The Sweet Arrival of Summer: 11 Things To Savor
Wednesday June 23, 2021

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The hardest thing to do in the world for each of us is something we’ve never done.

Not exactly the words you would expect to begin the summer season, but with the arrival of this Summer of 2021, simply witnessing the season of heat, growth in the garden, linen clothing and escapes to favorite leisurely getaways and destinations calling our curiosity is to know we have made it through something incredibly difficult. No, the pandemic is not entirely over, and vigilance is important, but we’ve made incredibly positive strides. Seeing summer with the freedom to go about our lives outside of our homes is something to celebrate, so why don’t we? And what better season to celebrate in than summer?

With all of that said, my celebrations will be savoring the simple things this summer season, activities and pastimes not enjoyed last year. I will be staying in Bend this summer, saving for extended travel in 2022 and I must admit, I am actually relieved to know I will be doing so, enjoying a slow pace but with all of the activities I so missed last summer. I’d like to share 11 of these activities and pastimes to savor with you today. Let’s take a look.

1. Visiting nearby gardens open to the public, garden tours and generally just gawking in awe at gardens of towns visited during day or weekend getaways.

The below Lilies were found in Portland yesterday, stopping me immediately upon spying them during our walk about the neighborhoods.

2. Creating a cozy nook on the front porch to watch, and listen and take in the luscious scent of the summer storms as they pass through.

Earlier this week, the boys and I, upon seeing a thunder and lightning storm was about to let the rain fall generously, snuggled in on the porch swing outside on the front porch: Oscar on the pillows swinging away with me and Norman by my feet on the rug. Sipping my tea, a good book in hand, it was the most wonderful and memorable hour of time on the porch we’ve had together (and we’ve had many!).

3. Watching Wimbledon

Day One of the Grand Slam tennis championship begins on Monday June 28th and after not being able to hold the event last year, so many fans and of course players are looking forward to watching and/or returning to the famous grass courts.

4. Finding time for learning a new skill (or brushing up on rusty ones)

For me, I am exploring business skills to add to my reportoire and looking forward as well for finding time to brush up my French. Examining areas in need of improvement which we know would enhance the life and relationships we love living provides the motivation to give something a try, choose to be a student again and remain open to the possibilities revealed.

5. Wearing linen and sprucing up the summer wardrobe

Claridge & King’s Linen Robe

An ideal robe for summer – linen and knee-length. Easy to pack and wonderful for both morning and evening as well as over a swimsuit.

6. Shop The White Company’s Summer Sale

~An item I picked up as it was reduced to a great price: a wonderful layering piece for summer, organic-cotton Rib V-neck camisole (navy/white)

This Luddington Glass Vase is one I welcomed into my home last year, and currently it has a bouquet of peonies. Wonderful with tulips as well.

7. Visiting the weekly farmers’ market

From going just to stroll and see what farmers and artisans have available with nothing in particular in mind to pick up, to welcoming home a fresh bouquet of flowers, fresh mushrooms, vegetables and fresh berries, simply being out and about with the locals and the tourists is a special treat to savor during the summer.

8. Paddling as often as possible in the early mornings along the river

9. Delighting in the garden coming into full bloom

~Julia Child shrub rose~

10. Tending to one project around the house (or two) to tailor your sanctuary to your preferred daily routine and lifestyle.

Whether by visiting garage and yard sales and finding items to add your signature style to your home, or simply organizing and decluttering one room or closet in the house, then welcoming in an organizational system – such as as these chic baskets found on Etsy available in four different sizes – having the time to leisuring edit creates an even lighter feeling as life continues about its regular, yet easier pace during the summer months.

11. Adding a bit of France to your summer by purchasing Sharon Santoni’s August My Stylish French Box. The theme is Un Weekend à Saint-Tropez (A weekend in Saint-Tropez). See one of the brands below to be included in the summer 2021 box.

