This & That: July 28, 2023
Friday July 28, 2023

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Get ready to get comfortable, whether for sleep – sleepwear finds for men and women, or travel or preparing for early fall and late summer style, and some awesome prices on a few classic pieces. As well, books about living sustainably, cooking simply and deliciously for those who love Italian, and if you are looking for a simple approach to cooking one-dish recipes, a best-selling new cookbook from a favorite British chef. Also, I am getting you ready to travel internationally headache-free when it comes to tech and plug-ins as well as books for deepening your self-car routine and ensuring you remain a life-long learner to enhance your health and length of life, but also the quality. Still, there is more!


Green Living: A Comprehensive Guide to a Happy and Sustainable Life by Green Matters

Taking action, even in seemingly small ways, can assuage stress, and so here is a book full of doable ideas for each of us to incorporate into our daily lives when it comes to sustainable living. Released last year from , Green Living teaches “not just the ‘why’ of going green, but the ‘how,’ with quick-and-easy tips to substitute unsustainable and unhealthy products with greener options. Each chapter has Seed, Sprout, and Tree steps to help meet you where you’re at and develop your green practices in a way that works with your lifestyle. With additional micro-actions and tips throughout as well as definitions for commonly used green terminology, this book is for people just getting started or those looking to learn more eco-friendly hacks.”

The Lifelong Learner: How to Develop Yourself, Continually Grow, Expand Your Horizons and Pursue Anything by Peter Hollins

Released earlier this year from a self-published author who holds a master in psychology, Peter Hollins (who calls Seattle, WA, home) shares specific approaches to living that incorporate learning in your everyday life and ensure you will forever be a life-long learner. “Master the key skill that you can use at any age, in any field. Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience.

  • “The best way to set learning goals and stick to them
  • How specific questions can accelerate your learning by 10x
  • Understanding personal knowledge management and how it helps your brain make connections
  • Making your own learning syllabus complete with resources
  • Keeping yourself motivated with clever gamification techniques”

The Self-Care Prescription: Powerful Solutions to Manage Stress, Reduce Anxiety & Increase Well-Being by Robyn Gobin

From licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Robyn Gobin shares in her book The Self-Care Prescription self-care 101—discovering what ‘self care’ really means, and how you can start practicing it every day; a full-spectrum plan—bring self care to the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, vocational, and social areas of your life; and best-life strategies—unwind with mindfulness breathing practices or start eating right with healthy meal planning”.

Wine People: A Novel by Michelle Wildgen

Time magazine and Oprah Daily are both praising Michelle Wildgen’s new novel as a worthwhile summer read that will keep you engrossed. Being released on August 1st, the plot of Wine People is described as “an intoxicating escape into the cutthroat world of wine and the complicated terrain of women’s friendship.”

British Finds

The Murder of Crows by Sarah Yarwood-Lovett 

Alright cosy mystery fans, I have a new series for you to begin exploring. Author Sarah Yarwood-Lovett has been busy writing and already there are six books in the series with the first book first released last summer. Being compared to Richard Osmond and containing elements of Agatha Christie capers, the series begins with The Murder of Crows, a Dr. Nell Ward mystery.

Dr. Nell is an ecologist, and while working in the sleepy village of Cookingdean, in the grounds of a local manor house, she finds herself in the middle of inspecting an old tunnel, and overhears a murder. “As the only person with any clues as to what happened, Nell soon finds herself in the middle of the investigation.

“Desperate to clear her name Nell, along with her colleague Adam, set out solving the murder using their skills as ecologists to uncover details no one else would notice. But it soon becomes clear that playing Agatha Christie is much harder than it might, at first appear…”

One: Simple One Pan Wonders (American measurements) by Jamie Oliver

Released this past January, not only is each recipe made in one pan, every “recipe has just eight ingredients or fewer, meaning minimal prep (and cleaning up) and offering maximum convenience. Packed with budget-friendly dishes you can rustle up any time, ONE has everything from delicious work from home lunches to quick dinners the whole family will love; from meat-free options to meals that will get novice cooks started . . . Simple dishes like Juicy Tahini Chicken and Hassleback Eggplant Pie and will soon become your new favorites.” Learn more directly from Jamie on his website where he shares multiple peeks and details about the 120 recipes included in his now bestselling new cookbook.


