This & That: May 24, 2024 – British Week!
Friday May 24, 2024

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There are oodles of sales taking place this Memorial Day weekend, very similar in reductions to Black Friday on some brands, so while I will include a few in today’s post, this is just a heads up to check your favorite brands for whatever you might be looking for, whether it is skincare, clothing, etc. For skincare, I have three brands to share with you today that are having a great sale. The first, DermStore, has a sale of 20% off sitewide when you use the promo code SUN, and some wonderful luxury brands are included in this nice reduction offering. I have shopped a few below.

My go-to retinol cream from Augustinus Bader is 20% off!

Screenshot 2024 05 23 At 11.48.10 am

The British luxury skincare line that I know some TSLL readers love and swear by, and that I was first introduced to when I flew in First Class (a lovely little surprise of an upgrade as it was actually cheaper than the business class ticket for my arrival trip ☺️) this past October as they gift you with exclusive products from Elemis (I am still using their lip balm which they sell nowhere and is only for their partnership with BA – oh my goodness – yet another reason to fly on certain airlines!). Anyway back to the sale, everything is 20% off when you use the promo code MDW20 through May 31st. I have shopped a few items below, but if you know what you love, be sure to scoop it up!

Being released in the states on May 28th, Adam Smyth’s The Book-Makers “offers a new way into the story of Western culture’s most important object, the book, through dynamic portraits of eighteen individuals who helped to define it . . . From Wynkyn de Worde’s printing of fifteenth-century bestsellers to Nancy Cunard’s avant-garde pamphlets produced on her small press in Normandy, this is a celebration of the book with the people put back in.” Bibliophiles! This is our book! ☺️

As a freelance travel writer and food photographer in London, Milly Kenny Ryder’s job is to visit and taste food constantly (check out her IG page here), and so with all of the tastings and explorations she has under her belt, she wrote a new book. Now available in the UK (released on May 2nd – shop here from Blackwells), and being released on September 24th in the states, if you too associate Britain with cosy bakery treats, this is the book to have.

Back in November, I shared that Dame Judi Dench had released a new memoir in the UK. Well now, just this past April, it has become available in the states. Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays the Rent is already a New York Times bestseller, and it is “the first time that Dench opens up about every Shakespearean role she has played throughout her seven-decade career, from Lady Macbeth and Titania to Ophelia and Cleopatra. In a series of intimate conversations with actor & director Brendan O’Hea, she guides us through Shakespeare’s plays with incisive clarity, revealing the secrets of her rehearsal process and inviting us to share in her triumphs, disasters, and backstage shenanigans”. Did you see her conversation with Monty Don at the Chelsea Flower Show recently? Here is pic of their chat, and you can catch it on BritBox.

Perhaps you fell in love with British novelist David Nicholls’ knack for telling a love story in his internationally bestselling and Booker Prize-longlisted novel One Day, and if so, you will definitely want to pick up his new novel. Already available in the UK, You Are Here will be released on May 28th in the states. Set in both London and the English countryside, You Are Here tells the story of Michael and Marnie who meet when a “persistent mutual friend and some very unpredictable weather conspire to toss them together on the most epic of ten-day hikes . . . Michael and Marnie are on the precipice of a bright future . . . if they can survive the journey”.

You no doubt remember Benjamina from the Great British Bake-Off, and now she has her own cookbook full of sweet treats meant to bring us together and prompt us to savor deeply. I’ll Bring Dessert by Benji, as she is better well-known, inspires to provide confidence whenever you have been chosen to be the person who brings dessert to any occasion. “Chapters cover Something Fruity, Something Chocolatey, Something Creamy, Something Nutty and Something on the Side and each includes a mix of hot and cold desserts, vegan and gluten free recipes (or simple swaps), and recipes that can be made in advance or on the day with tips on how to transport or finish assembling later. From Cherry Slab Pie and Smoked Salt and Halva Cookies to a Gingerbread Mascarpone Roulade and Hot Honey Peach Shortcakes, there are recipes for when you want to really push the boat out and others that suit a more relaxed gathering.”

