Two Changes Coming to TSLL for Non-Members & A BIG Thank you to All Current Members!
Thursday December 7, 2023

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TSLL Community has become a place for readers to depend on consistent content, regularly posting on specific topics and rest assured, conversation that is guided by the three norms to ensure this space on the internet is a respite from the news of the world, and a place guaranteed to offer inspiration and motivation to live your unique simply luxurious life every single day. What are those guiding norms? They are very simple and easy to confirm whether or not they are met: Whatever you share make sure it ticks all three descriptors: it’s true, it’s kind and it’s helpful.

As the sole monitor, creator, and editor of TSLL content, building relationships with readers is a top priority which is why when readers make the decision to pay either monthly/quarterly/yearly to read, explore and enjoy TSLL’s content, when they reach out with questions, with suggestions, with ideas to share with fellow readers, I am listening and responding as best fits the situation. As long-time members can attest, our conversations in the monthly A Cuppa Moments w/Shannon with TOP Tier Members are constructive, inspired and thought provoking, each offering considerations and explorations to deepen the quality of our individual everyday lives. As well, the conversations on everyday posts for BASIC and non-members such as This & That contain the same tone of conviviality, curiosity and gratitude as well as offering each other news and information we feel others may enjoy.

With that said, in order to bring the quality content that readers have come to enjoy since 2009, such as the weekly This & That post to the more intimate Ponderings . . . post (similar to a This & That post but sharing more detailed findings and explorations I have encountered in my day-to-day life) to the books and products reviewed and recommended and everything TSLL has long become known for – especially its French and British inspired content, each category built upon the foundation of living a life of true contentment and exploring how to live our own unique simply luxurious life, it is largely dependent upon the paying members of TSLL community. In fact, 85% of the revenue TSLL earns is from both the TOP Tier and BASIC Tier Members, who without their support, what you stop by to visit, explore, peruse and enjoy here on TSLL as you go about your daily routine, or take a respite before or at the end (or in the middle) of the work day, or plan your travel to Britain and/or France, would not be possible.

And so first, I want to thank ALL of the both TOP and BASIC Tier Members, many who said yes, to supporting this small, independently-run blog and business way back in 2017 when I first began the paying memberships to offer ad-free reading. And to each person who over the past handful of year since then chose to give between $2.50-$8 each month so that both they would be able to enjoy what they found on TSLL and TSLL would be able to continue to offer that content for themselves and other readers, thank you so very, very much.

The good news for all Active paying Members is all will continue as you have come to enjoy it here on TSLL, and nothing for you will change. More specifically, if you have an Active membership with TSLL, whatever price you are paying, your prices will never change so long as your membership remains Active (you may Pause and this will also retain your price when you return). That was my promise to you from the beginning when the Paywall went into place, and I will keep that promise.

As a member of TSLL there are many benefits, from unlimited access to the blog, ad-free reading for TOP Tier Members, access to your own personal library of favorite posts as well as opportunities for TSLL in-person gatherings, as well as savings on TSLL Shop Items, and coming in 2024, a savings of 20% off TSLL’s online courses for the first month when they are released simply because you are supporting TSLL. Be sure to explore all of the benefits in the graphics shared further down in this post.

So let’s talk about the coming changes. As I shared in the title of today’s post, this post is for non-members as I want to share with you the opportunity to save money before prices go up on the BASIC Tier Membership which is the most affordable membership that gives you unlimited access to as many posts as you want each month.

Part of running a business on my own is acknowledging that there are many hats to wear and many lessons to learn, and as my priority is and always has been to create quality, consistent content as well as maintaining relationships and trust with my readers, sometimes I have been slow or hesitant to make the best business decisions that support my ability to create quality content because it takes me time to trust it is best. With said, a couple of changes will be put into place to TSLL’s Soft Paywall by January 4th in the new year (2024) to ensure TSLL will continue to offer what readers stop by to enjoy.

To learn more about what the Soft Pay Wall is, be sure to read this post (and its follow up post here when the soft paywall first went into place on October 2020), but essentially, the current Soft Pay Wall on TSLL allows non-paying readers (non-members) to read five free posts (non-exclusive posts) each month.

