Home Sweet Home

Jul 17, 2013

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I know many of you are wanting to see more photos from Paris, and rest assured, they are on their way. Once I get settled in at home, have my boys (my dogs) back in cuddle proximity as I have missed them terribly as you might imagine and find my bearings, I will share with you a few more posts from my vantage point in Paris – street style, Metro info, apartment rental, information and more.

In the meantime, a few images captured on the streets of Paris.

For me, there is just something quite powerful about an exterior door. Much like the attire a woman or man chooses to wear as they present themselves to the world, a home or business’s door sets the tone of tranquility, strength, assuredness or any other range of moods. Here are a few that captured my eye while walking around Paris this past week.

All images via The Simply Luxurious Life Instagram and iPhone


5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I love these pictures, the door surroundings are awesome too. Also, I just love the enamelled numbers. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I agree Lufthansa is a very good airline. Flew a 16 hour flight with them to South Africa and couldn’t have wished for better.
    Looking forward to hearing about your Paris adventures. Hope you were no where near the terrible train crash in Paris.

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