Cucina Povera: The Italian Way of Transforming Humble Ingredients into Unforgettable Meals by Giulia Scarpaleggia 

Lovers of Italian food as well as those who appreciate simple and approachable recipes, here is your cookbook. “The Italians call it l’arte dell’arrangiarsi, or the ‘art of making do with what you’ve got.’ This centuries-old approach to ingredients and techniques, known as cucina povera, or peasant cooking, reveals the soul of Italian food at its best. It starts with the humblest components—beans and lentils, inexpensive fish and cuts of meat, vegetables from the garden, rice, pasta, leftovers—and through the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the cook, results in unforgettably delicious and satisfying meals. In 100 recipes, Cucina Povera celebrates the best of this tradition, from the author’s favorite, pappa al pomodoro (aka leftover bread and tomato soup), to Florentine Beef Stew, Nettle and Ricotta Gnudi, and Sicilian Watermelon Pudding.” I am getting hungry just thinking about this cookbook!


3/4 Sleeve Scoop Neck Top, ivory & navy (more colors)

For fewer than $30, a shirt that will take you everywhere this summer and into early fall. Simple stripes (solids are available as well) with a flattering neckline and 3/4 sleeves. Be sure to use promo code N5D6 to save further.

Boden Kate Midi Shirt Dress, two prints available

Place your order now (and use the promo code mentioned above N5D6) and preorder this dress for your fall wardrobe. A classic style – a shirt-dress, and a complementary length – midi. I am loving this dress and may have to scoop one up. Expect it to arrive in three weeks if purchased this weekend.

La Mer Petite Plume’s Men’s Pajamas

I came across these pjs while shopping for my go-to facial moisturizer from La Mer. The trusted skincare brand has partnered up with Petite Plume for all sorts of pajamas and sleepwear styles for men and women (and kids too!), and these men’s pjs look super cozy whether you are shopping for yourself or someone you love.

Petite Plume Seersucker Stripe Short Pajama set

One more pajama find from Petite Plume (I am loving what this brand offering). Ideal for summer, a short pajama set in a classic print – seersucker stripe.

Veronica Beard Arnetta Tiered A-Line Denim Midi-dress

A stylish summer dress that would transition well into fall with a layered top underneath or a jacket or cardigan over the top. Almost sold out on the flagship site, but I have shopped around and found all of the sizes still available at other department stores. Look to enjoy wearing this dress for many summers to come.

More sizes available here.


Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Okay travelers! As we hop on the trains and planes to other countries with different outlets, Apple has us taken care of. And as I plan my own trip abroad for this fall, I am saving this adapter kit in my shopping cart as for fewer than $30, it is a great must-have that you can rest assured will work with your Apple tech devices.

iPhone Charging Cords (long and variable lengths), 3pack

Always having a charging cord packed for my phone hasn’t always been managed well (i.e. remembered) over the years, but I am getting better, and even better still are these extra long charging cords for recharging my iPhone should an outlet not be easily accessible. For fewer than $10, receive three different lengths of cord, all fitting your iPhone (see the description for exactly which iPhones it is compatible with).

James Perse Shoreline Ruched Dress, grey and black available

This dress. Oh my. So I have this dress in its sleeveless/tank style and LOVE it. I have had it for I think five years now and just wore it earlier this week. The ruching on one side creates a lovely silhouette around the waist but isn’t tight at all. Wear your body shapeware and feel even more comfortable, but either way, this style is a classic item from James Perse, something the brand is known for – effortless, chic and simple. Wearing this dress on the plane with Rothy flats, an extra fine cashmere stole or scarf and carrying a trench for arrival and finding your cab or train sounds perfect.

And in fact, this dress inspired this month’s Outfit of the Month. Explore and shop the full outfit for ideas from top to bottom.