Each year since TSLL began back in December 2009, regular weekly postings have been part of what readers have come to look forward to and visit the blog with the intention of discovering, learning and finding inspiration. In the first two years of the blog, I posted at least 7 posts each week (often 10, sometimes 14!), and in 2014 the podcast premiered and is continuing into its 10th season with two new episodes each month with its 370th episode airing this week. The cooking show debuted in 2018, and we just concluded our 6th season having shared 50 cooking videos. And we cannot forget about TSLL’s Annual French Week that began in 2016 and the Annual British Week that began in 2019. In other words, TSLL keeps growing, and the guiding principle is quality content aligning with sharing ideas about how to live a simply luxurious life.

It is my ardent confidence that living simply luxuriously really does bring to each of us in its own unique cultivation a life of true contentment that with each of the avenues of content shared above, it is my objective to reach and teach and inspire readers to courageously and with great enjoyment, savor their one and only life, and in so doing and in their very own way cultivate a life that is a joy to live each day and especially the everydays.

Currently, here on TSLL blog, the regular posting schedule is what you see below, and this is the schedule that has become what readers look forward to reading when they stop by the blog these past handful of years, only adjusting days of the week for certain categories.

Have a look below at the regular content you can count on to spark new ideas, inspire you to cultivate your own true contentment as well as elevate the everyday:

  • Monday: A Monday Motivational post to help begin the week inspired
  • Wednesday: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, a new podcast episode of The Simple Sophisticate
    • Outfit of the Month post on the 2nd Wednesday of the month
    • On the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday, the monthly Ponderings . . . post – for TOP Tier Members
    • The last Wednesday of each month the What Made Me Smile post – for TOP Tier Members
    • and if there is an extra (5) Wednesday it will be focused on one of the following categories —French-Inspired, British-Inspired, Contentment, Recipes, Style Inspiration, Décor Inspiration, Gardening, Money, Health or Beauty
  • Fridays: This & That (a detailed post of upcoming book, film, television, play, art exhibit releases and openings, shopping sale and new item announcements, articles and short videos worth checking out and much more).
  • Saturdays: The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show – a cooking video series taped in Shannon’s kitchen. One season each year beginning on the second Saturday of September (6-10 episodes/season)
  • The first day of each month: A Cuppa Moments w/Shannon video chat w/TOP Tier Members (community conversation and thought to ponder to start the conversation amongst members and Shannon)
  • One Monday of each month: The monthly Gardening post
  • TSLL’s Seasonal Shopping Guide: released semi-annually on September 1st and March 1st
  • TSLL’s Annual French Week:  The second full week in August (two posts each day, multiple giveaways, special podcast guests and more)
  • TSLL’s Annual British Week: The third full week in May (two posts each day, multiple giveaways, special podcast guests and more)
  • Each Friday: the Weekly Newsletter
  • The Final Day of Each Month: The Monthly Newsletter
  • Style Inspiration: Delivered whenever a newsletter involving style (Outfits of the Month/Seasonal Shopping Guide) is posted on the blog
  • Sign up here for any or all of the above newsletters.

I am sharing all that is offered above because it is primarily due to the members that make this all possible and continue to make it possible week after week and year after year for their fellow TSLL community members and yep, non-members, to enjoy. And so today, I am announcing a change so that the content you have come to see, read, explore and what you have come to look forward to will continue to be here when you stop by for years to come.

By Thursday January 4th in 2024, the Soft PayWall will enable you to read two articles each month for free (gradually moving to one free post as 2024 unfolds) with the new system being put into place as we step further into December, after which you will be prompted to become either a BASIC Tier for as little as $4.50/month or $45/yr – which breaks down to $4/month – a 15% savings; or become a TOP Tier Member – each (BASIC and TOP) enable you to continue to read unlimited posts for the month, and the TOP Tier Membership removes the ads as well as gives you many other benefits. Let’s take a look at the two different Tiers below:

~Click here to read testimonials from Members and explore pricing~

The reason I wanted to give non-members a head’s up before January 4th is to give you an opportunity to sign up for the BASIC Tier at its current pricing as it will only be available through January 3rd.