Released this past April. Pick up your copy now.

717ulfgstol. Sl1500

I am giving you a heads up on this one as it won’t be released until September 24th, but I have already had the opportunity to read the galley of British interior designer Ben Pentreath’s new book, An English Vision (I loved his English Decoration: Timeless Inspiration for the Contemporary Home), and if you love just that – classic English decor mixed with contemporary touches, very similar, but with his own unique touch to Rita Konig’s, then you will want to preorder. Look for a detailed review (and *fingers-crossed* an interview with Pentreath in the fall on The Simple Sophisticate podcast).

81 K0qrb9ql. Sl1500

During this past winter, I read a memoir by British interior designer and decorator Imogen Taylor, who was one of the first principal decorators for Colefax & Fowler. One of the reasons I was drawn to her life and career is because she too is a Francophile, and someone now in retirement who calls home in both Kent and in Burgundy. Yep – she speaks our language of affection for both cultures :).

You may remember the detailed tour of her remodeled house in House & Garden a few years ago, and well, it is fabulous. So I wanted to know more about her because she too never married, never had children and had a career to dream about along with a pup or two as a companion. Needless to say, she feels a bit like a kindred spirit, and this book is both a history of how England has changed over the decades regarding decoration (she decorated one of the residences in Kensington Palace while Princess Diane lived there) as well as an inspiring story of a life well lived (and continuing to do so).

91wwujef4pl. Sl1500

Placed throughout Rita Konig’s North Farm are these beautiful lacquered trays in all sizes. Places to put your cuppa or glass, a place for books or for service purposes. If you read the tour post of my stay at North Farm, you will spot them here and there. She has updated the design from the original (the original had soft scalloped edges which you will see in North Farm, and those can also be found, but now the Margot – named after her daughter, looks like what you see here).

While an investment, these are sturdy trays and highly functional. And this is what Konig does so well: adds a modern touch to a classic vignette with the lacquer and the detail. Be sure to keep these in mind if you are looking for exactly this sort of touch to your décor.

Over the past year I have had many readers reach out to me asking how I was able to order (and ship) my Roberts radios from the UK to the US as the company itself doesn’t ship outside of Britain. As someone who loves my Roberts radios and counts three of them in my house at the moment (and I counted four in Rita Konig’s North Farm which made me smile endlessly – I had a radio on nearly the entire time I was there), these are high quality radios (one was a giveaway last year in fact) and thankfully you can ship them from the UK to the US through Amazon in the UK. Make sure your payment information knows you are purchasing internationally as some bank fraud alerts may be pinged, but other than that, as one TSLL reader and her husband shared recently, they were able to have the radio shipped and arrive on the west coast here in the states in less than a week (Paula your radio is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your photos ☺️).

A touch of Britain in your home. And perhaps listening to BBC Sounds via bluetooth, or if you are like me the Classical music station on BBC 3 (BBC Sounds app for free access) or Classic FM (tune in to episode #375 of the podcast as this British station was the Petit Plaisir).

Midsomer Murders Mayhem

A big thank you to Michelle, a long-time TSLL Member who shared with me earlier this spring that a new podcast premiered (March 28th) talking about all things Midsomer Murders. Yep, Midsomer Murders Mayhem is a podcast, and you can check out their homepage with all of the episodes here.

Here is a great sale to stock up on all of your sun skincare needs. All sun skincare products are 20% – no code necessary. My go-to and most trusted sunscreen – EltaMD UV Clear broad spectrum sunscreen spf 46 – is available in all sorts of variations. Such a light-weight and greaseless product, I have been a fan ever since I began using it last year. Here are a few more items to shop below that are included in the sale.

