The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide – Book Review
Monday August 15, 2011

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Go-Getter. Defined as being “an ambitious enterprising person” or “a person disposed to initiate action, rather than take instructions”  in Debra Shigley’s book The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide, she lays out the tips and inspiration on how to become a “go-getter” instead of a “get-along” by corralling our energy and focusing on how to create the life of great success, albeit with a side of humor.

Full of specific tips, Shigley interviews a variety of successful women (Soledad O’Brien, Carolyn Hax, Nancy Lublin, just to name a few) and shares their stories of how they took the initiative for creating the life they’d always wanted.

A Go-Getter in her own right, Shigley is a graduate of Harvard University and George State College of Law and has appeared as a lifestyle expert on ABC’s The View and TBS’s Movie and a Makeover, as well as written for the Daily Candy, Allure and Neiman Marcus’s The Book.

With attention to the fundamentals in the work place that often are forgotten, such as appropriate dress and handling relationships with colleagues, she shares ways to foster positive relationships, handle competition and advises when to self-promote.

While hours at the office or workplace can take up much of a go-getter’s time, she recognizes that a sound, successful go-getter lifestyle is something that starts at home based on how one cares for themselves.  With that in mind she goes on to share ideas on health and fitness, diet, beauty and wardrobe.

And the all important word that everyone seems to utter regarding how to create connections, but not everyone truly understands how to successfully put into practice – networking – is addressed in great detail.  Shigley simply, yet in specific detail outlines how to successfully network, “schmooze” so that it doesn’t appear to be schmoozing and extend your circle which will ultimately help broaden your perspective and opportunities in professional and personal areas of your life.

What I most appreciated was her respect for a women’s femininity (not once does she hint that we should toss it aside), but at the same time she basically challenges us all to respect our capabilities, refuse to make excuses and take the reins to create the life we want.  Yes, “get-along” girls will do just fine in life, but “go-getters” create the life they want.

Other topics discussed in detail:

*Importance of Finding a Mentor
*How to Negotiate (salary, etc)
*Knowing When to Move On
*Natural Beauty Doesn’t Exist (love this section)

View the Go-Getter Girls! website here to continue to remain inspired and motivated.

To purchase a copy, click here.
The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide
Author: Debra Shigley
Price: $11.55
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Pages: 296
Copyright: September 1, 2009

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