Currently, BASIC Tier is priced at $3/month or $30/year (which breaks down to $2.50/mo – a 15% savings). If you sign up for BASIC Tier, you will be able to have this price for as long as you keep your membership active. Once January 4th arrives, the prices for BASIC will increase to $4.50/month or $45/year, so you will be saving 45% a year (if you sign up for monthly) by signing up prior to January 4th compared to the new prices (paying $30 vs. $54 if you pay $4.50/month).

Another benefit of securing your membership rate and keeping your membership Active: Once you have an Active membership with TSLL, whatever price you are paying, your prices will never change so long as your membership remains Active, and always remember, you may Pause your membership at anytime, so long as you don’t Cancel it, and this will retain your price when you return). By doing this, the promise made to members for taking the risk to support TSLL as we began this new venture into keeping TSLL an independent publisher and blog and online community is kept, and also why prices must increase from time to time as we move forward to enable the blog to continue to offer the quality content readers have come to enjoy and appreciate.

  • BASIC Membership prices for new members will increase to $4.50/month; $45/yr beginning on January 4th
    • Sign up for BASIC before January 4th and save 45% and retain the low price of $3/mo; or $30/yr (which breaks down to $2.50/mo) for the entire duration of your Active membership.
      • You can also sign up for TOP Tier. This price will remain the same for the first half of 2024.
  • The # of Free Posts for non-members will change from 5 (current) to 2 free posts each month (gradually shifting to one free post as 2024 unfolds) and will begin being put into place in December and will be permanently in place by January 4th.

To learn more about FAQ for Members, be sure to check out the FAQ page here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, or email me directly if you are an Active Member and want to confirm what you have read. Let me ease your mind, if you already are an Active (paying) member (Basic or TOP), nothing changes, and the changes will not affect you. Thank you for choosing to support TSLL and for your interest over the many months and years. It is because of you in large part that TSLL is what it is today. 🙂


64 thoughts on “Two Changes Coming to TSLL for Non-Members & A BIG Thank you to All Current Members!

  1. Being a Top Tier member is the greatest bargain ever! Shannon offers so much positive content that I look forward to, tweaking my life into a very artistic one, filled with literature, music, fashion and cooking! (I still don’t cook much, but watching Shannon cook is very satisfying!). I cannot recommend Top Tier membership more, if you are looking to up your game while living a luxurious, contented life, get going and join us!

  2. I am very disappointed with this decision. I cannot not afford to pay for a membership and thoroughly enjoy reading your This and That Friday Posts. To take that away makes me very sad.
    So many bloggers are now charging to read their content, I feel like eventually there will very few blogs left to enjoy without paying. That said, I wish you well in your future pursuits.

    1. Nancy, I can read in your words you are disappointed and I know budgets are unique to each of us. Please know you do not need to subscribe to the TOP Tier ($8/mo) to enjoy the This & That, but need only pay $2.50/month. This price of $2.50/mo is available until January 4th. If you secure that now, you will always have that rate. It will never change. I am grateful for your long-time interest in TSLL.

  3. Shannon, I’ve been with you since you first offered the top tier subscription. You have one of the very best columns out there. It’s always informative up-to-date information on so many areas of life. I absolutely love it. I especially look forward to the Friday issue. Thank you so much for all the work you do to keep us informed.

    1. Brenda,

      Your legacy/founding membership means soooooo much! I don’t take your trust in me when you made that decision lightly and will continue to do all that I can to bring the quality content you look forward to reading and exploring. Thank you very much for your comment today. xoxo

  4. When I look at my monthly outgoings and think do I really need that, I NEVER consider cancelling my Top Tier membership to TSLL. After a busy week at work, my weekend treat is to log in to TSLL and catch up on all that Shannon has shared. I don’t know how you are able to create so much content Shannon, but I’m very grateful you do. TSLL enhances my life every week.