Nina Campbell’s Marguerite Teacup & Saucer

This gorgeous teacup & saucer pair is handcrafted in Stoke-on-Trent in England and is set upon English fine bone china. “Inspired by Nina’s love of nature, travel and adventure, the illustrative designs draw fond memories of dining al fresco on sultry summer afternoons. A vision to behold, the Lithodora Diffusa in ‘Heavenly Blue’ is an evergreen plant, which grows in garden borders and its vivid blue, star-shaped blooms are peppered amongst a mat of leafy green foliage”.

While an investment, oh my goodness wouldn’t this be a treasure to have! Purchase two while you are at it, and you will never regret doing so. Delightful.

Screenshot 2024 05 23 At 10.47.06 am

A summer cover-up of a dress to wear over your swimsuit or thoughtfully chosen undergarments, such comfort and beauty in Dôen’s Rosabella dress for the season of relaxing is a timeless piece to have.

I know there are many dog lovers in our community and as someone who has one of Lords & Labradors’ high wall beds for Norman (he loves it and Nelle sneaks in there from time to time), when I saw they had beds and dog coats with the Union Jack print, I had to share. It’s British Week after all, and perhaps this touch of whimsy would be that make-you-smile detail in the room where your pup enjoys a good snooze.

Britain’s Sweaty Betty brand is having a great sale (the same reduction they offered during Black Friday in fact) as everything is 25% off. That includes my go-to walking jogger pant, the Gaia (which I included in the scroll below), but whatever you need, it is on sale and no promo code is necessary. Shop through May 31st.

This past early spring when the weather kept me inside, I came across this travel series on AcornTV that gives an intimate tour of the counties Norfolk and Surrey in eastern England just above London. Often called the breadbox of the country for its lush farm and fishing trades, if you are looking for travel while staying home or inspiration for your next trip, this is a six-part series to enjoy.

And we all know it’s happening and some TSLL readers are even there right now or were there earlier this week! The Chelsea Flower Show is in full swing, and I have been watching an episode or two each night on BritBox. Hosted by the folks you’ve come to enjoy on Gardeners’ World plus a few other fabulous faces and hosts, if you too love this annual tradition, be sure to tune in.

Let’s laugh, shall we? This irreverent comedy is now in season two, having premiered in 2019 and is a comedy titled Here We Go centered around a family whose “youngest son Sam uses his camera to document the highs and lows of the Jessop family as they navigate a combination of life’s everyday challenges: changing careers, keeping the romance alive within a marriage, adopting a healthier lifestyle, kidnapping a dog, destroying a swimming pool and sabotaging a wedding. Although nothing quite goes to plan for the Jessops, their indomitable spirit sees them find moments of unexpected delight among the disappointment, and laughing in the face of disaster.” Have a look at the trailer for season one below and look for it on BritBox.


As I sit and type out in my garden, I am watching a butterfly dance about the bulbous purple head of an allium, and all I can do is stare and be grateful. I love this time of year in the garden, and it’s no wonder Britain springs to mind and I have such an affection for the country’s love of its favorite pastime, as well as for the country itself. Even when things don’t work out (currently wondering about my strawberries in their pots that don’t seem to have returned for the season), I still love that I can garden.

While I didn’t get the opportunity to visit any gardens during my trip this past October and rather delighted in cozying by the fireplace as depicted here in the above photo in one of the many pics captured while I stayed at North Farm with a hot cuppa tea on the most comfortable corduroy sofa, that is definitely on the priority list to do so next visit, as there are oodles of places to explore, learn about and learn from!

Speaking of learning and discovering, I want to thank everyone who has stopped by this week for our annual British Week, and your comments and connections with others, sharing what you have experienced but also asking questions to not only me but others, has been a delight to see in the comments. I look forward to hearing all about your upcoming trips and discoveries as you venture to wherever in Britain you are inspired to visit, and thank you for sharing time with us all during this special week here on TSLL.

And of course, we are not done yet! Later today, one more post will be shared – the Grand Giveaway, and then on Saturday, there will be two more posts to conclude the week, including a post detailing the first TSLL in-person gathering with TOP Tier Members, this go-round for afternoon tea in London.

