Just Be, and That is Who You Are. There is No Try.
Monday April 8, 2024

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The citizens of Mother Nature, that would be all of her animals, insects, birds and beings, not only delight me endlessly, but continually provide life lessons. Often when I watch my dogs going about their daily routine, sniff about the yard, delight in everyday pleasures or the birds that frequent the cafés in my garden, the resident squirrel we have affectionately named Gus and so many other creatures, I take note that they are not ‘trying’ to be themselves. They just are themselves.

Now granted, I acknowledge that human beings have a far more complex brain and possess a subconscious, and thus an ego, and with all that comprehending our brain and thus mind entails, our potentiality appears to be vast and perhaps unending, but we would be wise to be reminded of how to live well when it comes to just being ourselves and thus elevating the quality of our lives, simplifying decision-making, reducing the drama and pain and strengthening our self-esteem.

Oumphff, that presents an apparent uneven cause and effect, but in fact there is truth in letting go of ‘trying’ and instead simply being ourselves.

In last week’s Monday Motivational post, we talked about the importance of knowing ourselves, and without a doubt, understanding this truth is a necessity to being able to be grounded in our everydays with peace and thus contentment; however, once we know who we are, to try to be this discovered us is to misunderstand what or who our true self is. In other words, we are expending energy doing something that is unnecessary.

“If you can be absolutely comfortable with not knowing who you are, then what’s left is who you are—a being . . . of pure potentiality rather than something that is already defined.” —Eckhart Tolle

Tolle goes on to teach that when we remember to stop trying, life and how we engage becomes far simpler: We will find being present becomes our natural way of living, and because we come to the moment without expectations, we also can leave behind worries or doubts which enable us to be more open to what will be without demanding what it has to be in order to be happy.

In other words, the letting go of ‘trying’ sets you free to discover where your true self wants to go, explore, discover.


Over the past three years, after having stepped fully into being a writer and running my own business of TSLL, I reflect on the previous 10 years and am reminded that indeed not ‘trying’ served me quite well, even if admittedly it was primarily down unconsciously. I had absolutely no expectations of what the next year, let alone the next month would bring, yet I kept sharing what spoke to me, curiously exploring what I wanted to learn more about and along the way being sincere about what delighted me. In many ways, the virtual aspect of my business – blogging, podcasting, videos, etc. – provided a safe buffer to unconsciously just try and not worry about how it would be received on a grander scale.

And so it was during those ten years that my awareness gradually became conscious to the power in letting go of defining myself, so that I could and can fully be myself. Because while I may be writing a post today, tomorrow I could be sharing an idea about gardening or cooking and deciding whether or where to post or place that content – a podcast, a video, perhaps a book! And who knows who that will resonate with and the connections that will be made as the rest of the world unfolds at its own pace as well, but I am open to finding out 😌.

It can initially be frightening to let go of the ‘try’, but when we do it reflects the trust we have both in ourselves and the greater world and the magic that does dance about us all. Tolle shares that in fact, Life is not the dance, but rather we are, and instead, Life is the dancer. In other words, “you don’t live your life, but life lives you.” Which is to say, it is only when we stop forcing, stop labeling (in this case, ourselves), and instead actually participate fully and courageously choose to be ourselves in the present moment that life offers us amazing opportunities because we have fully showed up.

When we let go of predicting, and let go of pretending we know how things will work out when we make certain life decision, that too brings with it peace of mind and a sense of relief as well as an abundance of freedom to simply enjoy each day fully and completely.

Another benefit of stopping the ‘trying’ to be ourselves, is that we let go of comparison and competition with others. And when we let go of these two culturally seemingly mandated bad habits, we not only set ourselves free to be ourselves fully, but others as well. In so doing, our self-esteem rises because we are not placing our lives next to anyone else’s to see how we are doing at the ‘game of life’, but instead savoring the life we have chosen to live and the opportunities that have crossed our path and we have bravely engaged with when we know which ones align with the journey we are traveling.

“In essence, you are neither inferior nor superior to anyone. True self-esteem and true humility arise out of that realization.” —Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

So today, let this post nudge you into letting go of the ‘trying’ and instead just be fully in your life right now. Begin being the dance of your life and live it fully by heeding the curiosities that come to mind, then resting when you need to rest, but then pushing yourself when you need to take a new step. It is in our active living of our life that we turn the faucet on of life and it responds by opening windows of opportunities for us to see, and then soon those windows turn into doors that we can walk through to live and experience things we may never thought possible, but now are so grateful we choose to simply be ourselves each and everyday. Such gifts really are waiting to be discovered, but it begins with each of us being brave and showing up fully in the moment, and then letting go at the same time.

