TSLL’s 2024 Spring Shopping Guide
Saturday March 2, 2024

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Hello Spring! Well, yes, we still have three weeks to go, but the sprucing up our spring capsule wardrobe can definitely begin ahead of Mother Nature’s schedule as we need to time to peruse, ponder and then pounce!

With the first daffodils picked up from Trader Joe’s to bring a touch of spring to the house, it is time to do the same for the wardrobe, don’t you think? ☺️

And while we’re at it, let’s save some money on the investment items we know we will wear for years to come. How so? Well, I was reminded of an item I had saved with Karma back in August, and it popped up just this past month in February as it was now on sale, reduced 50%. As it wasn’t a trendy item, I knew the piece would work well whenever I purchased it and I still adored it, so of course, I scooped it up and saved big! I highly recommend this app.

The other way to save, and I want to thank long-time TSLL reader Arati for reminding me of this, is the shopping app Rakuten. When you start at their website – Rakuten, search the brand you want, then click through, it will track your purchase and give you a percentage back. Essentially a rebate that you will collect when you have a certain amount in your account. As Sherala shared with me, she has earned up to $1000 in cash back simply by starting with Rakuten then shopping at her favorite sites.

Pair these two apps together and you won’t miss a sale on your favorite items bookmarked and whether there is a sale or not, you will save!

Now to this season’s shopping guide.

First, whether or not, this concept is a trend from season to season, it will always be the foundational driving force in all that is selected here on TSLL – Quiet Luxury. But good news for us – the Quiet Luxury ‘trend’ continues into 2024, and you will see it listed as Discreet Chic below 😌.

Tsll’s Spring Shopping Guide 2024

What you will find in this season’s Shopping Guide below:

  • A list of the new trends (4) worth investing in (in other words, they will last for many years to come and transition well with previous seasons).
  • 80+ Shoppable, hand-picked items
  • Simply hover over and click the shoppable items and the brand and price will pop up, clicking will take you to the direct shopping site to explore the item further.
    • Note: There are a handful of items that don’t have a link when you hover over them. The links for these items are listed just below the image.
  • Posts from the TSLL Archives to provide more Style Inspiration and Signature Style inspiration.
  • Updated every six months just in time for the semi-annual Shopping Guides — Be sure to shop TSLL’s Capsule Wardrobe boutique full of timeless finds both in clothing and accessories. 

Just as a reminder, each Spring and Fall, TSLL’s releases its annual Shopping Guide on March 1st (the 2nd this year to not conflict with the weekly This & That ☺️) and September 1st. As well, every Friday, the weekly This & That post includes sales of note, hand-picked clothing items I think you might be interested in, and many other current culture news, premieres and releases (peruse back through the most recent This & That posts here), so be sure to stop by throughout the year. 

Also, if you want more This & That finds, even more personal discoveries and recommendations that I come across and cannot wait to share with TSLL readers, you will want to explore becoming a TOP Tier Member as the monthly Ponderings . . . post is essentially a more intimate and personal This & That post. Explore past Ponderings . . . posts here and learn more about the many benefits of becoming a TOP Tier Member here.

Now, to TSLL’s Shopping Guide and the trends worth investing in!

~Ralph Lauren Lauren Belted Shantung Cap-Sleeve Dress~

~TOD’s Kate Ballerinas in off white leather~

~Ralph Lauren Water-Resistant Twill Long Car Coat, navy~

~Collier Cala, (necklace)~

Ralph Lauren Polo Cotton Herringbone Balmacaan Coat, natural~

Ralph Lauren oversized Striped stretch-cotton shirt (multiple colors)~

Ralph Lauren Polo Striped Stretch silk long-sleeve navy blue pajamas~

Ralph Lauren Polo Relaxed Fit Stripe Cotton Shirt, yellow (four color ways)~

Ralph Lauren Polo Canvas Large Bellport Tote~

Ralph Lauren Polo Double O Ring leather sandal~

Ralph Lauren Polo Leather medium Bellport satchel (black also available)~

~Ralph Lauren Lauren Denim Belted Shirt Dress (petite available)~

~Woera Tie Around Strapless Shirt~

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3 thoughts on “TSLL’s 2024 Spring Shopping Guide

  1. A wonderful collection of products and ideas for our Spring wardrobe. I have long prescribed the capsule wardrobe theory, and in the recent decade, I have been so happy to see that those who influence the market have also illustrated how it can be adapted to any lifestyle. Building quality pieces, as you so expertly define is the key to dressing effortlessly, avoiding trends that waste money, and providing a confident style to face the world! Many of us cannot afford the prices of designer pieces, and I readily confess that I “borrow” designer ideas to create my clothing, I teach it as well. By curating this collection you have helped many of us to follow a similar path. Thank you, Shannon, I already have some plans swirling in my wee head. Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. I just received the denim dress from Sezane, and it is fabulous. Highly recommend. Great minds think alike! 🙂

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