Wishing you a wonderful start to the summer season, and be sure to explore becoming a TOP Tier Subscriber as Thursday July 1st I will be settling into a new spot in my home to enjoy A Cuppa Moments with readers/viewers (as well as sharing progress on the bathroom and other customizations taking place this summer). Also, if you haven’t signed up for the free monthly newsletter yet, a new issue will be sent out this Friday. Learn more about the newsletter here and I will see you back here on Friday with a new This & That! | The Simply Luxurious Life

11 thoughts on “The Sweet Arrival of Summer: 11 Things To Savor

  1. Hi Shannon, a suggestion to brush up on your French is Duolingo . You are probably already aware of it – but I find 20 minutes a day helps. It starts off quite easy and becomes more difficult as you go. Im up to day 278 and quite pleased with myself! We have just had our winter solstice and its cold and dark by 5.30 pm. So I am enjoying open fires, hearty casseroles and of course watching my boys play Aussie Rules footy at some ungodly hour on a Saturday morning in the freezing cold! (Well it’s not freezing- but maybe 8 degrees C which feels very chilly to me!) Enjoy your summer!

    1. Gabrielle, I appreciate the reminder of this app. As you have shared, it builds on itself as you go and is quite the resource. Thank you for sharing how it works best for you. 🙂 As well, I really appreciate hearing from readers such as yourself in the Southern Hemisphere as we share our common date on the calendar, but in completely contrary seasons. If nothing else, it reminds us each to savor what we love about each season as it changes so swiftly even though it may not seem to be the case at the time. Wishing you many cozy evenings and may the early mornings outdoors be filled with good memories and great victories! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the gentle reminder of the simple things I can enjoy right at home in the UK, this summer. We have an extension to restrictions here, but they don’t impact us too badly – though the travel industry is badly affected and events as well, also meaning no summer holidays to Italy or Southern France for me this year – we are able to visit restaurants and places of interest.

    I think I shall definitely take #1 on board – I love to look at all the beautiful gardens local to me when I walk my dog, and would enjoy exploring more national gardens this summer. And sitting outside in my garden, enjoying an aperitif and reading a good book, or simply enjoying mother nature is something I can’t wait to enjoy regularly with the warm weather.

    Wishing you a fabulous Summer ahead, Shannon

    Sarah x

    1. Sarah, Thank you for sharing how you are navigating the restrictions in Britain. I was curious to know how they affected residents. I am sorry you won’t be able to travel to Italy and France as you would like, but oh how I will live vicariously through you to be able to visit the national gardens in your own country. Just the glimpses seen on GW make me want to ensure my next trip to Britain includes time to visit at least one or two of these natural treasures.

      Wishing you many lovely moments in your garden. Thank you for all that you have shared. 🙂

  3. I am a new subscriber. I was turned on to you and your podcast via another podcast and I have been devouring your content since. I just ordered both of your books, became a top tier subscriber, and I can’t wait to read all of your past content. You have helped me to realize that I am worth it and my life can be luxurious and fulfilling at any budget or stage – it’s all about my mindset. Thank you.

    1. Tuesday, Good morning and thank you for not only stopping by today but sharing all that you have. I am tickled you were interested in visiting the blog after tuning in to the podcast. Thank you for choosing to become a TOP Tier subscriber. I do hope you continue to enjoy your time on TSLL. Have a lovely start to summer. 🙂 xoxo

  4. Heading to our local Farmers’ Market this afternoon – first of the season! Hoping to also stop at our lovely local coffee house for a yummy iced latte. A simply perfect summer afternoon!

  5. A lovely post as always! Shannon, I am so intrigued by your decision to retire from teaching and “go it alone” – do you have a plan to do a post on what this means to you and how your life will change?? Thanks so much!

  6. There is much to celebrate . La Tour de France is taking place as I write and we get get to cheer Here in France we no longer need masks in public spaces but there’s still quarantine requirements for visitors. But we are able to go out to restaurants. Such a pleasure. The summer music festivals are returning Sometimes Shannon we have all that we need in our own backyards. I love travelling but like everyone else I have not ventured very far in nearly two years but I find lots of joy in my surroundings. I had plans to visit Brasil but that’s on hold so instead Brasil came to me in the form of the cuisine and music and I’m attempting to learn a bit of Portuguese so that when I do visit I can do the basics. My brother speaks Brasilian Portuguese and he’s helping me via Zoom but it’s tough going!. Good luck with brushing up your French. GabrielleM suggested Duolingo and it’s fine if you just need the basics but bear in mind sometimes the pronunciation is a not accurate. If you can find a French speaker to practice with that would be more useful. I teach English to French students and some of them use Duolingo and this is what they told me . One question I want to ask is that now you have left teaching you no longer require the same clothes as before. What styles are you leaning towards ?

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