A Linen Giveaway from Soak & Sleep
Saturday August 11, 2018

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Soak & Sleep.

Just thinking about taking a relaxing bath or a deep sleep encompasses the concept of living simply luxuriously. And today, we’re going to focus on cultivating a night’s sleep that is restorative no matter what the temperature may be outside.

Yep, linen sheets are not only for bringing the cool desired to your body during the warm summer nights, but bringing warmth in the winter as well. In other words, year-round fabric that will allow your body to breathe, yet remain at the ideal temperature.

Check out this detailed post about where linen comes from, how to best take care of it, as well as a few more tips for living with linen bedding and where to find it. But today, I have a giveaway for you that I am extremely excited to share.

Soak & Sleep is the UK’s top bed and bathroom company that is family run and only operates online to save you, the consumer money. As well, their business model is direct from supplier to retailer, and as they specialize in offering quality products, it is their breathable French Linen flax from the French-Belgium border that prompted me to reach out to them and see if they wanted to be a part of TSLL’s French Week.

And they said yes!

One entrant will win a full French linen set (this includes the duvet and two pillowcases) in a double size. The color is your choice, and for all other entrants, your opportunity to sleep on linen is greatly increased as if you stop by on Sunday August 19th, there will be an exclusive, limited-time only discount code offered to TSLL readers. 

Let’s talk about sleeping on linen sheets. I shared during my trip throughout France this summer that I slept on linen sheets a couple of times (here is one instance) and since have begun to sleep on linen sheets at home (have a look here), and the moment you slip into a bed made with quality linen, your skin takes a deep breath of pleasure.

During the warm months, feeling linen on your skin is akin to a much desired cool (not cold) bath or shower – refreshing, blissful and deeply desired. As your skin is able to breathe (even more so than with cotton), your body’s temperature begins to drop making it easier for your mind and body to fall asleep. In other words, linen is an avenue to sweet sleep.

How to enter to win the Soak & Sleep giveaway?

  • Leave a comment with your email address as a way for us to contact you if you are the winner.
  • Enter by Saturday August 18th at midnight (Pacific time)
  • In order to receive the 20% off promo code: by entering this competition you are agreeing that your email address will be passed onto Soak&Sleep and subscribed to their newsletter. (visit Soak & Sleep)
  • Available to all entrants – no matter where you live on our lovely globe.
  • Winner will be announced Sunday August 19th here on the blog
  • Bonne chance!
One Lucky Winner will receive:
  • 1 x French linen set (duvet, 2 x pillowcase) in a double / any choice of colour – stock permitting

All Giveaway Entrants will receive:

  • an exclusive promo code to save 20% off your next purchase
    • this code will be emailed to you after the giveaway has concluded (look for it to arrive the week of August 20-27).
    • there will be a limited window in which to use the code
    • a minimum price of purchase met for the code to be applicable

Start perusing your colors here for your French Linen set. (Did you see this striped linen sheet set – not available as a giveaway item, but could be yours with the promo code)?


~Check out Shannon’s Welcome to French Week 2018 video here

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276 thoughts on “A Linen Giveaway from Soak & Sleep

  1. I never really knew anything about linen bedding. I am looking forward to your post about the care of them.

  2. i have been wanting to invest in some good linen sheets and would love to try this brand. Thank you Shannon for the recommendation and discount.

  3. When I saw the picture you posted of your linen sheets at Sharon Santoni’s guest cottage, it conjured up memories of the crisp, clean feel of linen sheets & the lovely fresh air scent of them. My grandmother had them at her house. There truly is a different feel to them than the typical department store sheets. Oh how I’d love a set! (Mauraware@verizon.net)

  4. Thank you for this opportunity to enter. I appreciate you and your posts, especially the links to the products you recommend. I would bet my home and library is similar to yours… lol.

  5. Replacing old, worn sheets with new French linen ones is such an easy, simple update to make the bed super welcoming – thanks for sharing the idea, Shannon! Let’s see who will be lucky enough to change bed sheets, lol 🙂 If it’s me, my email is “one panda k at aol dot com (no spaces)”. Looking forward to TSLL French Week too!

  6. Thanx you for sharing so much lovely French information and products. An other Francophile (my other post seems to be lost in space before I could finish it (internet)

  7. Ooooh, best giveaway ever!! Thank you!
    Have been wanting to try linen sheets for some time, now. Sound perfect for a southern climate.

  8. I’ve been looking at antique/vintage linen sheets just this week. After hearing of these and visiting the webpage the prices are pretty good even with the pound/dollar conversion. So if I am not lucky enough to win I will purchase!

  9. I just fell in love with the blue stripe linen sheets on their site! Gorgeous! These would be a fantastic pleasure at the end of a long work day!

  10. I have difficulty sleeping, so am really excited to hear about linen sheet helping, in that area. I would love to win, and give them a try. Thanks for the info you share.

  11. Thank you, Shannon, for the linen post. I learned so much and feel much more confident about choosing linen now. While in Switzerland, I feel deeply in love with duvets and down. It’s like sleeping on a cloud!

  12. What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you, Shannon! And may I say how much I am enjoying the start of French week with my subscription to TSLL? It makes the blog experience even more enjoyable. Have no idea why I waited so long. Merci!

