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Friday July 19, 2013

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Returning from vacation is a very fascinating transition. And what I’ve discovered is that I usually ache for my coveted routine (case in point, upon stepping off my last connecting flight having been cooped up for nearly 22 hours, I immediately laced up my Nikes and went out for a walk), but there is also a need to be gentle with myself and allow myself a day to just do as my body requires which means I may have been on the couch dozing in and out of sleep as I caught up on a few television shows shortly after burning a few calories.

Needless to say, when the traveler’s trip has been amazing, but the traveler also yearns to return home (and perhaps that hasn’t always been the case), it’s a point in one’s life to celebrate as it serves as a mirror to remind you that it is possible to create a regular routine that is fulfilling, challenging, and satisfying as you integrate the lessons learned while on your journeys.

The best part of my returning, however, was picking up my two dogs. As I type, Norman is napping alongside me and Oscar is sprawled beneath my feet, and as I mentioned to my Instagram followers, the only thing I dislike about travel, is leaving them behind.

Now to get caught up as last week’s “The Weekend . . .” post was not shared. Below you will find a round-up of the past two week’s posts, some regular weekly posts as well as posts offering a glance of my trip in Paris. Enjoy perusing and have a wonderful weekend.

~Readers’ top post last week . . . How to Set Yourself Free . . . inspired by The Four Agreements

~Readers’ top post of the past week . . . The Cure for the Paris Syndrome

~Fellow Francophiles, a book to read and enjoy . . . Ooh La La: French Women’s Secrets – Book Review

~Style Inspiration: Signature Summer Style

~Style Inspiration: A Touch of Rouge

~Why Not . . . Pay it Forward?

~With Paris as my muse . . . Splurge & Save Outfit: No. 15

~Splurge & Save Outfit: No. 16 . . . a simple dress idea for summer

~A Style Extra . . . a summer style must-have for the hot temperatures

~This & That: No. 66 . . .a simple summer dress, my favorite show of the summer and more

~This & That: No. 67 . . . travel apps, a speech to listen to, JK Rowling latest mystery novel and more

Paris Trip posts . . .

~Paris Street Style

~Must Visit in Paris: Poilâne

~Paris: Day One . . . a food tour of the Marais, scrumptious macarons and more

~Paris: Day Two – Part Une . . . a fantastic, quaint cafe and a leisure morning

~Paris: Day Two – Part Deux . . . street style, Chanel, Melody Gardot and more

~Home Sweet Home . . . a few front doors discovered in Paris that set a very welcoming tone

And a few other places you can find TSLL on the web:

~Discover more about simple luxuries I love to enjoy, my exercise regimen and my vices in this interview . . .

~And as seen below, Tresor Parisien captured me in the Palais-Royal with one of my favorite finds in Paris – read the post here.

While next week, the regular weekly posts and weekly newsletter will return, I also have a handful of Paris posts waiting in the wings to share with you. Until Monday, bonjour.


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