    1. Tanya,

      You just brought a deep sigh of gratitude and a smile to my face with your comment Tanya. Thank you. xoxo So grateful you find the content on TSLL to be your respite and enjoyed weekly ritual. xoxo

  5. Bonjour Shannon, I thoroughly enjoy all that my TSLL membership offers and I have benefited so much from everything that I’ve read, listened to, watched, etc, and re-read, re-listened, re-watched 🙂 Your membership is the only one I have found that is worth my money to subscribe to. Merci beaucoup for all the great content you produce! xx

    1. Andrea,

      So grateful for your long-time support and interest in TSLL and tickle to hear you returned to so much of the content. That is a wonderful compliment! Thank you very much for all that you have shared. xoxo

  6. I have enjoyed your posts over the past several years…since I am on a fixed income I bid you farewell.

  7. I too have enjoyed your posts over the years and will miss This and That, but a subscription model doesn’t suit. I wish you all the best though!

  8. Being a bit of a frugal person, i spent several months deciding if becoming a top tier member was something that would add value to my life. I decided to give it a try that first year (now several years ago) and never looked back. If Shannon’s style, recipes, reading list, dog pics, and music selections (she has Spotify playlists if you didn’t know 😉) then I recommend giving a membership a try. For less then some of my tv streaming services I get more joy and “bang for my buck.”

    1. Katrina,

      Thank you for sharing your pondering and journey that eventually lead to TSLL Community. I feel fortunate to have now met you in person in London and throughly enjoyed getting to know you even better through this rendezvous for Afternoon Tea. 🙂 And thank you for reminding about the playlists! So happy to hear you are enjoying them. 🙂

  9. Good for you, Shannon! The amount of work you put into this business and providing high-quality content to your readers is deserving of compensation. It is how you make your living, and I am happy to support you. Yours is the only blog I have consistently followed for so many years now, and the only one I pay to access. That is how meaningful your content is to me. I make careful decisions about the money I spend, and using those funds for the joy and insights you offer instead of another item is certainly something I grateful to be able to do. But, it is also enormously worthwhile because it adds value to my life. And that is something I believe is part of what it means to live simply luxuriously – to allocate mindfully the resources one has available to the things that are right for them. So, congratulations on entering this new phase of your business, and thank you for your steadfast honesty with and consideration of your readership.

    1. Karonica,

      Thank you very much for your long-time interest and support of TSLL and as you shared, being thoughtful about how we spend our hard-earned money is a fundamental piece of living well, and so knowing that when members choose to support TSLL, I take to heart that what I choose to create needs to be of the best quality I can give that will add value to readers lives as aligns with the ethos of TSLL. Thank you for trusting that indeed it is worth investing in and is found regularly when you visit. Thank you for your comment. 😌

  10. Shannon, I very much enjoy being a Top Tier member and appreciate your commitment to keeping our original price steady. I know how much work goes into creating your wonderful content and quite frankly it’s an enormous bargain. Thank you for creating such a lovely space here on the inter-webs, it’s a true pleasure and respite. xo

    1. Hi Juliet! I’m tickled to see you here in the TSLL community as a Top Tier member. I am a regular follower of your blog as well! I’m always amazed at how much work and dedication it takes for bloggers to consistently provide content and beautiful photos on their blogs. I will look forward to seeing you around! Xo

    2. Juliet,

      I am very grateful for your long-time support of the blog and for the kind words you have not only shared here in your comment but on your blog as well when you have recommended findings you discovered through TSLL or through TSLL’s books. Thank you for taking the time and for sharing why you chose to be part of the community here on the blog.

  11. I have really appreciated the five free posts per month over the years. Thank you your kindness in allowing those of us with small budgets to still enjoy your work. It was so lovely while it lasted and I am grateful there will still be one post per month. Thank you.

  12. I echo Karonica, Good for you, Shannon!! I have not regretted my Top Tier membership (3 years, I think…) for a second. Quite the contrary, I just wish I’d found you sooner. You, and my fellow readers, have added so much to my life on so many levels, thank you to all. Personally, I always thought 5 free posts was quite generous, but what do I know about any of this?? You pour your soul into this site and deserve to be valued for it. I am sorry to see some readers say goodbye but I have a feeling they will miss the content so much and return to us…I know I would. Best of luck to everyone on their unique journey.

