SKIMS Bouclé Knit Robe: petit plaisir #320
Monday January 3, 2022

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Finding a robe to wear in the morning during winter months when the house is still warming up that is both cozy and stylish is not easy to find.

As Bend winters dependably offer chilly temperatures, I have been unsuccessful in finding a robe that offers both . . . until now.

Happening upon SKIMS bouclé knit robes prior to Christmas (and finding them on sale – wahoo!), I purchased the midi-length (short length is also available) in Bone.

Both warmth and a slim silhouette compared to other warm robes, the arms are long enough for my tall frame and I look forward to wrapping myself in its bouclé texture each night and when I awake in the morning.

Available in many different colors to work with many different skin tones, as well as priced reasonably for the quality, I highly recommend checking out SKIMS collection. (and be sure to check out their silk robes as well – with just a touch of spandex and many colors to choose from, luxury is affordable and will look beautiful as the dressing gown you’ve been looking for).

I have shopped a few different colors of the Bouclé Knit robe below, but you can shop the entire collection here and at Net-a-Porter here.

SKIMS Bouclê Knit Robe was the Petit Plaisir in episode #320 of The Simple Sophisticate podcast, What If . . . This Was the Year It All Came Together? Are You Ready?

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One thought on “SKIMS Bouclé Knit Robe: petit plaisir #320

  1. Love this robe and added to my wish list – Bone would be my choice too. I checked out the silk robes and I love the blue colour. I have also heard good things about the Skims ribbed leggings, they look so cosy and apparently fit well and flatter for lounge wear or perhaps when out walking the pup.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

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