Season 8 Schedule of the Podcast Announced
Monday August 30, 2021

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In just one week’s time, a new season, Season 8, of The Simple Sophisticate podcast will begin. Already, my bookstand is full of titles that have piqued my interest to compile into podcast episodes to inspire, inform and motivate you to cultivate your own unique simply luxurious life.

Below is a visual of the entire season running from September of this year through August of 2022. You may also download a pdf of the schedule here.

With more than 20 episodes, sharing two new episodes every month on the first and third Monday of each month (even April and May which were previously removed from the schedule in previous seasons due to my teaching schedule), the only month off will be July which gives me time to produce my cooking show’s latest season which debuts each September. In November, you’ll notice, there are three new episodes as many listeners are traveling during this time of year, and I thought what better time to provide more listening material?

The podcast currently has more than 300 episodes in its archives, and this past July, I compiled four different bundles organized around a particular theme. I will be exploring more topics for these bundles to be shared in 2022, but if you haven’t already explored the first bundles, have a look by clicking the link to each below:

In early 2022, the new blog design for TSLL will include on the Podcast page, each of the bundles as well as all of the podcast episodes, so you will be able to continue explore the topics you love, new episodes as well as favorites you wish to return to and listen to again.

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Now to the schedule for the new season!

Look for episode #311 next Monday September 6th!

Remember! Any Monday there is not an episode of the podcast, there is always (today for example) a new Monday Motivational post on the blog to kick off the new week in a good direction. View today’s Monday Motivational post – La Rentrée of 2021: A Start to a New You Like Never Before.

Explore all of the episodes of the podcast here.

~The Simple Sophisticate, Season 8 Schedule
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4 thoughts on “Season 8 Schedule of the Podcast Announced

  1. Hi Shannon! I listen to your podcasts on my commute so I’m really excited for a new season to begin! I’m also really looking forward to the return of TSL’s Kitchen ?
    I love the month of September as it ushers in my favorite season. Can’t wait for Wednesday to kick it all off with a new episode of A Cuppa Moments ?? Til then, bonne journée!

  2. I’m using you as a mentor in creating this special life! I am a teacher doing LaRentree for possibly the last time personally (seriously considering retirement in June.). What you post and podcast always rings true with me…can’t wait for the new season!

    1. Victoria,

      Thank you for your comment and excited for you as you explore the possibility. No doubt, just considering making a shift is holding you in the present to savor, observe, witness and fully engage in whatever the year brings. Wishing you well. ?

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