We’ve got this. I am right there with you. ☺️ Wishing you a wonderful start to this brand new week, full of possibilities and everyday moments to savor. Bonne journée.


14 thoughts on “Just Be, and That is Who You Are. There is No Try.

  1. Oh, my word! Shannon, I have been trudging (at times) through Tolle’s book since you described it. Am in the next to last chapter, and I have found it a bit dense, so I have gone back at times to see if I really ‘got’ it. I was so ready for this message, and applying to my life. It ain’t easy.

    He writes so well, and I needed to hear it. Thank you for the wonderful referrals that you bring to us.


    1. Joan,

      I am confident you are not alone. I too have reread many passages and chapters to make sure I ‘got it’, and while I may not have fully grasped it initially or the second read, sometimes, we have to go and live after reading it, and then return to it and the understanding is deeper because we have more understanding with our lived experience as we tried to live consciously and in the present. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your experience. Always lovely to see you pop around. 🙂

  2. Hi Shannon, this is just what I needed to hear today. Stop trying, just be. Like a breath of air. Although my brain has gone to How? How do I stop trying? We’ve been so conditioned to ‘try’ to be something/someone, to contort ourselves into a box that doesn’t fit us. Such a simple message, but not easy.

    1. Victoria,

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your awareness of why letting go of the ‘try’ is difficult. We feel as if we should be doing something, always doing, but as we’ve talked about before on the blog – regularly being is full of gifts, nourishments and provides the time for awareness to deepen about so much regarding our life journey. Wishing you a wonderful week. 🙂

  3. Eckhart Tolle’s writings are luminous, powerful, and for me, enlightening. Always such a treat to re-read passages from his books. There are a number of talks available to view on YouTube, but the most brilliant, I believe, are those conducted by the Master Interviewer, Oprah. Just brilliant.
    To add to the idea of just “being” I’m reminded of two things. Back in the early 70s, when suddenly everyone needed a”shrink” and diving into the human psyche was the trend of the day, I came across a book of stories and ponderings entitled, “Let Your Mind Alone”, by the humorist James Thurber, published in 1937. I read it as a young teen and it’s precepts took firm root within. A more modern admonishment–drop the drama. There is drama enough in the simple, quiet discoveries and joys of being the lovely and complete human that one is, no undue embellishment necessary. As you wrote, Shannon:”…it begins with each of us being brave and showing up fully in the moment, and then letting go at the same time.” And sometimes we have to remind ourselves to be brave, but that’s fine. That’s when a cuppa is just the thing. Have a lovely week everyone. xx 🌞

    1. Thank you for stopping by Rona and yes, Oprah’s many conversations with Eckhart Tolle are wonderful and help to clarify his concepts and ideas. Thank you for the reminder to look them up and watch again. 🙂

  4. Shannon, when I can’t imagine you coming up with more content, you always do! And it’s always so new, and so relevant.
    I love the idea of not trying to be something contrived in our minds. Also, social media can inspire, however, it can also push us (me) in a direction that might not be at my core. Additionally, you broke down Tolle’s messages brilliantly.
    Here’s to “turning on the faucet of life”.
    Thank you, once again Shannon.

    1. Jen,

      Lovely to see you. 🙂 A good point to remember about how social media can nudge us away from our true selves even when we think it might be helping. You demonstrate an awareness of this truth in your comment which shares it is possible to observe without conforming and when we feel it is too influential to put it down from time to time. This awareness is key, and then we can more easily just be and savor being who we have become or always have been. 🙂

  5. Hello Shannon.

    This post made me think of Yoda 🙂

    Try not .
    Do……..or do not .
    There is no try .

    Have a lovely week everyone.
    x Anne x

    1. Anne,

      Ah yes, the rhetoric teacher came out in me. 🙂 Anastrophe is the term to describe inverse word order when used to purposely rearrange the typical word order we have become accustomed so that we stop and take notice of what is being said. Yoda was always my example in class of this device as the students immediately ‘got it’ so to speak. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. xo

      1. Yes, Yoda’s sayings are often quoted as examples of anastrophe aren’t they ?
        Shakespeare used this device too.

  6. Thank you Shannon for this beautiful post…it really provides a powerful insight into what living fully means. “ Life is not the dance, but rather we are, and instead Life is the dancer” Wow! I had to read it again and again to fully grasp its meaning and its profound implications. So grateful for the precious nourishment you provide us with.

    1. Laura,

      You are not alone. I too had to look, read and revisit that teaching again and again to comprehend what Tolle was trying to convey. So often we hear that Life is the dance and we are the dancer, but when we flip this it puts the control back in our hands and we are reminded of how much – our thoughts, our actions, our words – determine the quality of our life and thus the opportunities and possibilities that cross our path. Thank you for stopping by and sharing what spoke to you. 🙂

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