    1. Melissa,

      Thank you so much for sharing all that you have. The decision to choose 5 free posts back in 2020 was thoughtfully considered and so too has the new # of free posts, so I appreciate how you responded to the numbers based on the quality you feel you find here on TSLL. Grateful for your engage in the community. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. 🙂

  13. Shannon, TSLL is golden. The sheer amount of intelligent, fun, salient, things-that-make-you-go-HMM content that you create week after week is astonishing. And brilliant. And oh so very much appreciated. As a legacy member, choosing to become a member of TSLL has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I do not say that lightly. It’s not just the stellar content, it is the cosy timeless safe intelligent space that you have created and lovingly maintain, Shannon. TSLL holds such an important space in my life and I am deeply grateful to you as its creator. Everyone, please do yourselves a favor–how many times a week do you eat out/buy a coffee? Shift one(or two) of those a month and you now have access to some of the best, beautiful, calming creativity offered online. Everyone’s budgets are unique, but consider this–to be your best so that you can be there for everyone else, you MUST, as Shannon shows, nurture yourself. TSLL is just that, a lovely hug to give yourself. Un grand merci et en gratitude pour tout ce que vous faites, Shannon. (And oh my heart, sweet Norman, those eyes!)💖

    1. Rona,

      Well, I am just beyond chuffed by what you have shared Rona. Thank you for taking the time to share all that you have, to offer perspective and convey what TSLL’s community means for you in your life. I am grateful to know that you find TSLL to be a place of nourishment. That is beyond wonderful to hear and know as that is my hope because as you shared, we each have unique budgets and the key to invest to gain something that will add value and nourishment to our lives. I will do my best to continue to offer that nourishment. xo

  14. Shannon, I applaud this decision! Your blog has been a good friend to me over many years, and I can say without hesitation it has changed my life for the better! When I was first looking for something to read and saw “The Simply Luxurious Life,” read what it was about, my heart said “yes… that is what I’ve been looking for!” When the soft paywall was put in place, without hesitation I signed up, and have never been disappointed! Together we have weathered extensive house renovations, career changes, the loss of a beloved pet, revamping of a wardrobe, and much more. During the pandemic, yours was the only blog I read, as yours was the only one that focused on being positive and uplifting, making me feel better. I could go on, but I’ll just say a resounding THANK YOU for sharing your journey with us, and I look forward to many years of the same!

    One last thing, as an economics professor and dean of a business school, I wholeheartedly support compensation for creative content. This is your business/livelihood, not a charity, and it is reasonable to treat it as such. The price you’ve set is much less than some other bloggers, and for more fulfilling content. I have burgeoning entrepreneurs in my classes all the time and one of the main things I tell them is not to hesitate charging what their service is worth. What you provide is worth a lot! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Holiday season!

    1. Well said dear Rona! I am now and have always been an avid reader. Many years ago, when blogs were in their infancy, I found this one. I don’t even remember how. I have seen growth and dimension here where it is lacking in blogland. However, this really isn’t a blog as many interpret it. This is different, unique, and intellectually stimulating while providing a quiet space to study, learn and contemplate our lives within a context familiar to us. Interestingly, this space appeals to many diverse members. I will be here, not always commenting, but reading while enjoying the content. And the puppies, oh my, the puppies. Sweet little faces popping up now and then keep the present space happy and well rounded. Laugh not, but one of my favorite features are dog walks by a stream, in the forest, or on the neighborhood stroll. As my physical condition creates these miserable limitations, I walk with Shannon, and Norman, and Nelle. Works for me!

    2. Joy,

      Deeply grateful for sharing your experience with TSLL and especially your expertise from your professional standpoint. Your long-time interest, engagement and support of TSLL is something I am appreciative of more than you may ever know as you were there when I launched the 2nd book to provide feedback and preview the book as well as then share your thoughts with the world. You know TSLL more intimately than most, and so your comment means more than you may ever know. Thank you for taking the time to share all that you have. xo

  15. Shannon,

    Thank you for this update. I am not a member who has been with you since the beginning, but once I found TSLL I knew it was something I would enjoy on a regular basis. And I was so right.

