This & That: May 10, 2024
Friday May 10, 2024

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Reading NBC Universal’s Vice Chairman Bonnie Hammer’s op-ed for the WSJ ‘Follow Your Dreams’ and Other Terrible Career Advice last weekend prompted me to want to explore and share her new book — 15 Lies Women Are Told At Work. Released this past Tuesday, Hammer shares how her “power—and her staying power—comes from rejecting common myths about how women are ‘supposed’ to act in the workplace. She knows that the traditional wisdom women are told about work—pithy phrases like ‘don’t mix work with play,’ ‘talk is cheap,’ ‘follow your dreams,’ ‘know your worth,’ ‘trust your gut,’ and ‘you can have it all’—hold women back. Having risen from an entry-level production assistant whose chief charge was a dog, to a transformative, top executive at NBCUniversal, Bonnie challenges conventional workplace wisdom and shares the uncommon sense women need to succeed.” I definitely look forward to reading it.

Being released this coming Tuesday May 14th, bestselling author Miranda July’s new novel All Fours “tells the story of one woman’s quest for a new kind of freedom. Part absurd entertainment, part tender reinvention of the sexual, romantic, and domestic life of a forty-five-year-old female artist, All Fours transcends expectation while excavating our beliefs about life lived as a woman. Once again, July hijacks the familiar and turns it into something new and thrillingly, profoundly alive.”

Released this past Tuesday, the first book from garden designer Sean A. Pritchard, Outside In “shows you how to plan a garden so that every month of the year there’s something to bring indoors and display in an engaging way and Divided by season with additional chapters on vessels, scent, color, texture and how to plan for the gardening year.”

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​”From the cheery joy of early spring daffodils to the velvety richness of late-summer dahlias, the deep glow of golden autumn leaves to the optimism of late-winter catkins, Sean explains how to grow, harvest, and arrange an abundance of nature’s treasure – whatever size your plot or your level of horticultural experience.”

Summer is near, and slipping away to the ocean for cooler temperatures will definitely be on many of our planned getaways. While the Hamptons may have an international reputation “as a glamorous summertime playground for the rich and famous . . . there is another side of the East End that is more down-to-earth and magical in every season. This is the Hamptons that readers will come to know, love, and celebrate in Walk With Me: Hamptons.

From the photographer who brought readers Walk With me in New York, Susan Kaufman’s photographs invite readers to “experience the charming and historic side of the Hamptons: its classic shingle houses, cozy, rose-covered cottages, roadside farm stands filled with fresh produce and flowers, centuries-old windmills, quaint inns and indie shops, fields of wildflowers, hydrangea-filled gardens, cornfields, and, of course, the beautiful beaches. The Hamptons are a perfect combination of natural beauty and stunning architecture that will always make it a unique and alluring destination.”

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With TSLL’s 6th Annual British Week now just two weeks away (May 19-26th), when I saw this book published last year and having not shared it yet, I thought it would be the perfect aperitif to whet our appetites for all things British. ☺️🇬🇧🫖

Sharing “75+ easy-to-follow recipes to create tea sandwiches, scones, breads, cakes, dips, and, of course–tea, bestselling author Gail Greco also includes cooking and serving tea tips, tea etiquette, insight on the differences between using tea bags, a tea kettle, and loose leaves, and the lingo used by tea connoisseurs.”

Premiering next Thursday, May 16th, Part One of Two in the Bridgerton franchise shares the first of four episodes (a total of eight in the entire season). Centered around the characters brought to the screen by Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton, season three kicks off with an episode titled “Out of the Shadows”. Have a look at the trailer below.

Jane Seymour stars as Harriet Wild, otherwise known as Harry, a retired literature professor who has now turned amateur sleuth in Dublin, Ireland. Along with her assistant Fergus, played by Rohan Nedd, while the series is not really a true British Find, as it is set and filmed in Dublin, Ireland, it is streaming on AcornTV where many British shows are found. I quite enjoy this series and look forward to season three premiering on Monday, May 13th. Have a look at a peek into the new season below.

Set in the English countryside, get ready to see this bucolic way of life in a new, and often hilarious new light. Plum Sykes’ new novel, being released on Tuesday May 14th, Wives Like Us, is set in the “rose-strewn county of Oxfordshire, and the tony Cotswold villages of Little Bottom, Middle Bottom, Great Bottom, and Monkton Bottom, recently annexed by a glittering new breed of female: the Country Princess. Following a ghastly row about a missing suite of diamonds, Tata Hawkins has flounced out of Monkton Bottom Manor with her daughter, Minty, and Executive Butler Ian Palmer in tow, decamping to The Old Coach House to teach her husband Bryan a lesson. But things don’t go to planned.”

If you are looking for what has been described as a laugh-out-loud, summer read set in the Cotswolds, this might just be your book.

81tsa39aphl. Sl1500

Released this past Tuesday, Kismet is full of more than 100 recipes, each casual as week as vegetable-forward inspired by what this two women team behind the successful LA restaurant of the same name share with their customers.

