Sister Boniface Mysteries, petit plaisir #325
Monday March 21, 2022

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Intelligence, a retro setting, wit and the English countryside.

BritBox introduced a new cozy mystery series, a spin-off from Father Brown, Sister Boniface Mysteries in February. And it is quite fun.

While Father Brown just never clicked with me, I did gravitate toward Sister Boniface Mysteries, and I think I know why.

Sister Boniface, as her name suggests, is a nun, but prior to taking her vows to the church, she was a highly trained and desirable recruit for Britain’s MI5 intelligence agency but turned down their job offer. The local chief constable laments that while a wonderful unofficial detective and consult to the small town of Great Slaughter, he believes she is wasting her intellect. Set in 1960, Sister Boniface is a Vespa-driving, wine-making nun at St. Vincent’s Convent, and as the final episode (10 episodes in all) of the first season concludes, it becomes indirectly clear why she may have chosen to share her sleuthing talents to this small English town.

Two episodes were released each Tuesday beginning in early February, and I do hope a second season is in the works. Lorna Watson stars as Sister Boniface – a character reprised from a favorite episode in Season 1 of Father Brown, Max Brown stars as the young, gentleman Detective Inspector Sam Gillespie, Jerry Iwu stars as the young detective awaiting his job in London at MI5 to become available as Detective Sergeant Felix Livingstone, Ami Metcalf stars as Constable Peggy Button – a young, well-meaning newbie in the policing field and Miranda Raison from Vexed (season 2) stars as Ruth Penny, the lead journalist for the local newspaper.

Here is a look at the trailer for the series. | The Simply Luxurious Life

This Petit Plaisir appeared in episode #325, 10 Ideas for Reveling in the Spring Season of The Simple Sophisticate podcast

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7 thoughts on “Sister Boniface Mysteries, petit plaisir #325

  1. I watched the entire season and really enjoyed it. I also liked Father Brown as well. Just a cozy mystery series to enjoy with a good cuppa!

  2. I thought I was the only one who like Father Brown but never loved it enough to watch the whole series. I am more of a Agatha Raisin, Shakespeare & Hathaway fan (all thanks to your recommendations). Sister Boniface’s appearance in an episode of Father Brown is such a delight; her energy is vivacious! I’ll give this series a chance. Thanks so much, Shannon!

    1. Czarina, I think you will enjoy it as she keeps that same energy and the producers noticed as well as they have been trying to find a way to reprise her role permanently. To give her her own series says a lot. 🙂 I do hope you enjoy.

  3. I really would to watch it, this and other good British productions, but unfortunately Brit Box is not available in Germany. Pity. Pity. 🙁

  4. I never really got into Father Brown but Sister Boniface sounds fun. Not sure if we can get it in France. I worked with some Nuns once in the UK and they had such a great sense of mischief. Behind the cloister they were always injecting some humour in their day to day practice.?

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