Paris Street Style
Thursday July 18, 2013

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Earlier during my travels last week in Paris, I shared in this post a few of the many stylish women that are found on the streets of Paris. Today, I’d like to share with you a few more, as I discovered that Parisian women (or women who are visiting Paris) choose to dress for the occasion to best suit their body and personality.

You will find no trends in any of these images, simply women (and one very sartorially savvy man) who know what works well with what and how to dress for the lives they live. Have a look.

Making their way through traffic near the Bastille, this couple playfully posed for me after I was stopped in my tracks by the woman’s leopard shorts and black long sleeve silk blouse.

While perusing the market at the Bastille, the natural curls, sheer arms and eyelet ivory dress create a monochromatic look that is a head-turner.

On the morning of Bastille Day walking towards the Bastille, this gentleman was kind enough to stop for a photograph. Confident and owning his signature style, his tortoise shell rims and well tailored attire served as inspiration to dress well no matter what the time of day or occasion. Quite impressed.


On the evening of Bastille Day, Paris was still quite warm and this woman’s cornflower blue silk dress looks tremendously comfortable and fabulously chic. The combinations of primary colors is perfect for summer style.

All images captured by The Simply Luxurious Life with Nikon camera and iPhone via Instagram

parisstreet | The Simply Luxurious Life,

6 thoughts on “Paris Street Style

  1. I’m stuck by how little jewelry and accessories they have! Beauty in simplicity. Perhaps this is the key difference between French elegance and the typically “cluttered” American style of dress. Interesting.

  2. hi shannon! thank you for posting. I really prefer these images of real women going about their lives in style to the static perfection of photo shoots. it feels juicy! have a great day ~ k.

  3. Absolutely as the first commenter said, the lack of bling is evident. I also like the relaxed but well cut hair every person has and, for the women, the lack of or natural makeup. The gentleman in the blue jacket is simply fabulous!

  4. One word for this post….love! As I too adore “street style” Just finished watching “In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye”(for the eighth time) love Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele who “adores” the street style of Paris mixing “cheap with expensive” she stole the show for me 🙂 Enjoying your posts greatly of my fave city.

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