“Adapted for home cooks, recipes like Salty-Sweet Persimmon Salad and Harissa Party Wings are a tantalizing blend of casual California cool and vibrant Mediterranean-inspired flavors.

“Host the perfect cocktail hour with the chapter devoted to dips and schmears with variations of labneh, tahini, and zhoug that pair beautifully with Flaky Bread (Malawach), plus recipes for Peanut Muhammara and Garlicky Bean Dip. In the Salady chapter, there’s a modern Wedge Salad with Miso-Poppy Dressing, along with an inspired Marinated Feta topped with Dates and Rose Water Onions or with Spice-Roasted Tomatoes and Grapefruit, perfect for a summer picnic. And while vegetables may be the stars of Kismet, recipes such as Blistered Shishitos and Shrimp, Freekeh “Polenta” with Poached Eggs, Weeknight Steak with Grapes and Grilled Peppers, or Roast Chicken with Schmaltzy Potatoes will stun any dinner spread.”

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It has been a long-time coming, and many worried it might not ever actually take place. Since 2021, fans of L’Art du Crime, a favorite French series of TSLL readers and listeners of the podcast (the series was chosen as a Petit Plaisir in episode #269), have been wondering, and now we know. Season six will premiere this coming Tuesday, May 14th on MHzChoice. And if you can remember how season five concluded, you might be curious as to where the new season will begin. Hint, hint, the trailer below answers that precise question. Be sure to watch it until the very end. 😉 I know what I will be watching mardi soir !

I had the opportunity to receive this new book that arrived just this week written by Lindsey Tramuta that goes behind the award-winning rosé wines from Provence’s Château d’Esclans, a vineyard that inspired the “rosé revolution”. “Château d’Esclans’s impressive estate extends across 660 acres in the heart of Provence, France. Dating back to the time of the Gauls, vines have grown on its lands for centuries. When its founder Sacha Lichine acquired the property in 2006, he was destined to shake up the wine world: he set out to create the best rosés and to forever transform their place in the collective imagination, from accessible rosés to ultra-premium, luxury wines.”

With photography by Martin Bruno, the never-before-published images showcase the history and spirit of Château d’Esclans. Needless to say, summer is coming, rosé is never a bad idea, and this book will have you aching to book that trip to Provence. It is stunning.

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BlueMercury Mother’s Day Sale, 20% off

The skincare and beauty online shop, as well as including luxuries for the home, BlueMercury is having a not-to-miss sale, and included in their sale is a Francophile dream of a find. Quite a few of Trudon’s candles, beginning with their classic scent (shown below), are all 20% off. So why not stock up your candle cupboard as well as check off gift ideas for those Francophiles on your list?

I have shopped skincare and beauty brands finds as well below.


Brooklinen’s Linen Sheet, on sale

Linen. To sleep on linen is to never return to cotton sheets again. Upon doing so myself in 2018, linen has been the only fabric I sleep on at home, and it makes a wonderful difference in my quality of sleep. Which is why I wanted to bring to your attention the sale on all linen sheets and duvets at Brooklinen. A trusted brand, and rarely do their sheets go on sale. If you have been thinking about welcoming linen into your home, now is a great time to buy.

Made with viscose from bamboo, Cozy Earth pjs come in a wide variety of colors, so if you are looking for a cozy full set of pajamas at a decent price (and selected as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things), be sure to take a look.

Linen blazers in various colors for layer in spring and summer. Never a bad idea. 🙂

A neutral jumpsuit, but in the style of shorts. Have fun dressing up or down this capsule wardrobe item that will be one to wear for years to come with its neutral color and classic cut.

Uk Ss24 Dr Stella Stone Linenmixa


And staying with the theme of linen because you can never go wrong with a classic linen button-up, Reiss’ white and soft blue offerings.


The warm weather arrived yesterday here in Bend, so I took the laptop outside and wrote most of this post in the garden. Absolute bliss. The birds chirped, the neighborhood calmly went about its daily routines, and the cherry trees, each now fully adorned in white blossoms, made me lose all track of time as I typed away.

This week I’ve been working on finishing up the trailer, or more accurately introductory video, for the Contentment Masterclass along with the regular writing schedule of posts, savoring the treats found at the farmers’ market – aren’t those purple asparagus just calling our name! – and diving into FR 202 class, learning about converting adjectifs into adverbes, utilizing connecteurs in conversation, and generally, just grateful to feel more at ease talking French in a simple manner to my new professor and fellow students. By no means am I entirely comfortable or mistake-free, but progress is happening!

Looking ahead to the weekend, gardening and grooming Nelle (her hair grows so much faster than Norman’s – his groom will be later this month), time with friends – both of the human and pup variety, and of course wishing my mom a happy Mother’s Day as Sunday here in the states is the day to do so. Whether you are a mom/mum/mère or not, whomever or whatever you nurture, be sure to remind yourself of all that you do. From nurturing children, students, pets, your community, dreams and opportunity, such a giving is priceless, and I thank you and I know others who directly receive the benefit of your giving thank you as well.