Before I sign off on this week’s This & That, a heads up that this Sunday, Sunday the 26th, will be the day that I will finally be debuting the Introductory video of TSLL’s Contentment Masterclass, full of detailed information sharing what the course will be about, and it will be shared in lieu of Monday’s Motivational post as I want to give you time to explore it as we have a long holiday weekend. But rest assured, I have not forgotten about the monthly gardening post, so look for that on Tuesday, the 28th.

Okay! Now to a few more links and one video I think you’re going to love if you are an Anglophile or a cosy mystery reader. Thank you for stopping by today and until later today, bonne journée ! Or should I say, cheerio!

~This will speak our language I have a feeling: Rethinking productivity: Less hustle, more harmony, more energy [Tiny Buddha]

~If you were unable to find the Burleigh collection or item you were looking for earlier this week on their US site, be sure to shop Bee’s Knees, a reputable US-based source that has many more items.

~What is it that makes cosy British village mysteries so appealing? [BritishTV]

~Why writing by hand beats typing for thinking and learning [NPR]

~We must not forget about Francophile-finds even if it is British week, and this one made me smile – France issues scratch-and-sniff baguette postage stamps [NYtimes, gift link]

~Do you know where Britain’s most remote pub is located? Find out here and how to access it. Hint, it’s in Scotland [T & L]

~How to design a garden [Gardeners’ World]

~If you like a more modern touch to your interior design, but with a slight touch of English traditional, be sure to take a look at this modern take on a storied Hampstead House. [House & Garden UK]

~Since we’ve been talking a lot this week about ease of transport from the airport (in this case Heathrow) to the city, here is one for Francophiles – How to get from CDG to Paris by public transport [Frenchly]

~Nigel Slater’s recipe for Pancetta Tarts, vegan ginger slice, and onion flatbreads [The Observer]

~Some of the favorite gardens picked by The Gardens Illustrated team at Chelsea Flower Show.

~Some foolproof summer outfits ideas for the Memorial Day or Bank Holiday weekend many of us find ourselves about to begin. [Vogue UK]

~And what better news to share as British Week’s This & That concludes than the announcement of the premiere date of The Marlow Murder Club, written, created and adapted by Robert Thorogood (and they actually film the entire series in Marlow, England, where the author lives!). Season 1 (they are already filming season 2!) will premiere on PBS Masterpiece on October 27th. And yep, I will be sure to share later this year on that particular T & T when the date arrives. 🙂 Here’s the trailer and be sure to read the books here. There are three already, and each are fantastic.

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~~Please note: TSLL is supported by you, readers who take the time to stop by (merci!), peruse and sometimes welcome into your life mentioned and recommended finds. Affiliate links are present in today’s post and may earn commissions for TSLL when you purchase. View TSLL’s full Privacy Policy here.

43 thoughts on “This & That: May 24, 2024 – British Week!

  1. Thank you, Shannon, you take such good care of us, making sure we know about all the latest and greatest!

  2. Thank you for such a lovely selection of British offerings this week, I am currently binge watching Chelsea watching Monty Don interviewing Nigel Slater is a dream! If you do every get the opportunity to visit Marlow it’s a pretty town, I’d recommend combining it with a trip to Blenheim Palace and Bicester Shopping Village which are great for days out!

    1. Clare,

      Lovely to see you in the comments! I too have been watching the Chelsea Flower Show, but haven’t seen that interview yet – thank you for the heads up – I will look forward to it! 🙂 Thank you for the recommendation about Marlow. It does sound lovely and good to know from someone who knows it, that indeed it is. And to know what is around. Sounds like a great day outing or weekend! Sincerely appreciate your sharing. Have a wonderful weekend Clare.

  3. Thank you Shannon , This &That is always the perfect way to start the weekend! I fell in love with Nina Campbell’s teacup and saucer… simply exquisite!
    I wish a wonderful Memorial Day long weekend to all the members living in the U.S.!