    There are so much content of all sorts available on line, social media, streaming, etc. much which provides information along with a fair amount of angst. At TSLL I have found a platform that is not just informative, but provides the knowledge and guidance with calm and great intention. Quite simply it is lovely to read, listen and watch!

    Cheers to you Shannon for all you do for this community. Happy Christmas!

    1. Julia,

      Grateful that you came across TSLL and thank you for choosing to join TSLL Community. Thank you for sharing why you chose to continue to return regularly. Your feedback is heartening to hear and I look forward to continuing to do my best to offer the quality postings, videos and episodes you have come to enjoy. Happy Christmas to you as well! xo

  16. Dear Shannon,
    You’ve done a beautiful job of articulating your process, rationale, and decision-making. The teacher gets a ⭐️! In your business you are modeling the intentionality and thoughtfulness you write about. I’ve loved your content from the beginning and the TSLL Top Tier is worth every penny. This & That alone would be worth it! (I say that while understanding that we all have different resources.)
    Cheering you on!
    With affection,

    1. Merci Deborah!

      Thank you for your comment and I thank you so very much for your long-time, very long-time support of TSLL and so tickled you are a fan of the weekly This & That! ☺️ (and for sending finds you have come across my way that fellow TSLL may enjoy as well! Always enjoy seeing what you have to share ☺️). Thank you for taking the time to share and for your continued interest in TSLL. 💛

  17. It’s important to acknowledge your worth Shannon and that’s exactly what this new paywall achieves. I’m not sure how long I’ve been a top tier subscriber for but I do know I’ve never once considered leaving. Well worth subscribing if you haven’t already.

    1. Ange,

      Thank you for sharing your continued interest in returning to regular visit TSLL. I am tickled to hear that the content is something you enjoy and trust to be what is anticipated. 😌

  18. I thoroughly enjoy TSLL content. Some weeks I’m so interested in every article that I can barely keep up, lol. Other weeks there may be content that I’m not quite as interested in but that’s okay too because there will be others who stop by that will be interested; such a wonderful assortment of content. All in all it is VERY much worth the price! Maybe one day you will have a beginners French class for us in your new teachings. 😊

    1. Storr2005,

      I sincerely appreciate your comment and all that you have shared as it is sincere and no doubt echos what other readers may feel as well as not every post may be what is of interest, but all adheres to the ethos of TSLL as we each travel along our own unique journeys. And as for the French class, who knows! ☺️ I definitely would love to share time with people who love the language and culture, that is most definitely for sure. 🇫🇷❤️ Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and share all that you have. 😌💛

  19. I’m not sure what I can add that has not already been said, but I value this space for many reasons. Dealing with the realities of running a business often requires changes. While this is a significant change for non-members I am sure it was not an easy decision to make. That said, please know that like many, I fully appreciate how much work is required to create a space like this. It’s not just time and resources, it is a heart and soul process. Opening your life and your thoughts to a mostly “faceless” group has its own challenges. You have managed to do that gracefully. I remember, early on, some television spots you did on a local morning show. I remember thinking… wow it takes guts to do that! And since then, your journey has taken many leaps of faith, a dream with its many components and we have traveled with you. Much like a good novel, you win the prize for this content. Bravo, talk again soon.

    1. Lucy,

      From one blogger to another, your comment means more than you’ll know. Your thoughtful comments are always appreciated and this one especially so. Your words brought a smile to my face and a surge of great appreciation. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share all that you have. xoxo

  20. I have been a long time member. I took a break for a while and quickly realized how exceptional your blog was and how worth the investment. I signed back in as a Top Tier member and have enjoyed your posts for many years. At age 74 I firmly believe in the lifelong journey of learning and growing in self understanding and awareness. I continue to read and learn from books you recommend, enjoy many TV programs you share, and have come to love your sweet puppies. Thank you for sharing all you are learning about living a life of genuine contentment and joy.

