Outfits of the Month (4): Traveling with Pups in Style & Comfort (a summer dress theme)
Wednesday May 8, 2024

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Traveling with our pups whether on a roadtrip or on a plane, or simply taking them into establishments that we frequent for appointments or meals requires a bit of forethought. And while it has taken me a while to learn about various accessories that are available as well as what is needed and most helpful for both me, but my pups’ comfort and ease as well, over the past couple of years, I have learned quite a bit.

Admittedly, Norman and Nelle are smaller dogs (26 and 17 lbs respectively), so they are able to go with me nearly everywhere I go. One such place I often take them is to my hair salon for my regular appointment, but the floors are made of cement, and now that Norman is older, he needs a bed to sleep/sit on for the 2 1/2 hour duration. I recently learned of an easy to carry (folds up like a small tote) travel bed that I now use when the pups accompany me (Nelle will often just sit on my lap, but the bed is for her as well). And as I was shopping for this necessary accessory, I realized these finds need to be in a post to share with all of you because I know many of you have pups and cats that travel or need to travel for various reasons with you, and having what you need improves the travel experience for us all.

Of course, I did not forget that today’s post is the regular monthly Outfits of the Month post, so I have interwoven the dog travel accessories with the outfits, all centered around a summer dress complete with all the accessories (the tote this go-round if for the pups), and of course a book I think TSLL readers might be interested in (all newly released or soon to be released).

Quickly back to the pup travel items. By no means is this a complete list in today’s post (you can shop the beds I have for N & N in TSLL’s shop here under British Finds), but all of the items included are ones I either use, recommend or have on my own wishlist after much researching and perusing over the past two years. For example, tooth brushing is a 3x a week routine in our household, and while I use a child’s toothbrush currently, I am going to also add the brushes included in today’s post as they are much easier to use for hard-to-reach places (so grateful to N & N for letting me safely clean their teeth at home). And as for my go-to tote – which I only need to use if I were to travel beyond my car and they cannot be on a leash, the Explorer Tote shown below is the one I have my eye on for future traveling on planes with Nelle, but I haven’t invested yet; however, this British brand comes highly recommended from other dog owners of Cavs that I follow online who live in England, and looks to be worth the investment.

Now to shop! And don’t forget to use Rakuten to earn money back!


~Zimmermann Halliday belted striped linen maxi dress~

~Stone & Strand Zig Zag 10-karat gold earrings~

~Burberry BE4344 Daisy sunglasses, 50% off~

~Vince Coline Kitten sandal~

~Staud Pet Carrier, Cream & Tan~

~Mia Cara Dito Dog Toothbrushes~

~It’s Not Hysteria: Everything You Need to Know About Your Reproductive Health (and were never told) by Dr. Karen Tang



~Vince Cotton Sleeveless Wrap Dress, three colors, including black~

~Pedro Garcia Umita Slide Sandal~

~Prada sunglasses, 60% off~

~Impossible City: Paris is the Twenty-first Century by Simon Kuper~

~Teddy Maximus, Sand Sheltie Luxury Dog Carrier~

~Wild One Everyday Carriers (three colors)

~Mia Cara Urbano Set – water, bowl and treat holder~



~Lauren, Ralph Lauren Striped Cotton Broadcloth Surplice Dress~

~I’ll Bring Dessert: Simple, Sweet Recipes for Every Occasion by Benjamina Ebuehi 

~Sarah Flint Perfect Mirjana Wedge 50~

~Burberry Kitty sunglasses, 60%% off~

~Mia Cara Strada Travelbed (three colors, two sizes), more here from WunderPets & Co.~

~Mia Cara Sporta Dog Carrier, three colors, two sizes~



~Lauren, Ralph Lauren belted Georgette dress in primrose yellow~

~Ralph Lauren Soffia Burnished Leather Sandal~

~Amelia E. Catspaw sunglasses, 60% off~

~Sophie Buhai egg vermeil necklace~

~The Garden Against Time: In Search of a Common Paradise by Olivia Laing~

~Teddy Maximus ‘The Explorer’ Quilted Comfort Luxury Dog Carrier, many different colors~

~Lords & Labradors, Travel Matt in Bouclé, granite (more colors)~


5 1

~Ruff Houzing Rio Classic Navy Dog Carrier on Wheels, Quilted Luxe in Ivory~

~Teddy Maximus “Totes Love You’ Dog Carrier (two colors)~

~Ruff Houzin Marlee 2 Khaki Stripe Dog Carrier~

Untitled Design 1

5 thoughts on “Outfits of the Month (4): Traveling with Pups in Style & Comfort (a summer dress theme)

  1. Lots of lovely finds Shannon for precious pets and humans. I particularly like the Ralph Lauren dress . I don’t do yellow but I think I might have to rethink this colour. I’m the same colour tone as the model and it looks great on her. It isn’t a harsh yellow at all.
    Have a lovely day with N&N from la France ensoleillée. Kameela🌞

    1. Thank you for stopping by Kameela. Isn’t that an inviting and complementary shade of yellow. It has a subtle olive or warm undertone. I do like RL dresses. They seem to cut them well. Tickled to hear it is a gorgeous day in France! Bonne journée !

  2. Dear Shannon,
    I read the sample on Amazon of Impossible Paris- and fell in love with Simon’s way of using words to describe the current city that I love and sometimes struggle with! Thank you for sharing. My only disappointment is that I have to wait until June 4th for it to be released.

    1. Sharri,

      Thank you for sharing about how you enjoyed what you read. I am very much looking forward to this book. It sounds fascinating and will no doubt be a swift read when it is released. ☺️

  3. My dog is too big for these carriers, but we have an travel dog bed for her when we go on road trips. She’s good up until a certain distance, so we have a trusted sitter to look after her when we have longer and further trips.

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