    1. Isn’t that teacup design so beautiful and delicately considered. So pleasing to the eye, you know you will hold it in your hands like a fragile egg, such a beauty. Thank you for stopping by Laura and wishing you as well a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thank you Shannon for these great finds.
    I re-subscribed to Acorn TV to watch season 3 of Harry Wild. I am rotating my extra channel. I cannot wait to see The Marlow Murder Club portrait on TV. I will resubscribe to PBS in the fall and watch season 2 of Annika, too.
    I work for a book publishing company and I am obsessed about the history of book publishing companies. The Book-Makers will be my next audible book. Thank you for this amazing British week.

    1. Véronique,

      Thank you for stopping by this week and sharing what caught your interest. 🙂 Jane Seymour is fun isn’t she? I love her strong character in the series, as only and always she does in whatever role she plays. And doesn’t Marlow look great! That should be a fun one. You sound like me, I mix and match my streaming subscriptions throughout the year as well. How wonderful to work for a book publishing company! Yes, I think you will enjoy the Book-Maker. Happy listening! So tickled you are enjoying British Week. 😌🇬🇧❤️ Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Phew Shannon. Such delights. Just need to find a comfy chair with a Cuppa to explore all that you’ve shared. I definitely will be ordering ‘The Book-Maker. The artice on handwriting caught my eye. I love to write by hand and appreciate beautiful handwriting. As someone who practises calligraphy I can definitely say that it keeps you in the present . At every stroke you must lift your pen off the paper. Not something that can be rushed. I still handwrite all my letters and cards. It’s such a joy to receive a handwritten letter. You know that the sender has really thought of you.Good news that schools are re-introducing cursive lettering. Here’s to penmanship. Kameela😊

    1. What a skill to have learned Kameela! I’d love to take up calligraphy in the future, written cards are still something I love to send. And how wonderful to make them beautiful to the eye!

      1. Sarah, I hope you do. There are so many different aspects to this art. There is modern or faux callgraphy, which is easier with brush pens rather than using the classic pointed pen. By the way where are you in the photo in relation to Shannon? BW. Kameela 😊

        1. Thank you for the tip Kameela.
          In the photo I am the second person away from Shannon. Nicola is next to Shannon and then I am next to Nicola ☺️

      1. 😀. This made me smile Michelle . I tried but couldn’t get on with scuba diving and I can’t sew very well. Kameela😊

    2. Coucou Kameela, ca va? I can’t agree with you more. I love handwriting letters and notes. Well that used to be how we all communicated, wasn’t it? I am involved with a research group that transcribes the handwritten letters and correspondence of one of the Gilded Age heiresses, Alberta Sturges Montagu, wife of George Montagu, 9th Earl of Sandwich. Just the other day, our group was remarking how we all love beautiful stationery and pens and what a pity handwritten epistles have fallen out of favor. There was a recent Norwegian study that found writing by hand is better for learning and memory. Ah, calligraphy–I dabbled and loved it, but of course it was one of those things that got pushed to the side as I got older. Perhaps I should pick up my pens and refurbish my inkwell? Bise💖

      1. Si ,ca va ma chère Rona. Et toi? How interesting. Would love to know more about your research group. Calligraphy has changed since you dabbled with it. It’s now possible to practise it in a modern way. There is modern and faux calligraphy which can be achieved with brush pens . instead of a pointed pen used
        for classic calligraphy. I’m sure you can do it. It depends what else you’re committed to. Biz. Kameela😍

