 10, 2012

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After a chaotic and unpredictable day of weather on Saturday, Sunday was the exact opposite – pleasant, beautiful and exactly what I’ve imagined on a brilliant sunny September day.

One of the many realizations I’ve discovered while drinking in all that I can possibly consume of New York City and having just seen two other amazing cities in a matter of weeks, is that each city is its own unique individual with strengths and opportunities for growth. New York is so utterly familiar even though I haven’t been here in years. The streets make sense when you’re walking from place to place, and the energy is intoxicating as everyone (even tourists) hustle up and down the streets.
As promised, let me take you through my second day in the city . . .

~Sunday is a perfect excuse for brunch no matter where you live, so while in New York City I made sure to take advantage and stop into one of the many fantastic brunch haunts. I had a wonderful first visit with Tiffani Rogers of Style by Tiffani at Sarabeth’s where we were fortunate to sit outside and bask in the morning sunshine and take in the view of Central Park South.~
~Then it was off to do a bit of shopping for luxurious essentials at Bloomingdale’s. Bergdorf Goodman’s was fabulous, beyond fabulous, but not in my budget this time around.~

~Time for my first fashion show of the trip where I hopped into a taxi to view Daniella Kallmeyer’s Spring 2013 collection on 31st street. Above was my favorite piece – a white leather pencil skirt. Click here to see all the images and the entire collection.~

~Famished, I decided to walk through Times Square, and then head to Grand Central Station to pick up a quick bite and enjoy a late lunch in Bryant Park which is just a few blocks away. If you look closely in the lower left-hand image, you can see the Chrysler building towering above Grand Central Station.~

~A perfect seat in Bryant Park (the previous location for Fashion Week). In the background you can see The Empire State building soaking in the Sunday sunshine along with all of the park goers.~

~Battery Park is on the same block as the New York Public Library. What a perfect pairing!~

~After a quick change of clothes, it was off to meet jewelry designer Michele Gramesty and founder of The Mish Dish at the rooftop lounge above The Peninsula Hotel. View from the rooftop of The Peninsula Hotel in the Salon de Ning on 55th and 5th, looking downtown 5th Avenue.~
Images:  all  images taken by Simply Luxurious

3 thoughts on “While in New York City – Day Two

  1. I sincerely love your blog, and am enjoying seeing all the sites you experience. But, I feel I must tell you that what you are referring to as Battery Park, is actually Bryant Park. Battery park is downtown and west of where you were. As a New Yorker, I just think the correct site should be used, especially if fellow readers want to visit NYC and use your blog as possible travel guides. Otherwise, so glad you are enjoying your trip & love that you are documenting it all!

    1. Anonymous – Thank you for catching this error. The disappointing thing is that I knew which park it was because I had to straighten it out by confirming it with someone else prior to my post, and yet my fingers did their own thing. I appreciate your editing – truly. Thank you.

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