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for sharing your experience and journey being a TOP Tier Member. I appreciate this immensely because as thoughtful individuals, knowing you are gaining value where you allot your money is a must and I respect that exploration and grateful you chose to return. Thank you for sharing what content and finds add value to your life. 😌💛

  21. Good for you Shannon, I have been a member for a couple of years. Even when converted to AUD it is still great value for money. I find I may not check in for a while when life gets busy, then I have a TSLL binge!

    1. Gabrielle,

      Love that you stop by to binge! 🙂 And always enjoy seeing your comments when you pop by and hearing how life in Australia is going. ☺️💛 Thank you for taking the time to comment today. xoxo

    2. Gabrielle, I, too, am somewhat sporadic on TSLL (not by choice) but when I have the time and energy to put in it just fits the bill like nothing else, doesn’t it?!

  22. As a long time reader and listener I became a top tier member with no hesitation at all when the paywall was first introduced. I have no regrets. I enjoy the TSLL content and community each and every week and have come to know wonderful like minded people over the years too.
    I would urge any non-paying visitors to consider membership rather than lose the content as Shannon’s quality and trustworthy content is something I wouldn’t be without.

    1. Sarah,

      Thank you for your recommendation Sarah. Very grateful for your long-time support and interest and delighted that fellow readers and myself were able to meet you and each other in London. I know that seeing each other is part of realizing what TSLL Community all about, and while it may not be a regular or frequent occurrence, just knowing fellow individuals live in the world who have a desire to live both with loving kindness and an honoring of their true selves is heartening. Thank you again and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  23. Shannon, I wholly support your changes. The time and effort that you put in to the blog is Herculean and deserves to be rewarded. I liken my membership to a monthly treat for myself. The blog offers so much more than a glossy magazine. I learn so much and love the community that we have created. Bravo!

    1. Speaking of meeting fellow TSLL Members in person, as I shared with Sarah above, I am so happy to have met and gotten to know you a bit better this fall in London. ☺️ And I am grateful for what you shared here today Nicola. Thank you for taking the time and for your kind words about TSLL and the community. 💛

  24. Your blog has been my Saturday morning ritual for years! I wake up early while the house is quiet, make my coffee, play some background music (many times provided by you), and dive in. I’m so happy to have my membership. Thank you, Shannon.

    1. Jennie,

      Thank you for sharing a visit to TSLL is a weekly ritual! Delighted to hear and tickled you are enjoying TSLL playlists or the classical music compositions shared.☺️ Thank you for taking the time to share all that you have💛

  25. Shannon, you my dear are being true to yourself and modeling what we talk about here on TSLL. Living the Luxurious Life isn’t about having a large bank account, but elevating a life of quality over quantity. It is about learning to express and live your authentic self. It is about enjoying the simple and beautiful things that our everydays provide us. I will never forget the evening many years ago that I began listening to your podcast. I had just finished a very long and difficult day as a therapist in my private practice. I happened to see your podcast and I listened on my drive home. I found myself totally immersed in the content and I kept agreeing with your wise and intelligent message. After that evening drive, I found myself binging on the other episodes everyday on my drives to my office! I have been retired for several years now, but I won’t be giving up my Top Tier membership. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for elevating my life with your beautiful blog, and TSLL community of kindred spirits. Xo ~Karen

    1. Karen,

      Thank you for sharing how you were introduced to TSLL and why you chose to continue to tune in to the podcast and become a member of TSLL Community. Reading your words of your response to your first listen, I am deeply chuffed and will continue to do my best to bring the quality content that readers and listeners stop by to find. Thank you again immensely for your comment. 😌💛

  26. Hello Shannon,
    I wholeheartedly agree with the comments above about the quality of your blog. I discovered you in 2009 and have enjoyed following the development of the TSLL brand—you! I finally treated myself to a Top Tier membership because I wanted to see your home renovations, view A Cuppa of Moments, and read more than five posts per month.
    Part of living simply luxuriously is knowing when an expenditure should be added to the budget, and the monthly subscription is well worth it. I might not visit everyday, but when I do I find myself on a binge of the diverse posts. I also adore your podcast, and find myself replaying favorite episodes.
    Thank you for sharing your journey, it is an inspiration and a stress reliever.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing that when you chose to become a member, why you chose and how you feel the price fits with regards to one’s budget and how acknowledging each of us needs to be thoughtful based on our lifestyle. I am deeply grateful for your kind words and tickled you enjoy what you discover on TSLL. 🙂