        1. Chère Kameela, toute va bien, merci! I must look into the modern calligraphy, perhaps something for when the days are too hot to play outside, except for the earliest morning hours. The research is fascinating. We’re a group of about two dozen and we began transcribing the collection of over 10.000 letters, journals and diaries last year. The exhibit just opened this season at Mapperton House. You can read about it here: It is incredibly exciting and such a unique and in-depth window into that period of time. You must visit if you can, it really is extraordinary and I am incredibly humbled to be a part of it all. Here is a bit more about it. The video is about 25 minutes long. (There is a picture in the exhibit of all the transcribers; if you stop at 6:32, go 4 columns over from the left and 3 spaces down, you get to see me😉.) .Biz.💕Rona

    3. Kameela,

      Thank you for sharing this awareness about calligraphy. What a wonderful gift received by an artistic pastime – wholly giving our attention to a task and savoring creating something of beauty. It really is a nice delight to see a handwritten note in the mailbox. As you said, it shares forethought and care. 🙂 Here’s to hand-writing indeed! Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  6. Oodles of treats to check out here on This and That. What a great British Week we’ve had here at TSLL! The photo of that comfy sofa and book at North Farm just calls out to me to sit and read, which I will make time for this weekend. Oh yes, I started watching the Chelsea Garden Show last night. Looking forward to viewing “Here We Go”, as it looks to be a good comedy. The new Britbox Original series “After the Flood” has engaged my interest with the first episode.
    Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, Shannon. Xo

    1. Oh my goodness, I am right there with you Karen – pair a feather-down sofa, a book and tea, and I am planting myself for hours. ☺️ Thank you for the recommendation of After the Flood. I will definitely be checking it out per your comment. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend as well!

  7. First and foremost. many thanks for a fabulous British Week, Shannon, absolutely stellar. Excellent T&T, as usual.
    –“The Book-Makers”: pre-order done! Can’t wait for this one!
    –Enjoying RHS Chelsea Garden Show on Netflix, every night, what a fabulous treat
    –The Marlowe Murder Club looks like such fun, so glad someone turned the books into a televised series
    And so much more to peruse and enjoy over the weekend–thanks for the tip on the Dermstore sale!
    I will be out in the garden this weekend, taking advantage of the cooler mornings to get all my pottering done, so afternoons I can cozy in with a cuppa and catch up with all things TSLL etc. Looking forward to the Gardening Post. Thanks for everything, Shannon, love to the pups. xx

    1. Rona,

      It truly was a delight and must fun to bring this week to you all. Thank you for visiting throughout it all. 😌 Tickled you find things this week that caught your eye and that book does look intriguing, doesn’t it! Enjoy when it arrives next week. ☺️
      Have a wonderful time in your garden and your new greenhouse! I am so happy that you have this addition. You must share with us when you would like all that you are now doing within it throughout the year. Wishing you lovely afternoons after pottering – they really are sweet after we’ve been outside with our hands in the soil – I too have a similar weekend schedule during the gardening months. enjoy and than you for stopping by. 😌

  8. I just love seeing that Friday’s This and That post come through- it’s always jam-packed with inspiration and ideas and such a lovely way to begin the weekend.
    I’ve just finished You are Here and it was just brilliant – many laugh out loud moments throughout, while also being quite poignant – I loved it! Have a lovely weekend all,

    1. Fiona,

      So tickled you enjoy this weekly posting! I genuinely look forward to my Thursdays when I get to sit down and pull all of the finds I have been compiling over the past weeks and months together to share with you all. And then to read that you enjoyed the posts as well, that makes it all the more a favorite weekly posting. ☺️

      And thank you SO much for sharing how you enjoyed You Are Here. The premise and title and then, yep, the talented author, immediately caught my eye and I look forward to reading it this summer as well. So good to hear that it was a delight of a read. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by!

  9. Good morning, Everyone .

    What a fun week it’s been. Thank you, Shannon, for taking us along on your travels. My favorite may have been the hike in the rain that ended with your wellies by the Aga, yummy gingerbread and a nice warm cuppa. So very British.

