The Key to Happiness
Monday August 15, 2011

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“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” –Albert Einstein

There are many beliefs on what the key to creating a happy life truly is. Many will argue love, others will adamantly declare the discovery of your passion and others still may say something more specific like financial security is the true path to happiness.  No matter which category you fall into when it comes to defining happiness for yourself, whether it be one of the three mentioned above or another definition all together, I believe Mr. Einstein is on to something in his above quote. Let me explain.

First of all, each one of the definitions of happiness I mentioned above shouldn’t be dismissed as incorrect.  In fact, I would argue that Einstein’s theory is the key that plays into each one being possible to thoroughly achieve and enjoy.   In order to discover contentment (which many define as happiness), you must first discover your self-worth. In order to discover your self-worth, you must realize that you’ve always had it and now you must reclaim it if, like many of us, who may have lost track of it at some point along the way. A true sense of self-worth comes from self-realized confidence – a genuine sense that you have something to offer, that your talents, your abilities and your purpose is of great value to others and/or the world-at-large.

In order to find self-worth, often it comes about by setting a clear goal for yourself.  And it is when you achieve this goal that you have given yourself a gift that no one can take away.  (Now there will undoubtedly be some failed attempts at your goal along the way and it may require some readjusting, but success is inevitable to those who refuse to give up.)

Such an achievement radiates from within, and you are able to be more present, give more of yourself honestly and respect yourself when making decisions to continue to preserve and protect the life you desire and have created for yourself.  Because once you realize you are capable (which is realized in achieving the goal you have set for yourself), you gain a new-found respect for yourself and you are better equipped to allow those comments from others who dismiss your success roll off of your back as you pay them no mind.

So in essence, by setting goals for yourself, going about achieving them and then doing just what you’ve set out to do, you enable yourself to receive and send out love, you gain confidence to pursue your passion and with continued effort and perpetual goal setting and achieving, you will create the financial security that allows your mind to be put at ease so that you can be in the moment and enjoy the life you’ve created.

Simply put, the business of setting goals throughout your life is the key to a very happy and contented life if you’re willing to put in the sweat, effort and patience to overcome the occasional frustrations to achieve them (and I know you are).

Happy Monday everyone! Have a beautiful start to your week.


4 thoughts on “The Key to Happiness

  1. Thanks as always Shannon, for more inspiration! It’s funny you should use this image of Drew Barrymore—it’s the one that made me stop in my tracks as I was leafing thru a mag and gasp for joy! Hope your book deal is coming thru and that you’ll keep us posted! Have a wonderful week!

    Love, Kay

  2. I love this post. When self reflecting afterwards I found that I do have a fair amount of selfesteem and I do fight through obsticals, but when I am in relationship it all kind of stops and I focus on it the most and continue to give, give, give and later feel exhausted!

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