~shop July’s Outfit of the Month~

Welcome to Friday. It has arrived. 😌And hopefully with it is good news for you as well.

The good news arrived yesterday in my inbox: the replacement pieces for the front door handle have been shipped and will arrive on Monday, so you can bet I will be bustling about on Monday to install it and capture images for the entire front entry (exterior and interior) tour to share with you by mid-week next week – the final major project in Le Papillon’s customization as talked about in last week’s episode #361 of the podcast. I cannot WAIT to share with you how it has all come together.

And with the week beginning with a clean house and productive days in the office throughout paired with fun outings and walks with Norman and Nelle, I have to say the week was a good one. I hope yours was as well in whatever way feels good and satisfying for you. Because, really, that needs to be a priority. Do more of those tasks, rituals, activities and I have a strong feeling, you will begin to see your life feel truly become tailored to nourishing your true self and the quality of everything will begin to elevate.

The sunflowers around not only the house but around town here in Bend continue to bloom and thus prompt smile after smile. Even though we have had smoke in the air for a couple of days this week and May this weekend, seeing those sunflowers helps immensely every single time. Note to self, never stop sowing sunflower seeds. In fact, sow more next year. ☺️🌻 (Gardeners, look for the monthly gardening post on Monday and yep, sunflowers will be included!)

This weekend will be a leisurely one with some work, some play, definitely some gardening and just savoring a summer pace. Perhaps a visit to the farmer’s market is in store as well. I want to wish you a wonderful weekend, this final weekend of July before August begins, and if you haven’t already signed up for the free monthly newsletter that arrives on the last day of each month and includes an exclusive letter from the editor to inspire a good new month as well as all of the posts and episodes shared during the past month, be sure to explore doing so here. And if you are curious about becoming a TOP Tier Member so you can view this week’s Smile post and next Tuesday’s regularly monthly A Cuppa Moments video and all TSLL Home Tours, learn more about the many benefits here (guest passes are available as well) and read current member testimonies.

Below I have gathered up a handful of articles I thought you might enjoy along with the just-released trailer of a returning series this fall I am looking forward to watching and perhaps you are as well. Thank you for stopping by today, and until Monday, bonne journée.

~If you have a few fresh courgettes and carrots available, or need a reason to visit the farmers’ market, here is a muffin recipe for both plus ginger [The English Garden]

~Thoroughly enjoyed this article. Columnist for FT, Simon Koper (who lives and works in Paris) shares how he made his Parisian office perfect. I appreciate immensely his attention to ample bookshelves and even one for his many notebooks from reporting.

~Hollywood discovers the middle-aged woman thanks to streaming services [The Atlantic]

~Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Susan Faludi shares her thoughts on the blockbuster film Barbie [NYTimes]

~20 Best Ground Cover plants, I am especially interested in adding the Mexican daisy to my garden next year having already welcomed Geranium Rozane that I can share is an awesome and happy ground-cover plant to have. 🙂 [Gardeners’ World]

~British Summer Gardens to visit [Britain magazine]

~An article to make you ponder, Are you the same person you used to be? [The New Yorker]

~How to nurture deep connections as an introvert [Introvert, Dear]

~A study reveals that HSPS are more connected to nature (and greatly need to be in/or around nature to thrive as well) [Sensitive Refuge]

~Alexa Chung shares what Jane Birkin’s style meant to her [Financial Times]

~Those who love quality, simple, yet chic effortless style, be sure to put your name on Phoebe Philo’s registration list. It just opened yesterday and her first collection will be released this September. [WWD or Phoebe Philo’s website]

~Letting a little bit of wild into your garden can be a really good thing [Gardens Illustrated]

~Mark your calendars, Wednesday September 13th, The Morning Show, season 3 premieres and the trailer was just released. It’s going to be a dramatic ride it looks like . . . (check out the trailer here).