    Bejamina is one of my favorite bakers, and her new cookbook sounds delightful. An English Vision also made its way onto my booklist. Every year I pick out one thing I want from your giveaways (or that you included) such as the Emma Bridgewater Union Jack mug I purchased last year. This year, I want to get the Robert’s radio in mustard. However, Nina Campbell’s teacup is darling. Here We Go and The Marlow Murder Club both recently made their way to my watchlist. Can you imagine opening a book of Scratch & Sniff postage stamps? The French are geniuses.

    Now, off the watch Chelsea Flower Show. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and, to those in the states, Memorial Day.


    P.S. So glad you included Midsomer Mayhem. I am looking forward to following along next series.

    1. Michelle,

      Thank you for sharing what you enjoyed this week. I also so enjoyed Benjamina and have a very confident feeling, this cookbook is full of gems that will be returned to again and again. And I appreciate your sharing how you are inspired each year with British Week – that is a wise idea and inspired idea – one thing, but one thing that you love. Whatever you choose, I am confident you will enjoy it. And aren’t Nina Campbell’s teacups absolutely beautiful? And to your question, gotta love the French! ☺️🥖🇫🇷❤️

      Enjoy your weekend and watching the Chelsea Flower Show. Will be doing the same here with some pottering in the garden. Thank you for stopping by 😌 And thank you again for sharing with me the podcast! I look forward to tuning in with each season of the show!

    2. 😀. Not so sure about the genius bit as my post office has run out of scratch and sniff stamps! Our village baker retired last month so I guess that freshly baked aroma is seriously missed. Kameela😊

  10. Dear Shannon,
    My fingers (and toes) are crossed for your interview with Mr. Pentreath. This post is as rich and robustly wonderful as the whole week has been so far! I’m so excited about the Judi Dench book, which I think will be devoured as an audio. And also the PBS series in Marlowe…looks intriguing! Thinking of you, making your tea in favorite cups and keeping this beautiful train of British week on its rails each day with such gorgeous views out the windows of your writing…so many thanks to you. -Liz

    1. Liz,

      Me too! The publicity said it may be a possibility, so . . . 😬 we will see! I will do all that I can, I promise! And yes, the audio of Judi Dench’s book would be a wonderful with her narrating – yes!

      Thank you for your thoughts. This is a special week that enables us all to connect even more – readers with each other and me to get to know what you all enjoy, of your travel experiences and plans, and so much more. Grateful for your stopping by so frequently during this full week. Your kind and beautiful words are a treat to read. Thank you for your comment. 😌💛

  11. Thank you, Shannon, for a splendid British Week and a great T & T! Oh my, did I enjoy myself! 🙂

    My favourites:
    – The Book-Makers: A History of the Book in Eighteen Lives – Everything about books it my thing
    – Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays the Rent – Shakespeare + Dame Dench = perfection.
    – Why writing by hand beats typing for thinking and learning – Yep, I am right there with this.
    – France baguette postage stamps – How cool is this? Now, I need to quickly find myself a French pen-friend… 😉
    – the favorite gardens from the Chelsea Flower Show – Better than this, just to be there in person!

    And a big, yes, please to an interview with Mr. Ben Pentreath.

    Have a lovely weekend and a great week ahead – and give many pats to Nelle and Norman! XO

    1. Isabel,

      Thank you for stopping by and so tickled you enjoyed this special T & T! Always delight in seeing what speaks to you and why. ☺️ Wishing you as well a lovely weekend and thank you for the love for N & N! 🐾🐾

  12. Shannon, it might be Monday but it’s a bank holiday so I saved this post to read. I always enjoy your recommendations and this is a goodie! Thank you for sharing with us. My husband is keen to visit the most remote pub but I think it is more likely to be a ferry trip than a 2 day hike. I would definitely recommend a trip North next time you come to the UK. x

    1. Nicola,

      Oh! I am so excited for your both! What a fun excursion, and that’s right! You two are adventurers and love to explore into Scotland. Always enjoy the photos you share of your trips. Please do share when you two make it to this special place. And thank you for stopping by today. Enjoy the holiday and day off! 🙂

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