Thank you for stopping by today and may the weekend ahead be full of time to lose track of, moments with loved ones to savor, and of course, many everyday luxuries to delight in. Until Monday, bonne  journée.

~Beginning today, if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to watch the French foodie delight starring Juliet Binoche, The Taste of Things, if you subscribe to AcornTV, you can watch it there now.

~The Met Gala’s annual red carpet and event centered around the garden this year, so of course, my curiosity had to view all of the pieces of sartorial art, and there were many stunning creations. Have a look at all of them here [NYTimes gift link]

~When it comes to our skincare routine, keeping it simple, and smart is the best idea – Psst: That 10-step skincare routine might be hurting your face [WSJ, subscription might be required]

~A shift in how marriage proposals are taking place, planning proposals together. This makes a bit more sense to me in our modern world – no surprises about the future – it’s a team decision! [NYTimes]

~If you’ve ever had to deal with someone who is passive aggressive, you know it can be fraught and emotionally draining, not to mention unhealthy. This post shares how to overcome passive aggression and meet your needs clearly by communicating clearly [Tiny Buddha]

~And when we make the necessary changes to how we communicate, we are certain to improve our lives. Here are 8 more ways your life improves when you value and prioritize yourself. [Tiny Buddha]

~Gardeners! This time of year, any time I can be out pottering in the garden, I am, and having established climbers to add height to various ‘rooms’ in the garden definitely is a worthwhile investment. And it all begins with knowing which are the best ones for the area we will be planting it. Gardeners’ World shares the best climbers for shade here.

~The slight change of ending to Anne Hathaway’s latest film The Idea of You is explained, and I appreciate their reasoning for doing so. [Harper’s Bazaar]

~Author Olivia Laing’s latest book The Garden Against Time has been receiving all-around praise (it was included in this month’s Outfits of the Month), and she sits down with Jo Rodgers to talk about it and her daily routine while enjoying breakfast. [TOAST]

~Are you ready to get up and dance? Well, this video will definitely encourage you to do so. Vanessa Williams just released her new single, Legs, last week, and at the age of 61 is a reminder to keep moving (and dancing 😉)! Have a look and enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “This & That: May 10, 2024

  1. Good morning, and hello weekend!

    I am having a bit of a lie-in this morning as well as a chuckle watching a squirrel’s attempts to take advantage of the bird cafe outside my window whilst the 3-seed bread from Wildgrain is baking in the oven. I am also jotting down my favorite This & Thats in a notebook (a tip from one of your readers).

    The new season of Harry Wild looks great and I am happy to hear The Taste of Things has made its way to Acorn. Wives Like Us and the Trudon Tuileries Classic Candle has also made its way into my notebook.

    Thank you for the gift link to see all the fashion from Met Gala. I always love when the guests embrace the theme like Demi Moore, Tory Burch, and Daniel Levy. It is so disappointing that with a theme like Garden of Time more did not implement it in their fashion choices. I will say that Kerry Washington’s Oscar de la Renta was stunning, and Barry Keoghan had the quirky flare that makes the gala so special.

    Now, off to the garden after a bite of avocado toast with a poached egg.

    Wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day whether your children have two legs or four 🙂


    1. Michelle,

      Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day weekend and what lovely start you are having! Reading your comment brought a smile to my face and I enjoyed reading what spoke to you. Yes, the dresses aligned with the theme were fabulous! True pieces of art.

      Wishing you a wonderful time in the gardens we just came in from being outside and the squirrels here too provided much entertainment. More for Nelle than moi ☺️ They even had a stare down when Gus was on the roof and Nelle by the tree that he wanted to jump on. Both stoic. Gus was victorious but Nelle was enthralled. 🐾❤️
      Pats and loves to Abigail and thank you for stopping by! ☀️

      PS Tickled to hear you are enjoying Wildgrain’s bread. So good and went far too quickly in my house. Yum!

  2. Cou cou, Shannon! I always enjoy your This and Thats, and this one is lovely. I pinned Wives Like Us as well as the afternoon tea book. We enjoy L’art du Crime very much and will start the new season this week!

    Also, I will be off to England in September, thanks to the BA sale I learned about on your site. I’m going alone this time. My plan is to head to Norwich for a couple of days. I’ve dreamed of seeing the Marian Hangings at Oxborough Hall for more than a decade. I’m also interested in learning more about Julian of Norwich and seeing the cathedral. I’m excited about British Week!

    Bonne semaine!

  3. Thank you, Shannon, for a great T&T!

    My favourites:
    – Afternoon Tea is the New Happy Hour – How could I not?… 😉
    – Harry Wild – Never did but got curious to watch.
    – Kisme: Bright, Fresh, Vegetable-Loving Recipes – I am always looking for new fresh and original ways to dress up my vegetables, so this one is on my cooking book list.
    – Linen blend belted midi dress – very lovely!

    Ah, yes, and “Legs” 🙂 that was fun!

    I hope you are having a great weekend! Hugs and many pats to Nelle and Norman, enjoy yourself and have a good week ahead! XO

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