  27. I cannot add more than what others have so eloquently said. I will say that TSLL has changed my life in so many ways and value my subscription and the amazing value it is. I can’t count how many times I have shared with family and friends something I learnt on the blog. As another commenter said, I love the walk videos, comparing your walk scenery to my own. 100% support your decision Shannon, keep up the excellent and hard work. Maybe 2024 will be the year I learn to cook and start to watch the cooking segments. Oh wait, maybe I said that for 2023 😀

    1. Thank you for your long-time interest and time shared here on TSLL. I always enjoy seeing your name in the comments and am grateful for your recommendation to potential members. Thank you as well for sharing what you have found on the blog with others. Regardless of whether cooking is your forté, I am grateful that your interests brought you to TSLL and our paths crossed. 🙂 Wishing you a most wonderful and auspicious start to 2024! xo

  28. Your blog content is the only one that I pay to subscribe to. You had a blog or podcast once, I can’t remember which, where you discussed the importance of considering all of the subscriptions we might have – periodicals, newspapers, blogs, etc – and to assess which are still relevant for our current life and which have served their purpose. It gave me pause to reflect and I stopped a couple of subscriptions that were wonderful but no longer served my needs. In doing so, it reduced the silent to do list running through my head.

    I have long marveled at all of the content you produce, Shannon. I love having access to all of it, and being able to read at my leisure, picking here and there what catches my attention and warrants my time. I absolutely love your podcast and never miss one. I find some of my favorite television shows, movies and books from your podcast and blog. I just purchased the new English Garden book for my husband for his birthday per your recommendation as a matter of fact! We are currently planning a trip to next year’s Chelsea Flower Show, something we’d planned to do when my husband retired but then the pandemic hit. So now is the time and I am planning on turning to your blog and podcasts for help in the planning. I have made some of your recipes (love the chocolate lava type cakes and the current Grasmere Gingerbread, both of which I’ve been able to easily make gluten free). I’ve looked up Bend, Oregon and think about planning a trip there when the unmercifully hot summer days of Texas bear down. As a former practicing psychotherapist, I’ve delighted in many of your thoughtful book suggestions. As a closet writer, I’ve been encouraged simply by your own perseverance in pursuing your writing career.

    So, I would ask others on the fence to do as I did and consider if the content that they read here sparks ideas, improves their lives, adds joy, inspires courage? If so, then the price of membership, whether Basic or Top Tier, is worth it. If not, then perhaps their interests and needs lie elsewhere at this time, and that’s okay too! But if it does, then I’d encourage you as a reader to consider this an investment in your own joy, contentment and well-being and to use it fully. That is my current goal – to use it even more than I do now.

    All my best and thank you for moving forward bravely and sharing your work with the rest of us.

    1. MaryAnn,

      Oh my goodness. Thank you for ALL that you have shared. First of all, I so enjoy reading what readers have found when they visit TSLL and welcome into their lives for themselves or for others they know will enjoy what is discovered, and I am tickled you have enjoyed recipes shared here on TSLL. Thank you for your suggested thoughts to ponder to readers who may be on the fence. I think coming from members such as yourself it means far more than from the creator (me) as I see all that is shared from a different vantage point than a reader would.

      I am super excited for you and your husband to visit and explore the Chelsea Flower show this coming May. What a wonderful trip to look forward to and no doubt you will both return with oodles of inspiration. 🙂 And as for a trip to Bend, I think you would love it. Work around the fire season, typically in August, and you will have beautiful blue sky days and comfortable temperatures with many options for play, dining and relaxing.

      Thank you very much again to share all that you have. I am grateful for your continued interest and support of TSLL. xoxo

  29. For whomever is reading this, the TOP TIER membership will not disappoint. Shannon offers so much to us and is of top quality. Don’t hesitate–well worth it!

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