Thoughts on Valentine’s Day & Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2017 Collection
Tuesday February 14, 2017

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Similar to Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia’s debut as the creative talent behind Oscar de la Renta last night in New York City, Valentine’s Day has high expectations that aren’t always met.

The talented duo offered the Fall 2017 collection immediately following their Monse fall collection, which was a first for the fashion industry; however, while critics were disappointed, hopes remain high based on what Kim and Garcia have created leading up to this understandably unique pressure-laden moment. Case in point, the dress above. Iconic Oscar de la Renta femininity and graceful grandeur are on exhibited in spades.

Valentine’s Day as well arrives at an opportune time. January is behind us and as spring has not yet arrived, we seek comfort, hope and something to celebrate. However, as was shared last Wednesday, embodying love, expressing love and being love should not be contained to merely one day, but rather enjoyed year round. With that said, Valentine’s Day cannot go untended.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day well requires the similar approach to living a fulfilling life. We should hope, not expect. We should give love freely and express gratitude for the love that surrounds us in whatever manner it is comfortable giving of itself. In other words, we are the curators of a life to love living and Valentine’s Day will be one of the many days we savor for its everyday abundance of a life well lived.

Whether you are single or celebrating your 50th Valentine’s Day with your beloved, reach out and express what you love about those who are in your life. A simple note, a thoughtful gesture, a giving of your time, or respecting of what your loved ones desire and wish for. That way, when you make your way throughout the day, you will know you have filled the world with more love, and the need for love is endless.

Joyeuse saint Valentin to you from TSLL, and thank you for expressing your love with your time in stopping by the blog.

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