October Ushers In A New & Significant Change to TSLL’s Reading Experience
Thursday October 1, 2020

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For more than ten years, The Simply Luxurious Life blog (TSLL) has continued to share life inspiration to cultivate an everyday life of contentment regardless of where you might live in our grand world, your age, your income or your relationship status. Along the way, TSLL community has grown gradually, yet steadily, something I am deeply humbled by and do not take for granted. Readers have reached out in celebration to share how their lives have changed to become more fulfilling and in alignment with their true sense of self and purpose and passions, and to say reading their sincerity and enthusiasm and appreciation did not influence me in a positive way would be untrue. It certainly helped to nudge me to make the changes beginning today that have been dancing about in my mind for a couple of years.

I shared in early August the impetus for the changes and then detailed everything in this post on September 1st of what would be taking place permanently beginning on October 1st – today, so I won’t repeat myself again in today’s post, but I do want readers to know I am incredibly excited and moved by your response to become subscribers who will have unlimited and exclusive access to this blog. September revealed a tremendous wave of support, interest and excitement for TSLL’s next chapter, and I am incredibly giddy about what lies ahead.

With the Soft Paywall put into place, TSLL certainly will become more intimate and personal than it has really ever been before, and it will offer more quality content as I hope readers began to observe this past summer and early fall as the changes to the schedule were designed to do.

When we choose to change, we can upset people who need us to remain the same for their lifestyle without consideration for why the change is happening for us, but we can simultaneously relieve and delight people who have seen the potential in us all along but knew it had to be our choice. Most importantly, when we choose to make these difficult, yet beneficial changes, we show that we value ourselves enough to place boundaries in our lives where there needs to be so that we can thrive and fully be our best selves as often as possible (btw, keep the latter people in your lives because they love you and are letting you travel your own journey while being a quiet support system). I know there has been some readers who are upset to not be able to, for example, see the tour of my kitchen later this month without having to pay to see it. However, that is my boundary. The boundaries we place in our lives are not done to please the masses; they are done to express respect for ourselves and the life we want to live and/or continue to live so that we can offer the world what we can each uniquely give.

The world needs for each of us to find the courage within to offer our unique awesomeness because nobody else can do so except us.

Beginning today, visitors to TSLL will only be able to view FIVE posts before they will need to become either a BASIC or TOP Tier subscriber to view unlimited content. As described in specific detail here, TOP Tier subscribers will have access to a handful of categories no other readers will be able to view no matter how many posts were read during that particular month: TSLL’s House & Garden Tours, Shannon’s Journey (Saturday Ponderings, What Made Me Smile This Month, etc.), Giveaways and the TOP 100 posts. Once you subscribe, remember to login each time you visit and enjoy an ad-free experience perusing endless posts focused on living a life of quality over quantity in every arena of your life.

Today, exclusive content begins being posted with the first A Cuppa Moments with Shannon (posted at 4:10am France time/7:10pm Pacific) which only for TOP Tier Subscribers will be available on the blog on the first day of each month. I will share a glimpse of the first episode below, but to view the entire 22 minute+ episode and further episodes, you will need to become a TOP Tier Subscriber which you can learn more about here.

Thank you for stopping by today, and wishing you a lovely Thursday and first day of October. Stop by tomorrow for the weekly This & That. Bonne journée!

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~Images from Shannon’s garden

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12 thoughts on “October Ushers In A New & Significant Change to TSLL’s Reading Experience

  1. Shannon, I think this is a wonderful and necessary step! I have been a blog follower (and ad free subscriber) for quite a few years, and it has been a delight to watch the blog (and yourself) on its journey over those years. As things grow there becomes a greater need for boundaries, and in my opinion you have set yours well. Count me in with the latter folks as part of your quiet support system; I look forward to continuing the journey with you as we both continue to cultivate our Simply Luxurious life!

  2. Shannon, you’re awesome. I just listened to the 1st Cuppa and I’m glad to be joining others in the top tier. Thank you. – Teresa C.

  3. My favorite line of this post: “that is my boundary.” Such a calm answer that I will be using when appropriate. So simple; so effective. Thanks for sharing a wonderful answer for those times when others are irritated or trying to guilt us into crossing the boundaries we know are there for a reason.

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