Outfits of the Month (4): Thinking of Early Summertime in France
Wednesday April 10, 2024

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Shopping now for trips and excursions to the south of France is part of what makes the lead up to the trip nearly as much fun as the trip itself. Or maybe that’s just me. 🙂 Either way, having what you need ready to go when that Provençal sunshine calls brings a peace of mind that provides the opportunity to simply relax and enjoy the trip.

Thoughts have been dancing about in my mind as I contemplate when my next trip to France will be – hopefully soon! – and the ease and comfort that visiting Provence brought when I had the opportunity to venture down south a few years ago continues to bring a smile and with each passing year urges me more fervently to return.

One thing I know for sure when it comes to the wardrobe we pack is that we need not purchase again and again items for each trip, but rather selecting timeless items the first go-round that are well made, being sure to include many neutrals so that an array of outfits can be pulled together with chic know-how. From linen to layers, to flats, to blazers and dresses, and of course, don’t forget the hats, ideally Panama with a 3″ brim and no narrower stretching to a large sunhat if that is your preference. I have shopped a few totes for different materials for you as well and added a few classic, yet modernly chic sunnies if that is your preference or you pair them together which is not a bad idea at all. 🙂

However, if France is not on the itinerary this summer or late spring, all of these outfits will suit perfectly for early summer attire wherever you find yourself, and yes, you will see one knit in the mix, but we all know having a sweater for those random cool days before summer officially arrives is never a bad idea.

And of course, books. Always having a good book on hand is a must, and I have rounded up four new books, some recently released and readers are raving, others about to be released, and one not yet available in the states, but in the UK (and you can have it shipped with ease to the US).

So now, let’s get to some shopping, shall we?


~Rag & Bone Astra Swiggly Geometric cotton scarf~



~Saint Laurent Tribute lizard-effect leather slides~

~Tom Ford Colette 63mm oversized sunglasses~







10 thoughts on “Outfits of the Month (4): Thinking of Early Summertime in France

  1. Yum, quite a few delectables to entice one into a Spring wardrobe refresh–looking at you, Everlane! And gosh, yes, those Rothy’s. I know you have sung their praises before, Shannon, but please remind me, how do you keep yours clean, especially the ivory? I’ve just about given up on fabric sneakers and I need something “pretty” to replace my white leather low-top Converse, which I’ve been wearing practically everyday, hence now they, alas, must be relegated to only gardening and quick errands.
    I ADORE Ina Garten and had no idea she was writing her memoir! It has now been pre-ordered, thank you, Shannon!
    “London: A Guide for Curious Wanderers” looks like such a delightful and historical treat, putting that one on the Wish List!(Although, to my chagrin, the books never stay for very long on the Wish List, they WILL find a way to somehow crawl into my Shopping Cart, and I’m sure, are ordering themselves in the wee hours of the night.)
    A lovely Spring bouquet of options, thank you, Shannon!💐
    (By the way, do you know of a good sturdy, water-resistant, yet VERY lightweight pair of gardening slacks? Thanks much if you have any ideas!🌱) xx

    1. Rona,

      I wash them! Just a normal wash. I even stained them so badly when my heel split open whilst walking about London and the Savoy was able to get all of that out and they looked brand new! Love these shoes and they really are washable. 🙂

      I love that your book list continues to be replenished! 🙂 And while I do not know of any slacks personally, I will certainly keep an eye out and share when I do. I have no doubt English/British gardens will have brands to recommend.

      Thank you for stopping by and don’t you just love Ina’s title for her memoir. That alone piqued my certainty that I would be reading this book sooner rather than later. 🙂

      Have a happy Wednesday!

    2. Ma chère Rona. I agree with you on Shannon’s picks of inspiring outfits fir Spring and summer. I’m recommending some of my British sources for gardening gear.
      Carrier Company.co.uk
      Genus garden clothes
      Holland Country clothing.
      Wood and Meadow.
      If you find them pricey then check out good old Amazon. Bonne chance et bon weekend. Biz. Kameela🇬🇧

  2. A lovely post to remind and inspire us for Spring and Summer. Bretons, linens, panama hats and espadrilles. So delicious.I, alas am not planning a holiday this year as I’m knee deep in choosing my outfit for my daughter’s wedding in August.
    So glad you included Gabriel Garçia Marquez’s ‘Until August’. I’m a huge fan of his.I’ve bought it to complete my collection and die hard fans are lucky to have this final work but I think he would not have wanted this novella published. It lacks his mastery. First time readers might appreciate it. Bon weekend. Kameela 😊

  3. Thank you for the summer outfit inspiration Shannon. I recall admiring your wardrobe items you shared whilst travelling in Provence. I do always enjoy seeing your personal outfit choices when you share them.
    I am currently reading Until August and it is certainly an engaging read!

    1. Thank you for sharing about the book! I think that will be on my reading table soon! You have a good memory regarding that Provence post. I so enjoy sharing when I have found items that really work and can be worn and enjoyed for some time.
      Wishing you a wonderful spring weekend and snugs to Erin and Waffle. ☺️

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