  13. Dear Shannon,
    Please enter me in your LINEN giveaway…
    I have truly enjoyed following your amazing journey…VIVA LA FRANCE!
    Thank You!

  14. What a terrific tutorial on Linen, Shanon & Sharon! I would be honoured to be entered in the contest to win a set and to get 20% off! I left my email address for you. Merci!

  15. What a lovely way to kick off French week! I have my eye on the natural and white colors. And also a feeling these could be addictive. Thank you for sharing the details of the fabric and care instructions. New to me 🙂 mollydemondprize@gmail.com

  16. Never tried linen beddings before so I shall be keeping my fingers crossed on this delightful giveaway. ?

    Thank you, Shannon, for sharing this with your readers! ~Natalie

  17. Reminds me of the linens in the house we rented just outside of Ménerbes two years ago. I loved reading and hearing about your recent trip in that area. The memories of that house and sitting on the patio every evening drinking wine with our view of the village of Ménerbes are priceless. That’s what life is all about…making memories with family and friends (doing it in France while drinking a good French rosé makes it even better!).

    1. Ménebres is a truly stunning town set up higher overlooking the lumber on region. What a magical place to stay. I visited two different days and loved the shops and and views of the vineyards. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  18. Thank you for introducing Soak & Sleep. I am addicted to sleeping in linen and am delighted to have a new source. Please enter me in the competition. Cheers.

  19. Lovely post.Shannon so happy you’re converted to linen sheets. I converted 20 years ago and am still collecting.A very generous giveaway. Sleep&Soak is new to me so will definitely check out their website. Love their concept so with the 20% offer I will certainly be adding to my collection
    Merci beaucoup?

  20. Like everyone else, life can be crazy busy. Surrounding yourself with luxurious things and living a luxurious life helps you to slow down and see what truly is important. Getting a good night sleep is key! So sleeping on French linens sounds so decadent and calming. Bonjour from Ontario, Canada!!

  21. What a perfect give away. I am planning to upgrade my sheets in the guest room and these would fill that need perfectly. Such a lovely gift. Please enter my name. Thank you for the pleasure of your blog.

  22. This is my first French Week and I’m so excited! I love being introduced to truly beautiful things. Linen sheets sound amazing!!

  23. Oh, I have always wanted a set of linen bed linens! I’ve loved following along with you for years. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all! In the mean time, I’ll bookmark their page and do some online window shopping.

    Fingers crossed,

  24. Curl up in bed with this duvet set, a cup of tea and a good book…now that’s a french luxurious life!

  25. Hi Shannon!
    I absolutely love linen and to have linen sheets would be amazing!
    Thanks for having such a luxurious giveaway.

  26. Oh sounds lovely! I have been living in linen all summer; would love to sleep in it too! (Sonnethandmade at yahoo dot com)

  27. I think the idea of linen sheets is wonderful. I have never had them so am excited to enter and possibly win a set of linen sheets from France. Wow what an amazing giveaway. Thank you.

  28. Such a lovely giveaway. My husband and I have slept in a full size bed for 40 years, but never on linen sheets!

  29. I absolutely adore French linen and would love to have good quality French linen sheets. Thank you!

  30. Please enter me in your linen giveaway. I have been wearing linen dresses all summer long and I LOVE them.

  31. While sleep is essential, so often I do not think about what goes into a good night’s rest. These sheets sounds like they be a wonderful way to help promote a very restful sleep. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set!

  32. While sleep is essential, so often I do not think about what goes into a good night’s rest. These sheets sounds like they be a wonderful way to help promote a very restful sleep. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set!

  33. My husband and I have been working on upgrading our bedroom this summer. A set of French linen bedding would be the cherry on top!

  34. What a luxury. Never experienced anything quite like linen sheets before. I would be thrilled to win.
    Thoroughly enjoying french week again this year. Thank you, Shannon. Merci beaucoup

  35. How beautiful. With my kids getting ready to go back to school I’m getting ready to start redecorating. Good luck to all!

  36. Having lived in Aix en Provence for over a year now….linen sheets are a luxury I’ve hoped to know. This is a great introduction to this company, and it’s much appreciated. Bonne chance a tous!

    Merci et bonne journee!

  37. Sooo luxurious! I’ve always aspired to linen sheets. Luckily my bed is a double. I dream of sleeping in luxury.

  38. I can imagine drifting off to a dream-filled sleep zzzzzzz with a lavender infused sachet tucked into my pillow! Sigh. Thanks for this offering ??

  39. I have had French Linen’s on my wish list for awhile now – thanks Shannon for this post – I love that you do all the research for me – I would love to be considered for this giveaway:-)

  40. Seeing all the comments shows how much we all desire a rest- full retreat in our own homes. The natural fibers of Belgian flax are on my bucket list of experiences! Thank you for the offer, & inspiration!

  41. Merci beaucoup, Shannon! This simply luxurious linen bed set would be a petit plasir to look forward to each night.

  42. Linen is one of my favorite fabrics. I love the idea of sleeping on it! Please enter me in the giveaway.

  43. I love the feel of linen and having the chance to win a set of linen bed linens is awesome!! Thanks so much for the chance.

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