~Explore last week’s This & That: July 21, 2023

Some big films being released this weekend, along with a feel-good film being released later next week. Books for cozy mystery lovers, food memoirs, three salad and vegetable cookbooks for cooking with the seasons, a book to provide inspiration for prioritizing the value of being well-rested year-round, two global sporting events of note kick-off, clothing finds for summer style as well as a summer handbag that you will have for years. AND my favorite linen pjs are on sale! Still, there is more.

~Please note: TSLL is supported by you, readers who take the time to stop by (merci!), peruse and sometimes welcome into your life mentioned and recommended finds. Affiliate links are present in today’s post and may earn commissions for TSLL when you purchase. View TSLL’s full Privacy Policy here.

9 thoughts on “This & That: July 28, 2023

  1. Good Morning!

    Today’s T&T is enjoyed with its usual cup of coffee (or tea), but today I am not at my Local Habit (the actual name of the cafe). Instead, I am at the beach. It is not after work, but first thing in the morning, and in the place of coffee house music, I am being serenaded by the waves with a light breeze blowing as I watch a paddleboarder (which makes me think of you). I must say, it is a pleasant change to a weekly routine.

    I love the Kate dress and am very interested in the book, Green Living. I have been trying to make small changes to live more sustainably, but need a little guidance. So thrilled that Morning Show will be returning! I was late to the party on that one, but glad I finally showed up.

    Well, the rest of the house seems to be stirring, however, this has been a wonderful start to my last full day of the holiday.

    Oh, and I read your “smile” post, and reading that you are preparing TSL Kitchen made me smile too.


    1. Michelle what a lovely way to spend a morning. Always so invigorating by the sea. You must be feeling very refreshed to face the world😊. Kameela

  2. I have really missed camping and a magical summer of van life I spent with my partner a few years back. Last weekend, I rearranged the inside of my car. After some rearranging and folding down the back seats, there was just enough room to create a comfy nap space in the back which I set up with a thick sleeping bag, pad, and pillow. I set aside an extra set of clothes, my swimsuit, and beach towel. I packed lunch, dinner, snacks, and cold drinks in a small cooler and tucked away a couple of books and my comfy camp chair for sitting outside. I headed out for Bodega Bay within an hour’s drive of where I live. I spent all day from just past sunrise to sunset out at the coast. A butter yellow butterfly floated by, a seal lion glided through the sparkling bay, and a formation of grey pelicans flew over head as I read one of the Brittany murder mysteries by Jean-Luc Bannalec you recommended:) It was glorious and restorative. I so needed it. Thank you so much for your inspiration and encouragement in self-care. Next up, day camping in the Redwoods:)

    1. Janet, What a beautiful and calm, yet dynamic scene you have painted for us all to savor. Your ingenuity to care a delicious and cozy day at the coast is an inspiration. Just reading your comment made me smile. What a lovely day of self-nourishment. Grateful you shared it with us. xo

    1. Heather, thank you VERY much for sharing where you found them! I too searched a bit as I learned more about them this year, and you are right, not easy to find here in the states. I will definitely explore this link. Much appreciated! And thank you for stopping by. 😌

  3. Just a quick pop-in because I had to say thank you for introducing Yarwood-Lovett’s book. My interest was piqued immediately because of the title and then when I saw the titles of her other books…well, it’s practically a fait accompli that her books will thoroughly entertain. I do love a bit of literary wit & whimsy.😉
    Much more stuff to peruse and enjoy, comme d’habitude, (courgette muffins!beaucoup pour le jardin!oh la la, la parfaite mariniere!), merci bien, Shannon! Mille bises to you and the gorgeous fluffers. xx
    p.s. Just had the most incredible summer shower, like a little raincloud unzipped just above us. Temps shifted from 99F to 83F in a matter of moments!!! Now THAT’S a moment to savor!!🌦️😊

    1. p.p.s. I adore Jamie Oliver & have enjoyed watching him for years. His website is just brilliant. Britbox has a few of his series on the site and Netflix has one or two as well. Plus tons of stuff on YouTube. All of his dishes are so approachable, I highly recommend everyone visit his website. xx

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